Silicon Valley Billionaire Goes After Online scandal Site Gawker

Gawker is a US based scandal sheet, a sort of online tabloid  that speciaizes in sleazy celebrity gossip and repetition of unsubstantiated rumour. They’ve published stories that have attracted the attentions of copyright and privacy lawyers. There has always been a market for such sleaze and in the contemporary, celebrity obsessed atmosphere, gawker has found an eager audience.

But when Gawker went after wrestler and actor Hulk Hogan it all went pear shaped for the sleaze merchants. Hogan became upset over an intrusive article containing revelations about his sex life, which we would agree is a private matter. So the Hulkster decided to sue.

And a very wealthy and very secretive silicon valley figure, a man obsessed with privacy, decided to help him by hiring a team of the very best lawyers. And then it all went pear shaped for Gawker. Hogan won the case, which was justice. Punitive damages which were out of all proportion to the offence, but would certainly bankrupt Gawker, were awarded. And that was not justice but something very dangerous.

Society and the law are headed down a very dangerous road if the extremely wealthy can use their money and power to avoid scrutiny of their activities and thus can destroy publications they want to silence, not just scandal sheets that reveal sleazy details of their sex lives, but more respectable publications. One of the functions of a free press, we should remember, is to hold to account the rich and powerful and expose any crooked dealings they may be involved in. If the law is perpared to help such people suppress free speech and avoid being held to account, that is an intolerable threat to democracy and free speech. If megamoney damages awards in lawsuits are to be the new weapon in the arsenal of the super rich who believe they are above the law, few publications have the resources or the death wish to scrutinize them closely.

So the question is, in a battle between two piles of shit, which pile of shit should a fair minded person support.

from Talking Points Memo

A Huge, Huge Deal

This morning The New York Times reported an interview with Gawker owner Nick Denton in which Denton said he had begun to believe rumors that some extremely wealthy person had been bankrolling Hogan’s suit. Read the Times article for the specifics. But the gist is that Hogan’s lawyers made key decisions which made zero sense if the goal were to maximize the plaintiff’s settlement. Denton said he thought the person was likely someone from Silicon Valley, where you have a strong overlap between people who have virtually unlimited wealth and people who are not accustomed to the intrusive and aggressive coverage Gawker and its sister sites specialize in. It was a little difficult for me to believe something like this was actually happening. But the evidence of the legal strategy was pretty compelling. And in recent weeks, in the aftermath of the Hogan verdict, there have been a spate of new lawsuits brought against Gawker that are unrelated to the Hogan case. All have been brought by the same lawyer who handled Hogan’s suit.

Now sure enough, this evening Forbes reported that the bankroller of the Hogan suit is none other than Peter Thiel, a prominent Silicon Valley billionaire who styles himself a libertarian but somewhat incongruously is a big time supporter of Donald Trump in addition to numerous other right wing causes, most of which have a distinctly Randian cast.

Regardless of his politics, this news should disturb everyone. People talk a lot about the dominance of the 1% or in this case more like a tiny fraction of the 1%. But being able to give massive political contributions actually pales in comparison to the impact of being able to destroy a publication you don’t like by combining the machinery of the courts with anonymity and unlimited funds to bleed a publication dry.

So one again we see that for all the liberal, politically correct, ‘caring and sharing’ posturing of politicians, the world is increasingly dominated by big money and big power. And everywhere in what we have called ‘the free world’ power is being concentrated in the hands of the obscenely wealthy, and exercised on their behalf by the politicians they control

And whatever label people who support such a system pin to their clothes, liberal, progressive, left wing, socialist, the only label that truly describes it is ‘fascism’.



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The Separation Of Bathroom & State

When the US city of Charlotte, North Carolina passed a local law which became known as ‘the bathroom ordinance’ which gave ment the right to use women’s public toilets, sports facilitity changing rooms and so on, in effect a spineless caving in to the hate politics of the Gay BLT lobby, the state of North Carolina’s response to it — has taken on a life of its own.

In late February 2016, the Charlotte, North Carolina, city council passed the “antidiscrimination” law, scheduled to go into effect on April 1. It was aimed at protecting what, in the view of the city council, are the rights of those in the gay, lesbian, and transgender community. The centerpiece of this law was a clause that prohibited businesses providing bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers from segregating usage of those facilities by biological gender. Biological males or females must be allowed to use the facilities of the opposite sex if they claim that that is the sex they identify with psychologically. (Note, no proof was required.)

