World Hijab Day – A Celebration Of Muslim Authoritarianism And Feminist Hypocrisy

Today, February 1st is apparently World Hijab Day. This is the latest demonstration of the abject stupidity of liberal feminists and inevitably has its very own hashtag: #StrongInHijab. Most of the usual suspects, the self righteous virtue signallers and professional hypocrites, politicians showbiz luvvies and media sheeple are jumping on the bandwagon, in the name of “Womens’ right to choose.”
What makes this a day which ranks as one of the most sickening displays of virtue signalling is that privileged middle-class Western feminists are lining up to display their multicultural credentials by donning a hijab as a fashionable symbol of liberation. In order to be seen to support Islamic human rights 110%  they pretend to be ignorant of the brave women in Iran and other places in the Middle East where women are literally risking their lives to remove the hijab. To them it a hated symbol of oppression. The Iranian regime has decreed it compulsory for a woman to cover every part of their body apart from their face, and wearing a hijab is thus compulsory.
Yes on this very day, while western poseurs are fighting for Muslim womens’ right to wear the hijab, in Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and all around the Islamic world women are being stoned or flogged for demanding the right NOT to wear the hijab. Punishments for removing a hijab in Islamic societies can be brutal – Islamist regimes are known to physically beat women for non-compliance with their dress codes. This is true not only in the Middle East but is increasingly becoming accepted in the name of multiculturalism in the West.
British Prime Minister Theresa May has joined in the chorus of the self-righteous and added her voice to the celebrations. Teresa The Appeaser told the House of Commons that “a woman should be able to wear whatever she wants”. As ever the very worst kind of hypocrite, May makes absolutely no mention of women who do not want to wear a hijab and are regularly arrested, imprisoned or somehow forced to by huband, Imam or religious police for not wearing one.


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A Song Of Servitude

Muslim Students Turn Common Room Into Mosque, Segregate Male – Female Students

If like us you are heartily sick of Europe’s, weak, cowardly, politically correct leaders demonstrating that they have suck so low in their efforts to court favour with ethnic minorities they cannot even be defined as bottom feeders, they have become the creatures that feed from the bottom feeders bottoms, you will not be surprised at this latest evidence that the once proud nation of Germany has been so weakened by politically correct thinking they will let Muslims piss on their culture and history rather than risk being called ‘racist’.
But if enough of us tell Germans what their vile, German hating government has turned them into, maybe they can save themselves and make their country great again. Read this proof that Muslims hate western culture and will NEVER integrate, from Breitbart London, Germans, and get fucking angry:

Muslim students at a German university have seized control of a “silent room” designed as a space for all pupils, transforming it into a makeshift mosque and erecting a wall to segregate genders. There are also feet washing facilities and signs instructing women to wear the veil and to not wear perfume.

After a series of complaints the room at the Technical University of Dortmund was closed, but 400 angry students quickly signed a petition demanding it be reopened and alleging anti-Muslim prejudice.

Last Wednesday, the university replied in an open letter addressed to Muslim student leaders, explaining that the institution is strictly secular and gender segregation is illegal in German public institutions.

“Female visitors of the room were repeatedly intercepted at the entrance by Muslim male users and told that they only had access to a small, more confined space, compared to the larger part reserved for men”, the letter reads.

The room started out as an open space with two sofas, a few bookshelves, and a calming forest mural to help stressed students unwind. “The space of silence is to be kept ideologically and religiously neutral. Religious symbols, characters or the like must not be placed,” the rules for the room stipulate.

Eva Prost, Head of Corporate Communications and a spokesman for the university, told Uni Spiegel that there have been demands from Muslim students to turn the room in to an exclusively Islamic space ever since it was set up in 2012, but the university leadership has repeatedly resisted.

“There was never a prayer room for either Muslim or Christian students. Our ‘room of silence’ was rather an offer to those who seek peace in often stressful university life”, she said.

However, four years on and the room was “arbitrarily altered” without warning. “An improvised wall has been erected to separate men and women. The Quran was displayed, there were ways for foot washing, and prayer rugs were stored in here”, Ms. Prost explained.

More shockingly, “on flyers women were instructed to wear headscarves, even if we do not know whether that was actually enforced”, she said.

Asserting: “All this we can not accept. Students have complained to us, and quite rightly so. Elimination of gender discrimination we must protect, because as a State institution, we are committed to the Basic Law”.

