Another unenforcable law?

Did you notice the new law on child seats for cars slipped into force this week? According to this, anybody under four feet five has to have a booster seat. This will inconvenience a lot of circus performers and a few little old ladies of course, but I can see it changing the life of a stroppy eight year old.
“You don’t want your life to be made a misery every time we go out in the car? Dump the booster then, I’m not a baby.”
The law is totally impractical of course, but its the kind of law the police like. Nobody is going to report you for not having the kids on booster so the only time an offence will be recorded is when somebody is caught in the act. A crime with a 100% clear up rate.

2 thoughts on “Another unenforcable law?

  1. My thoughts on this are not printable. I have yet to measure my 11 year old in the hope she will be over the required height.
    My daughter goes to Karate every Friday evening with her friend and her friend’s younger brother. Both sets of parents shared the ferrying of the kids to and from the venue. We can no longer do this as it is impractical to expect the kids to take booster seats into class to ensure we don’t break the law whilst trying to protect the ozone!


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