Much of the criticism of the Charlotte bill was centered around two issues: the ‘religious’ freedom of business owners and the privacy rights of people, particularly women, using public bathroom and shower facilities. Most sane people would I think, contend that the issue of religious freedom is irrelevant, providing separate facilities is a matter of common decency.

Similar ordinances have been used to force small business owners like florists, bakers, photographers and bed-and-breakfast owners and others either to conform to a government-dictated viewpoint in violation of those sincerely held religious beliefs or to face legal charges, fines and other penalties that have ultimately caused some to go out of business. I attacted a lot of hate mail when blogging on a case of a bakery in Ireland that refused to supply a celebration cake bearing a message supporting same sex marriage was charged under hate crime laws. My offence was to point out that why a gay couple could demand they business serve them and be backed by law, my wife and I could ask the bakery to make a cake saying “best wishes to Dave and Debbie, thanks for giving us a grandchild,” and the business would have every right to refuse simply because they did not like the look of us. Freedom always has to be a two way street.

In the face of public outrage from the herterosexual majority who were quite happy with the status quo, the state of North Carolina’s responded by imposing a law at state level that ruled all toilets (or rest rooms as the somewhat prissy American left refer to them) and changing facilities did not have to be politically correct and non discriminatory. This prompted the Gay BLT lobby (yes, I know that is offensive, if the politically correct clowns claim the right to ffend me, then in the name of equal rights and diversity, I claim the right to offend them,) and their supporters the progressives to take up arms against sanity and demonstrate once more that when they screech about equal rights, what they really mean is very unequal rights or privileged status for favoured minorities.

In fact the North Carolina law did not discriminate agains transgender freaks or men who, usually for highly unsavoury reasons, want to ‘identify’ as women in order to use women’s toilets and changing rooms, what it did restore freedom and property rights to business owners while respecting the rights of people, mostly women, to share facilities only with people of their own gender and to guarantee those rights across the state. In fact it should surprise me that the feminists and ‘progressives’ who have screeched about womens rights for fifty years are now prepared to brush aside womens’ rights because the cause of chicks-with-dicks rights is more fashionable.

I say it should surprise me because I have been exposed to the double standards, hypocrisy, authoritarianism and sheer selfishness of US ‘progressives’ and ‘liberals’ that nothing they do or say could surprise me now unless they all succumbed to a plague of common sense and decency.

Now as a man I am not particularly worried about who I share public toilet facilities with, but I do understand why women do not want to share with us lads as we curse, fart, scratch our bollocks and exchange crude remarks. And I understand why males who are going through the lengthy gender ‘reassignment’ program would feel unsafe in a mens’ facility. But if such people are sensible and do not make a big deal of the fact that they have dangly bits or make typically male comments (e.g. “nice tits love, show us your knickers”) to women then there is no problem.

However, under the Charlotte law gender specific facilities would be illegal, people would be forced to share. And that is not acceptable, what’s more there is nothing liberal or progressive about imposing the moral values of a minority on the majority.
The law in North Carolina that ‘progressives’ (i.e. fascists) are angry about does not prohibit businesses from having bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, etc., that allow use by people of all genders defined biologically, psychologically, or whatever. In a “myths vs facts” explanatory statement put out by the governor of North Carolina this was made quite clear:

Can private businesses, if they choose, continue to allow transgender individuals to use the bathroom, locker room or other facilities of the gender they identify with …
Answer: Yes. That is the prerogative of private businesses under this new law. …The law neither requires nor prohibits them from doing so.

In other words, where the US Constiution codifies the separation of church and state, the state of North Carolina has now gone a step further and codified a basic libertarian principle: the separation of bathroom and state.
The only places in North Carolina where bathrooms, showers, etc., must conform with biological sex is in government owned facilities — courtrooms, city halls, schools, etc., where this separation is not possible. So yes, in North Carolina prurient 14 year old old boys, as defined by certain biological features, may not use the girls’ locker room and showers after gym class at the local public middle school. In private middle schools, governors are free to do what they want. If not accepting this is unjust discrimination makes me a bigot, then so be it. Under the Charlotte arrangement the aforementioned prurient 14 year old boys can use facilities according to how they self identify. If you cannot see what is wrong with that arrangement then you know nothing of: a) fairness and b) 14 year old boys.

Leftists all over the USA and some on Europe are accusing North Carolina of bigotry while, in the name of tolerance, a growing list of pop stars, show biz luvvies and businesses are boycotting the state. Unfortunately, what has gotten lost in all the rhetoric surrounding this issue is the truth about both the original Charlotte law and the state’s response to it.