To which Space Cowboy commented:

Muslims never ever migrate to assimilate and integrate. Instead, they migrate to always eventually make Islam and its followers supreme. Because mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage is actually Migration Jihad waged via stealth deliberately non-violently to infiltrate in mass infidels societies, institutions, and governments in mass to subvert them for eventual demographic conquest.
As Migration Jihad has been the primary mode of jihad employed by Muslims to conquer clueless non-Muslim infidel countries like Germany for the past several centuries.

Indeed, the technologically backwards Islamic totalitarian world is totally incapable of conquering the technologically advanced Western non-Muslim infidel world via force or any other means. Yet virtually all our resources are directed at stopping force, while everyone and their brother totally ignores jihad waged via stealth deliberately non-violently because like fools they have all been inculcated to believe that we are at war with terrorists only, which constitute only a tiny minority and is also total and complete BS.

OK Germany, are you ready to follow the Space Cowboy, or will you follow Hausfrau – Volksfuhrer Merkel to oblivion and let the savages have your country.


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Politically Correct Thinking Has Betrayed Those Most Vulnerable

I was going to write something like this myself but with my Mother’s brief rejuvination having fizzled out and her deterioration accelerating I’m very busy. So here’s a teaser and a link.

Paul Nuttall, Beitbart, London

Over the last week, I watched in disgust as the Rotherham sex scandal hit the headlines and the full horror of the abuse of 1400 girls in the town was brought to light.

As far back as 2012, I was speaking about these issues and highlighted how young, (predominantly) white girls were being abused and trafficked by organised groups of often Asian and Muslim men.

As I said then: “If their attackers had been white Christians, I suspect the social services and police would have taken a very different view.”

It isn’t hard to think back to the time when Rotherham council were responsible for taking three foster children from their foster parents simply because they were UKIP supporters.

These abuses weren’t exclusive to Rotherham, it was happening across many northern towns like Oldham, Rochdale and Blackpool. I would suggest that we haven’t even scratched the surface of the true extent of these abuses.

In the Rotherham cases, it seems that the perpetrators were allowed to carry out their crimes for so long because the Labour run council, police and social services seemed to be more concerned with hitting targets and pandering to political correctness than the safety of these young women.

What type of society do we live in when the rule of law takes a back seat to abuse and criminality for fear of being labelled in a certain way?

It almost seems like councils were intentionally keeping the public in the dark about the true extent of the abuses. Now the truth has come out they are promising “lessons will be learned” and “this will never happen again” – but don’t they always say that when these horrible stories of abuse emerge?

Read all

Mr. Nuttall is of course deputy Leader of UKIP. Now would anyone who thinks UKIP are racist care to justify their having been an accessory to rape by promoting the kind of multicultural idiocy that forces police to ignore the very worst kind of crime, the corruption of innocence on the grounds that we must be ‘culturally sensitive’.

Because if you can’t this ‘racist’ is going to keep reminding you that you are a bunch of paedophiles all the way to election day.

The sole fault with this article for mentioning only northern towns, there are cases being investigated right now in Oxford, Reading, Bristol and Aylesbury that I know of without having done any research.

See Eamonn Holmes lose his rag with a slimy shit from the paedo pimps and ponces support group Barnardos when the charity boss proves incapable of even acknowledging they failed to act when alerted to the abuse issue YouTube video.

Social Science Degrees Make Great Leaders? More Junk Science.
We’ve had junk science on climate change, genetically modified seeds, many types of medicines and social engineering. The junkiest of junk science however is always commissioned by public service organisations and is aimed at convincing the public that our public servants are doing a good job. Fortunately the public are not as gullible as our leaders suppose.

While Syria Distracts Us Will Egypt Seize Libya For It’s Oil

If the conflict in Syria, currently showing signs of spreading to Turkey, Iraq and Kurdistan were to escalate into a regional war, a proxy for east and west to butt heads without sustaining too much domestic damage, is Egypt likely to take advantage of the distraction and seize Libya for its oilfields?

Thw Egyptians certainly have an incentive. Since the Arab Spring kicked off almost two years ago, the Egyptian economy has been disintegrating. Foreign currency reserves have more than halved and many currency traders predict the Egyptian pound, already at its lowest point in eight years, will soon be devalued. Socially, discontent is widespread. According to Gulf News, “In the past three months, Egypt has experienced increased power cuts that sometimes last for hours, while a fuel and diesel crisis has at times paralyzed the country, with mile-long queues forming outside petrol stations.” The black market price for gas canisters is 10 times higher than the official selling price; for bread it’s five times higher.

