Forget the left wing propaganda, I know Sweden well.

The stupid laws passed by their self righteous idiot socialist government just handed the sex trade to human traffickers (and these guys are evil bastards that make you average pimp look like a really nice guy). The wife of a Swedish friend, Lars, works in TV news. Last time we had a get together of the old team someone asked her about it. She said the girls used to walk the streets now they never see daylight.

They’re not Swedish hookers, or even the Latvian and Estonian ladies of negotiable affection who used to be disembarking from ferries opposite my hotel as I was leaving for my weekend flight home, they are east European and African slaves who have been systematically raped, beaten and drugged to make them submissive.

Christel told us there are a couple of underground brothels busted each month but the media are ‘discouraged’ from reporting it as the policy must be seen to be working.

Great way to stop prostitution eh? Replace it with slavery.

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