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We can’t prove sex with children does them harm’ says Labour-linked NCCL

The paedophile scandal that has exposed the corruption and culture of close ranks and cover up that runs through the British establishment, encompassing political, media and showbusiness figures as well as law officers, civil servants local government, just keeps unfolding.

We reported on Boggart Blog today the depth of the cover up by the BBC of Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse crimes. In another branch of the scandal, evidence has emerged that the views of the Paedophile Information Exchange influenced policy-making at the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) when it was run by former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, The Daily Express reports.

PIE members were lobbying NCCL (now known as Liberty after sheer embarrassment prompted a namechange) officials for the age of consent to be reduced (to the age of FOUR some PIE members requested) and campaigning for “equal rights for paedophiles” .

Their view that children were not harmed by having sex with adults appears to have been adopted by those at the top of the civil liberties group, many of whom are now senior figures in the Labour Party or in human rights groups.

Today The Express published extracts from an NCCL report written for the Criminal Law Revision Committee in 1976 when Patricia Hewitt was the charity’s general secretary.

It states: “Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.

“The Criminal Law Commission should be prepared to accept the evidence from follow-up research on child ‘victims’ which show there is little subsequent effect after a child has been ‘molested’.

“The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.

“The present legal penalties are too high and reinforce the misinformation and prejudice. The duty of the court should be to inquire into all the relevant circumstances with the intention, not of meting out severe punishment, but of determining the best solution in the interests of both child and paedophile.”

Mrs Hewitt, 65, was general secretary between 1974 and 1983. After days of intense pressure, the former Labour MP for Leicester West finally admitted last week the NCCL was “naive and wrong” over its ties to PIE.

Read full report at The Daily Express reports.

The Public Interest to Protect Powerful Paedophiles
The Director of Public Prosecutions has decided that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute serial paedophile Greville Janner, for many years the leader of the Zionist lobby in the UK. I presume that his convenient senility is the reason for non-prosecution …

Adolescent Girl Raped By 60 Men In Asian Grooming Gang
A trial jury atThe Old Bailey, London, heard yesterday the harrowing ddetails of how two schoolgirls were groomed and raped by an paedophile gang based in Aylesbury, Bucks, while aged just 12 and 13. Eleven gang members, accused of carrying out the crimes between 2006 and 2012 face 49 criminal charges between them including statutory rape, child prostitution and creating child pornography, The Daily Mirror reports.

Savile just tip of the iceberg in BBC sex abusers scandal

Persecution Of Ched Evans: When Was Being A Scumbag Made A Crime?

by Arthur Foxake

Ched Evans – convicted, did his time, why can’t the Screeching Sisters’ hate mob lay off.

Sheffield United footballer Ched Evans was charged with rape, convicted and served his time. Now certain elements of society, the left wing, feminist screechers, the mentally castrated metrosexual males of the public sector, academia and the media leading them, want to deny him a chance to return to the game he played at professional level, yet when we look at the details of his crime, while Evans clearly acted like the lowlife spawn of a pox whore’s scab lice, whether what he did was truly rape begins to look very debatable. Does he therefore deserve the witch hunt treatment to which he is being subjected. Let’s put the screeching hysteria of the left wing lynch mob aside and look at the facts as established in the trial and conviction of Ched Evans.

The problem now you see is the facts have been swamped by the screeching of the hate mob. Several lower league football clubs have already been subjected to such intense media bullying that had pulled out of negotiations aimed at giving Evans a route back into the game  fearing a backlash have threatened to pull out if Convicted Rapist Ched Evans (the media have changed the footballer’s name for him) is signed as a player by Oldham.

The first thing we should ask before proceeding to the actual rape is how many of those 20,000 signatures belong to genuine Oldham Athletic supporters. Very few, we suspect, if fact we would be willing to bet most have come from people who live in the London area, work in the media and have very little interest in football. The people campaigning against Evans probably are mostly of testicle – hating female Social Justice Warriors tendency who are more likely to shave their chins than their legs and like football about as much as they like UKIP, or metaphorically castrated male Social Justice Warriors.

These limp wristed fellows may have played football as boys but now, because they fear hairy legged, stubbly chinned plug ugly women, see it as a misogynistic, racist, disablist politically incorrect pastime played by Convicted Rapists, knuckle dragging thugs and wonderfully talented but unreconstructed African immigrants, watched by knuckle dragging, ignorant, working class thugs and a few women who only go to matches to
olge the black guys knobs admire the talents of the African players.  Football is an illustration of why Britain such an threatening and intimidating environment for women, compared to enlightened societies like Somalia, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Tanzania.