Taking into account Egypt’s political ideology, its past relationship with its large but sparsly populated neighbour, and its economic situation this scenario is being raised as a concern by increasing numbers of diplomats, businesses and media organisations.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government desperately needs a $4.8-billion IMF bailout to stop the economy bleeding out but the Islamists refuse to curtail subsidies to peasant farmers because most of its support comes from the rural vote. To comply with IMF demands for austerity could easily trigger a popular revolt of the kind that led to the fall of the Mubarak regime.

Having cut the IMF umbilical cord the brotherhood is looking for aid from the Arab oil states and the U.S.A. but even if this materializes, it will be at best a stopgap. With tourism remaining the nation’s main source of foreign exchange, but tourists steering clear of Egypt because of its anti-Western riots, persecution of Christians and other minorities and rush to adopt Sharia law this revenue stream is faltering. Meanwhile foreign investors are increasingly wary of investing in Egyptian ventures leaving few options open to the government. The temptation to look next door at the source of wealth that kept an insane tyurant like Gadaffi in power in Libya for forty years could become an irresistible, temptation particularly since Egypt views union with Libya as inevitable.

If we remember that Arab loyalties are usually to tribe and clan rather than the synthetic nation states manufactured by the western powers after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, it becomes easy to see why an Egyptian annexation of Libya looks an obvious way forward for two nations plunged into chaos by the western meddling that triggered the Arab Spring.

Turkey And Syria On The Brink Of Full Scale War

The Arab Spring – Leopards and Spots. I Told You So

When Little Niucky questioned the wisdom of the west’s air war on Libya with it’s aim not of preventing a massacre in Benghazi as the UN resolution permitted (a couple of Tiger Moths could have done that – well, if they had been backed up by a few Apache helicopter gunships that is) some readers were quick to point out what an evil tyrant Gadaffi was.

Well yes, he was. A scumsucking son of a pox whore’s scab louse in fact. But that was not a good reason to support an uprising by a rag bag coalition of tribal factions, Al Qaeda terrorists and and religious fanatics that could not possibly have succeeded without western support.

At the time Little Nicky warned that the likely outcome of our support for any of the so called Arab Spring uprisings would not be to oust unpleasant regimes such as Gadaffi, Mubarak in Egypt, Assad in Syria or the long winded President Zine El Abedine Ben Ali in Tunisia and replace them with Goldman Sachs friendly western style crypto democracies.

Well the first democratic election spawned by the Arab Spring uprisings, in Tunisisa, has resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Islamist party, Ennahda, which may be making reassuring noises about a western style government but which campaigned on promises to impose Sharia law (not compatible with western social liberalism at all)

Ennahda was banned under Ben Ali because it planned to turn Tunisia into an Islamic theocracy. If leopards can change their spots, and I’ve heard they can’t, it does not happen that quickly. When the Ennahda leader and putative President Rachid Gannouchi went to cast his vote last weekend he was greeted by shouts of “terrorist.”

Apparently people who know the beast have their doubts about leopards and spots too.

As we look forward to the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood when Egypt holds its long awaited ‘democratic’ elections Little Nicky must once more, and with regret, say, “I told you so.”

Meanwhile I hear that in neighbouring Libya the civil war is about to reignite over arrangements for victory celebrations as rival factions in the Transitional Council argue about which brewery the piss up should be held in.

Obama looking for a proxy war on Syria

Austria marches to the right. Don’t Panic!Is free speech to blame?

A bit of a hyperbolic headline there but that is how we must play the game now to get keywords into the title and links and thus earn brownie points from the Googlebot that indexes our blogs.

To business. In last week’s election in Austria the far right political party did well, far better than anybody expected a party broadly sympathetic to holocaust deniers to ever fare in a democratic nation.

Predictably and unfortunately this has led to calls for new international laws limiting free speech. In this article, The Limits of Free Speech it is hard to know what the writer’s point is exactly other than that he thinks neo-nazis are very nasty people and should not be allowed to argue their case or contest elections.

Little Nicky Machiavelli has said before, when commenting on calls to ban the BNP, the best way to raise the profile of far right politics and racist movements is to ban them. Such organisations are highly skilled at exploiting victimhood.

The best way to incite violence against Muslims is to support those extermists who demand that criticism of their religion by non-Muslims be declared an offence. The best way to strengthen the case of Fundamentalist Christians is to try to silence them. Look how they have profited in America from the myth of their being driven out of England by official persecution for trying to practice their own religion.