So that is a little background. Now we can move to the actual crime.

“Convicted Rapist” is the tag given to Ched Evans to suggest he was guilty of the very worst kind of sexual assault, the violent rape of a total stranger, perhaps even an under age girl. The facts paint a very different picture:

A few people in the media have been brave enough to risk the wrath of the screechers by actually referring to the facts (as recorded in court transcripts of the trial) Daily Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson (not a writer noted for support of the ISIS, The Taliban or other anti – feminist organisations). Pearson researched the case in forensic detail from the initial complaint to the trial and conviction. Here is an extract from her article:

“Sensitive readers should look away now. Footballer Clayton McDonald, a friend of Ched Evans, picked up a 19-year-old girl who was drunk at 4am, and went back to a hotel room with her. McDonald texted Evans: “I’ve got a bird.” McDonald and the girl then had sex. Evans turned up, and the court was told that the girl asked him to perform oral sex on her, which he did. Evans then had sex with the girl, whom he claimed was enjoying herself.

“A hotel porter said there was no sound of distress or cause for alarm. A few of the footballers’ charming mates showed up and filmed through a window. The next morning, Evans departed via an emergency exit. The 19-year-old awoke to find she was naked, with, she says, no memory of what had happened to her. That evening, she reported McDonald and Evans to the police.”

If you think that is despicable behaviour on the part of Evans and his friend (who was not charged) I’d agree. The behaviour was appalling even to me, a man who had more that his share of casual sexual encounters (according to serious studies) when young. Sexual assault? Maybe, but rape? It rather depends on your definition of ‘capable of giving consent’.

In another report the hotel night porter said the girl was very drunk and did not appear to know what she was doing on arriving but seemed to be enjoying herself. That is his personal opinion and probably a very sensible one. My point is a hotel porter is no more qualified than I or Evans to know if the girl was capable of giving consent, because there is no suggestion anywhere that she was screaming “HELP! RAPE!” as loudly as she could while any of the alleged acts were going on.

Personally, I’d hope, and experience suggests it is not a vain hope, that the 23 year old me would have thought in similar circumstances, “Hey, this isn’t right, the girl’s off her head.” What I know for sure is that if one of my mates had phoned and said, “I’m in a hotel with a girl, d’you fancy coming round and we can give her a spit roasting,” (look it up, the word plus ‘sexual slang’) call me old fashioned if you like possums, but I would not have been interested.

But then forty something years later, after four decades of the amoral, anything goes morality advocated by the ‘progressive left’ in the past, attitudes have changed. And footballers are no longer local lads with baggy shorts and brylcreemed hair who played for the team in the town where they had been born and where their family lived.

The killer detail for me is about the girl having no memory of what happened to her? So what evidence was there she was incapable of giving consent, having gone to a hotel room with a man she had met only a few minutes before.

Going back to Allison Pearson’s article, she writes that on being asked, asked the girls in her local beauty salon weren’t nearly so convinced as all the leftie screechers screaming for Evans’s to be crucified.

“Sounds to me like she woke up, realised she’d been dogging, felt really embarrassed about herself and called the police,” Hayley, aged 22 told Pearson. My wife, daughter and daughter – in – law agreed. Another commenter on the case said that lots of girls from her school went to posh London clubs to try and bag themselves the ultimate prize: a footballer, and would go to any lengths, even agreeing to a gang bang (footballers are fond of such group action, one sport psychiatrist has described it as sharing an erotic experience with team mates without compromising their macho credentials – it makes sense, I was never into team sports but all that bonhomie in the showers always seemed suspect to my mind).

Let’s be honest, Ched Evans’s persecutors are not interested in facts, real justice,  mitigating circumstances, or in points of moral principle. They just want a new target for their hatred of the working classes. A question that is bothering me however is: “Where was the moral outrage from the leftie screechers when the Jay Report into systematic abuse of under age girls in the local authority care system by Pakistani men was published? One girl victim of the gangs had her tongue nailed to a table as a warning not to tell anyone that she had been gang-banged and yet the screeching sisters seemed to go into collective denial, launching hate attacks on anyone who tried to raise the question of why the police, officials and the local council did not act.