There is a sliver of truth in that but it grossly misrepresents the reality. Nobody stopped them worshipping as they wished, what got them in trouble was their trying to opt out of the Church of England which was then as much an agency of government as a Christian Church. In effect they were trying to opt out of paying the Church’s tithe and that was like refusing to pay income tax and national insurance.

So trying to gag the far right might turn out to be very counter productive. Better to let them enjoy their handful of victories in local elections. “Free speech” has always been a pipe dream, even in the USA where it is iconised there are plenty of laws available to deal with those who step over certain lines.

The Rumour That Will Not Go Away

Who Started the Obama is a Muslim story? It is turning into one of those rumours that just will not go away. It sticks to the Democrats candidate like a bad smell.

Technically speaking of course B.O. is a Muslim even if he was never introduced to the faith and has never shown any interest in it. Just as Jewish blood is passed down through the maternal line, Islam is passed through the paternal line so as Brak Obama Snr. was a Muslim his son is too, technically speaking. In the same way the daughter of an atheist mother whose mother was also atheist is still technically Jewish if there is a Jewish woman way back in the line somewhere.

This is why Orthodox Jewish families have such a big issue with sons “marrying out.” If the daughter marries a Christian, atheist, Hindu, Muslim or whatever, her children are still Jewish and her daughter’s children will still be Jewish. If the son marries a non jew, the line is severed.

Its the opposte way round in Islam.

So the nasty smell of rumour will keep following B.O. around until he confronts the issue and finds a Rabbi who supports the Democrats to help him explain the situation.

Down in the Bible Belt states of course, all the explaining in the world will not change the fact that he’s black.

Honour Killing? Honour My Arse.

The most shocking news story this week has been that of the honour killing inquest. Though it is clear a young British girl (let’s not forget this is a British schoolgirl we are talking about) was murdered either by or at the command of members of her own family, probably because of a friendship with a boy not approved of by her father and brothers.

What the hearing has uncovered is that there are several such killings each year, that are known of. This excludes the British girls of Asian families who refuse an arranged marriage and are shipped off to the ancestral homeland and simply never seen by their British friends again.

It is easy to point the finger at one religion here, but religions tend to be tribal in their nature and most ancient mythologies, including European paganism, include a story in which the primary God asks a leader to sacrifice their own child to save the tribe from destruction. Myths are not meant to be read literally however, and the symbolism is clear, that sometimes we are going to have to choose between self interest and the good of the community. Personal honour does not enter into it.

Unfortunately the three Abrahamic religions do have this foolish tendency to read their “holy scriptures,” in all cases a hotch potch of myths culled from other cultures and silly fairy stories invented to make the God of these religions look good. In the more extreme forms of these religions, great emphasis is put on the necessity of “putting god first,” in other words placing more importance on kissing god’s arse than on doing the decent and human thing.

Now if we all carried on by killing our daughters because they dishonoured us and our families by having flings with totally inappropriate boys, believe me there would be very few women over twenty five in the world (and most of them mingers.) But most of us, be we Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or Atheist do not carry on like that. We support our children, tolerate their follies and are always on hand with a big tube of Ego-stik to put them back together when they are in pieces. This is because most of us are not ruled by religion. As William Blake or someone of that era said, “Religion wages war on human nature.”

So if that young woman from Warrington is to be granted justice and we are to continue to call ourselves a civilised nation, we must now bring religions (including Scientology and other American crackpot cults) under the scrutiny of the law. Under British law nobody should be pressured to dress in a way they do not wish to, nobody should be pressured into marrying somebody they do not want to, nobody should be controlled or brainwashed by religious authority figures and we should never as a nation be willing to accept “you don’t understand our religion” as an excuse for lawbreaking.

Some of my friends have argued the case for religious freedom in the past. It’s a fine principle but the problem is once religionists are granted freedom, they immediately use it to restrict the freedom of their followers. In our zeal to protect the rights and freedoms of monority groups, it seems we often allow ourselves to be suckered into protecting the righs and freedoms of those who think they have a right to abuse others. Where is the honour in that?

Atheist Civilization Condemned

NHS – Drawing a veil over the madness?

An item on the Heaven and Earth Show this morning made me splutter over my porridge.
A Islamic group is demanding that the NHS create a new uniform for Muslim nurses who choose to wear the niquab, the full veil that conceals the entire face leaving only a narrow slit for vision.
The group behind this idea have devised such a uniform, basically it is the green scrubs increasingly favoured by the nursing profession, topped off by a green hood. The person who advanced towards the camera wearing it looked like an escapee from a particularly scary episode of Dr. Who or Touchwood.
Now as I have mentioned many times, a few years ago I had a long spell in hospital and can promise you the last thing anyone wants to see when they away in a somewhat bewildered state is an anonymous, green-hooded figure. “Have I died and gone to green hell? the patient might think, “has there been an outbreak of plague while I was sleeping?
As one would expect, the NHS directorate has not treated this demand with the contempt it deserves. Why would they, here is an opportunity to set up focus groups and steering committee, commission strategic analysis reports and feasibility studies and expend millions of pounds and hours in taking seriously a risible idea.
To give credit where it is due, the NHS does very well in catering for the special requirements of both staff and patients whose faith requires flexibility in the rules. I recall that in Burnley, a town with a large Asian community, the hospital had an Asian menu as well as a standard menu. Many of us requested the Asian menu because it was actually very good whereas the food on the standard menu was often inedible.
On the ward staff simply arranged between themselves that a Muslim woman would never have to accept help with dressing, bathing or other personal acts from a male nurse (though the asian males did not seem to have a problem being bathed by British female nurses.)
In matters of dress too the senior staff on the ward managed individual requirements very well. On the unit where I spent most of my time we had two muslin nurses, one wore the green overall and a hijab, the other favoured shortish skirts and a pony tail. I recall cannot think there would be more than a handful of nurses in the country who, having chosen a carer as a nurse would then try to insist on wearing the niquab.
Once religious zealots get hold of an idea however, they find it difficult to let go so we can expect this issue to escalate and Muslim nurses to come under increasing pressure from fanatical (male) bigots.
The great pity of all this is the Islamic community has missed a chance to align itself with British mainstream society. Among the complaints of the group behind the current row is the issue of mixed wards. This is not acceptable under Islamic beliefs. Quite right too, it is the most crackpot of all money saving schemes dreamed up by the NHS bean counters. The whole concept of mixed wards is an affront to dignity. Is it not bad enough that when at our most vulnerable and sensitive we are thrust among strangers without stripping us of all privacy as well? I am sure these travesties are an offence under international human rights law.
Sadly though, instead of demonstrating how much secular Muslims have in common with secular Christians and secular humanists the Islamic community risks being dragged towards further segregation by its lunatic fringe.

Read the story of my time in hospital
It takes a special talent to turn such a personal catastrophe into a hilarious and engaging account of life as a long term hospital patient. Inspirational reading :- Jaqui Wilson, Radio Presenter and reviewer.

In Support of Pope Benny

Was the DOPE (Dear Old Pater Ecclisiasticus) right to say what he did about Islam?
Resoundingly yes, bearing in mind it is only his opinion.
Quite recently we were involved in fighting off a “Religious Hatred” law which, had it been allowed to become law without amendment, would have made it a punishable offence to say anything about any religion which was deemed to be offensive by anybody who happened to hear it.
The Poe’s remarks were made to an audience of German academics, not broadcast through mass media. It is the news corporations that have broadcast the remarks.
In the last two weeks Little Nicky’s alter ego has faced down attempts to have him removed from an American website for criticising Christian fundamentalism. All religions would like to use the law to place themselves above criticism but if we allow them to you will see cilil liberty disappearing over the horizon with its arse on fire.
Nothing is above criticism – we should only draw the line at inciting people to commit violent acts against members of a religion, sect, ethnic group or any other minority.
But what group are most prone to offending against that particular ethic?
Preachers, that’s who.

SAME RULES APPLY. If you want free speech to criticise anybody you have to be prepared to accept criticism. Sorry if that offends your God but remember,
“I count religion but a childish toy,
and hold there is no sin but ignorance.”

A kerfuffle across the pond

Quiet couple of days from Little Nicky, this is due to my alter ego Ian getting himself embroiled in a kerfuffle about 9/11 at a site across the pond.

You haven’t time to go to all the “rabid right” hate sites that led up to it but you can read the article that dragged Ian into a lot of heavy discussions either here (Gather) or here (authorsden) The first link is the best although the management have responded to pressure from other members and started removing the more lurid threats and denunciations. The second link is just to boost my traffic really, Authorsden used to be good but now has become the official website for the Disneyfication of everything campaign and so people do not look at anything that is not coated in pink sugar.

Look out for exciting news of Nicky’s plans for the future.