No more have they raised a squeak in protest at the news from last month (December 2014) that in the past few years Manchester council has granted over two hundred taxi drivers’ licences to men (overwhelmingly of migrant stock) with criminal records as sex offenders. In fact when one feminist MP was asked about the scandal she reportedly said that many of the convictions ‘were historic’.

But if ‘Convicted Rapist Ched Evans is to be denied the chance to return to his profession (which does not involve him being alone with women in his professional capacity remember) surely a convicted rapist should not be allowed to drave a taxi carrying loan women, possibly late in the night?

Apparently demanding justice for white working class people is racism in the warped minds of these politically correct lunatics.

Millie Tant, Tatchell’s Transphobia and Germain Greer’s Big Hairy Smelly Vagina

Two Minutes Hate
The Tyranny Of Moral Relativism
The Threat To Free Speech From The Authoritarian Left
The importance of Free Speech in democracy
What is a liberal
Liberal dilemma
Politically Correct Thought Police workPosts on political correctness

The Ched Evans Saga And The Problem With Feminist Fascism

by Randall

Lessons we should draw from the Evans saga:

1. We have a real problem with vicious feminist zealots like “Jean Hatchet” who want to victimise people in order to “make an example” of them, for ideological purposes. We need to find a way to stop them exploiting victims and crimes for their emotional manipulation.

2. The treatment of rape by our police and courts is in the process of changing dramatically. When the older amongst us were young, a convicted rapist was a particularly nasty criminal. Now, he might just be an oafish and unlucky young man. This requires some major changes elsewhere to reflect this fundamental shift.

3. One change will occur inevitably – society will come to recognise that rape is not necessarily the heinously evil crime that it was formerly. The idea that it is, is a hangover from the old days, when by and large only real rapes were prosecuted successfully as rape, or even taken to court at all. It no longer reflects reality, and society will gradually come to recognise that truth. Well done, feminists.

4. Ideally, we would halt this process by detaching actions like those of which Evans was accused from the crime of real rape, by introducing an appropriate requirement for some sort of active violence or coercion into the legal definition of the crime of rape (which itself is only a few decades old). If we must criminalise such incidents of breaches of sexual etiquette between sexually active adults, then it should be under the heading of a completely separate crime fom rape. That these crimes are conflated is a gross offence against natural justice.

5. In the meantime, the most obvious and easy step is to amend the law and sentencing guidelines to remove any minimum sentence from the crime of rape and allow for more appropriate sentencing. It makes no sense whatsoever that Evans should get 5 years when the legal establishment approved sentence for Lewis Gill for the unprovoked killing of an innocent young man by attacking him in the street was only 4 years. This is purely because the sentencing has not properly changed to reflect the change in how rape is treated by the police and legal system, and is again a gross offence against natural justice.

6. We should reconsider the 1976 introduction of anonymity for rape complainants. Prior to that it was never the case, and people accusing others of serious crimes were routinely expected to do so honestly and in public, not while hiding behind a shield of anonymity. That had a heavy cost for some, of course. When anonymity was brought in for rape victims, it was still the case that rape convictions were usually for real rape rather than drunken misunderstandings. That, as can be seen from the Evans case, is clearly no longer going to be the case. In the new circumstances it seems likely there will be many more problems with false accusations or cases where the jury is essentially guessing about the participants’ actions and condition, as in the Evans case, and so it’s reasonable to argue that the costs versus benefits issue has shifted away from the situtation in which complainant anonymity was considered an appropriate compromising of natural justice.


Forget the left wing propaganda, I know Sweden well.

The stupid laws passed by their self righteous idiot socialist government just handed the sex trade to human traffickers (and these guys are evil bastards that make you average pimp look like a really nice guy). The wife of a Swedish friend, Lars, works in TV news. Last time we had a get together of the old team someone asked her about it. She said the girls used to walk the streets now they never see daylight.

They’re not Swedish hookers, or even the Latvian and Estonian ladies of negotiable affection who used to be disembarking from ferries opposite my hotel as I was leaving for my weekend flight home, they are east European and African slaves who have been systematically raped, beaten and drugged to make them submissive.

Christel told us there are a couple of underground brothels busted each month but the media are ‘discouraged’ from reporting it as the policy must be seen to be working.

Great way to stop prostitution eh? Replace it with slavery.

Rotherham Abuse Cover Up Cover UP

Not so long ago we were venting our spleen about the selection of Judge Butler – Sloss to head up an inquiry about how allegations of paedophile offences by well known celebrities, politicians and establishment figures were covered up for many years.

It turned out Lady Butler Sloss was the sister of the now deceased Attorney General Sir Michael Havers who was directly involved in the cover up.

I don’t know whether it is because the establishment holds ordinary people in utter contempt or because they are all inbred congenital idiots, but just a couple of months down the line it’s happening again, this time in connection with an inquiry into how allegations of organised sex abuse operations in Rotherham, Bradford, Oldham, Blackburn, Newcastle, Oxford, Reading and a total of 40 towns around the UK were not investigated:

Woolf in sheep’s clothing to head the biggest Child Abuse cover-up ever seen

The inquiry into sex abuse gangs that threatens to cause a constitutional crisis must be prevented from turning into yet another cover up. The choice of Alderman Fiona Woolf CBE, Lord Mayor of the City of London, to lead the inquiry is a travesty. Woolf is dyed in the wool establishment.

(read more on what Woolfe’s position in The City Of London, which is not subject to national laws and is often referred to as The Vatican Of The Financial World)

“This woman Fiona Woolf CBE and her elite circles of friends are part of the problem not part of the solution.” – Justice Denied website

Read more on Woolf to head abuse inquiry


Woolf qualified as a solicitor in 1973 and worked as an assistant atClifford Chance until 1978. She then moved to CMS Cameron McKenna becoming a partner in 1981 until 2004. She now acts as a consultant to that firm[7] and is a Senior Adviser to London Economics International LLC.
In 2001–02 Woolf was awarded a Senior Fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Business and Government.[8] While atHarvard, Woolf wrote a book on attracting investment in electricity transmission systems: Global Transmission Expansion: Recipes for Success (2003).[9]
Woolf is an Honorary Bencher of Middle Temple, a Court Assistant of the Solicitors’ and the Wax Chandlers’ companies, and an Honorary Court Assistant of the Worshipful Company of Builders Merchants. She is also a liveryman of the Plumbers’, Arbitrators’, Marketors’ and theTax Advisers’ companies.

The City of London over which she now presides is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. In one respect at least the Corporation acts as the superior body: it imposes on the House of Commons a figure called the remembrancer: an official lobbyist who sits behind the Speaker’s chair and ensures that, whatever our elected representatives might think, the City’s rights and privileges are protected.

In 1886, Andrew Carnegie wrote that, “six or seven men can plunge the nation into war without consulting Parliament at all.” Vincent Vickers, a director of the Bank of England from 1910-1919, blamed the Corporation/City for the wars of the world. The British Empire was an extension of bankers’ financial interests.” Continue reading:

Today’s Mail On Sunday covered the Fional Woolf story with an added twist. Before lefties throw a hisy fit or go into an Orwellian Two minutes Hate session at mention of The Mail can I remind them the paper has consistently campaigned for a full investigation into celebrity paedo allegations and was for years dismissed as a conspiracy theory publication.

Revealed: New boss of investigation into VIP child abuse claims is linked to Leon Brittan: The Mail On Sunday exposes family friendship of SECOND inquiry chief with the ex-MP accused of abuse file cover-up

Elite abuse scandal: Former MI6 agent admits giving big names to sex dossier MP
Tony Holland, a former British secret service agent has admitted passing names of ‘sexual deviants’ to Geoffrey Dickens, the Conservative MP who compiled dossiers on the paedophile activities in Westminster, which were inexplicably lost after being passed to Leon Brittan, who was Home Secretary in the Thatcher’s government.

Rotherham Scandal Spreads as Police and Local Councillors Accused of Child Abuse

As we predicted when this composite page was opened last August, after the publication of a damning report authored by Dr. Alexis Jay, on how police and municipal officials turned a blind eye to organised sex abuse in the town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the story of sexual perversion and corruption of local officials had a lot more secrets to yield. In the latest development …

South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright Finally Resigns Over Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal

The man who bears most responsibility for failure to investigate the Rotherham child abuse scandal has finally resigned after three weeks of excuses and evasions. Police Commissioner Wright has been under pressure ever since a report by Prof Alexis Jay (see below) revealed a huge level of child abuse in the South Yourkshire town of Rotherham. The organised sex crime rings had been operating for …

Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?
Here’s a question for wannabe Mastermind contestants. If South Yorkshire Police can mount a raid on the home of pop singer Sir Cliff Richard, two hundred miles away from their patch in pursuit of evidence linked to a single and unsubstantiated allegation of child sex abuse 30 years ago, why were the same South Yorkshire Police force unable to conduct a proper investigation into multiple allegations against men who raped 1,400 children over 16 years?

Denis MacShane: I was too much of a ‘liberal leftie’ and should have done more to investigate child abuse

In a rare moment of candour disgraced former Labour Member Of Parliament for Rotherham, Dennis MacShane admitted he could have done more to protect the victims of sex abuse gangs in his constituency who preyed on young girls in the local authority care system. While maintaing he knew of no specific allegations MacShane said he could have investigated rumours circulating in the town.

Politically Correct Thinking Has Betrayed Those Most Vulnerable

I was going to write something like this myself but with my Mother’s brief rejuvination having fizzled out and her deterioration accelerating I’m very busy. So here’s a teaser and a link.

Paul Nuttall, Beitbart, London

Over the last week, I watched in disgust as the Rotherham sex scandal hit the headlines and the full horror of the abuse of 1400 girls in the town was brought to light.

As far back as 2012, I was speaking about these issues and highlighted how young, (predominantly) white girls were being abused and trafficked by organised groups of often Asian and Muslim men.

As I said then: “If their attackers had been white Christians, I suspect the social services and police would have taken a very different view.”

It isn’t hard to think back to the time when Rotherham council were responsible for taking three foster children from their foster parents simply because they were UKIP supporters.

These abuses weren’t exclusive to Rotherham, it was happening across many northern towns like Oldham, Rochdale and Blackpool. I would suggest that we haven’t even scratched the surface of the true extent of these abuses.

In the Rotherham cases, it seems that the perpetrators were allowed to carry out their crimes for so long because the Labour run council, police and social services seemed to be more concerned with hitting targets and pandering to political correctness than the safety of these young women.

What type of society do we live in when the rule of law takes a back seat to abuse and criminality for fear of being labelled in a certain way?

It almost seems like councils were intentionally keeping the public in the dark about the true extent of the abuses. Now the truth has come out they are promising “lessons will be learned” and “this will never happen again” – but don’t they always say that when these horrible stories of abuse emerge?

Read all

Mr. Nuttall is of course deputy Leader of UKIP. Now would anyone who thinks UKIP are racist care to justify their having been an accessory to rape by promoting the kind of multicultural idiocy that forces police to ignore the very worst kind of crime, the corruption of innocence on the grounds that we must be ‘culturally sensitive’.

Because if you can’t this ‘racist’ is going to keep reminding you that you are a bunch of paedophiles all the way to election day.

The sole fault with this article for mentioning only northern towns, there are cases being investigated right now in Oxford, Reading, Bristol and Aylesbury that I know of without having done any research.

See Eamonn Holmes lose his rag with a slimy shit from the paedo pimps and ponces support group Barnardos when the charity boss proves incapable of even acknowledging they failed to act when alerted to the abuse issue YouTube video.

Social Science Degrees Make Great Leaders? More Junk Science.
We’ve had junk science on climate change, genetically modified seeds, many types of medicines and social engineering. The junkiest of junk science however is always commissioned by public service organisations and is aimed at convincing the public that our public servants are doing a good job. Fortunately the public are not as gullible as our leaders suppose.

Sex Gangs Operating In The Child Care System – Why Didn’t People Come Forward.

The predicable response from many politicians since the Rotherham Child Care sex scandal blew up in the faces of the smug, self serving establishment has been to feign surprise and say, “But why didn’t people come forward sooner?”

The fact is that as we saw in the Jimmy Savile scandal, people were coming forward, people were voicing suspicions and they were insulted, ridiculed and humiliated.

When The Guardian’s feminist columnist Julie Bindel wrote about the exploitation of vulnerable young girls unfortunate enough to find themselves the the child – care system, not just in Rotherham but in big towns all around the nation (because this is not a one off problem) she was subjected to something resembling a medieval witch hunt by the Politically Correct screechers.

When former Labour MP Anne Cryer raised the issue of exploitation in her west Yorkshire constituency she was silenced by party officials on the grounds that the problem was ‘racially sensitive’.

Another Labour MP, Jack Straw, spoke publicly about a problem existing in his Blackburn constituence. Straw who served in Tony Blair’s cabinet as both Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary was a bit too senior for the witch hunt treatment, as was David Blunkett, former Labour Education Secretary when he spoke of law and order problems relating to immigrant communities. It may just be coincidence that both these senior Labour figures have decided to stand down from parliament at the next election.

There is a lot more to come on this issue, it is likely to run all the way to the General Election next year and will very likely impact Conservative as well as Labour run towns and cities.

Keep following Little Nicky Machiavelli, Boggart Blog and The Daily Stirrer for the latest news, including all the stuff our leaders and the left wing luvvies in mainstream media don’t want you to know about.

There are of course ongoing investigations into grooming rings in Rochdale and Bradford. Rochdale MP Stephen Danczuk, having already blown open the Cyril Smith scandal has said this latest outrage will dwarf stories of Smith’s wrongdoing. Danczuk is becoming something of a crusader on sex crimes and the culture of cover up in public life as can be seen in this Daily Telegraph story

Westminster child abuse and murder claims ‘tip of the iceberg’ in scandal, Home Secretary May warns
Rotherham – Bad New For The Nation But It Gets Better And Better For The Kippers
Centralized power – the worst of all possible worlds
EU Paedophile To Investigate Himself
Why the left loves paedophiles
Labour Out Of The Closet
Identitites on parade
Equalities bill unfair to everyone equally
Intellectuals have always hated the working class
Rotherham: The Shit Hits The Fan

Anne Cryer on asian paedophile rings

This is not a real post, just a mash up of stuff clipped from other sources for my future reference really.

A former Labour MP has blamed the Oxford paedophile ring on “cultural practices” that have been “imported” from Pakistan.

Ann Cryer was criticised after drawing parallels with the abuse in Oxford and what she claimed was the Pakistani attitude towards women.

Seven men were found guilty of a catalogue of offences after the Old Bailey heard how the vulnerable schoolgirls were plucked from the streets and care homes to be drugged, raped and sold into prostitution.

Two sets of brothers, Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31, and Mohammed Karrar, 38, and Bassam Karrar, 33, were convicted along with Kamar Jamil, 27, Assad Hussain, 32, and Zeeshan Ahmed, 27.

Five of the men were of British Pakistani origin, and two were from North Africa.

Thames Valley Police Chief Constable Sara Thornton warned about making generalisations about the men’s background, saying similar abuse can happen “across the community.”

But Cryer, who has campaigned on child grooming issues, said: “It’s cultural practices that have been imported into this country from Pakistan and we must not lose sight of that fact.

“We can’t just turn a blind eye to it.”
Asian grooming gang given free pass to rape; police officers told ‘find other ethnicities’ to investigate – detective

The truth about ‘Asian sex gangs’
Despite the conviction of nine Asian men for child exploitation in Rochdale and worrying signs in the statistics, racial profiling won’t help potential victims

In January 2011 the Times proclaimed a “conspiracy of silence” around groups of Pakistani men sexually exploiting white British girls. Political correctness and fear of appearing racist had trumped child protection, the paper claimed.

Soon the terms “Pakistani” and “Asian” were being conflated, much to the disgruntlement of other British Asians and a heated media debate ensued around the “Asian sex gang” problem. Former Labour cabinety minister Jack Straw demanded the Pakistani community take responsibility, while BNP leader Nick Griffin gleefully decried “Muslim paedophilia”, campaigning with natty slogans such as “Our children are not halal meat”. The EDL were regulars at major trials: either in the courtroom taking notes or outside spitting hate.

The defendants in question are at most nominally Muslim. Practising Muslims certainly aren’t supposed to have sex with children. But race has proved a contentious and enduring feature of this crime’s coverage. Opinions have been vociferous and commentators have rushed to explain a racial profile that is yet to be established clearly. And there have been official studies and action plans. Today saw the culmination of a major investigation, the latest in a series of high-profile trials involving large groups of adults sexually exploiting British children. All nine of those found guilty of crimes in the area of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, had conspicuously Asian names.

As researchers specialising in this crime, we are repeatedly asked: “Are on-street groomers Pakistani?” The honest answer is yes and no. There is still no reliable estimate of the number of “on-street groomers” nationwide, let alone of their ethnicity. Crime is usually measured using police or court records. Those on-street grooming cases that are actually reported are difficult to disentangle from other crimes. This is because on-street grooming is not a criminal offence. Instead, cases are charged under a wide variety of offences, from rape to internal sex trafficking to false imprisonment.




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She was “criticized for saying this?” by who? People from pakistan? People from the muslim culture think anyone who doesn’t follow islam is going to hell so treat them at best indifferently and at their worst hate us and our culture. For many years working in a foreign student night club I saw and had to deal with muslim men treating British women in a disgusting way. Every time you challenged them on it they always said ” so what look at her she is like a prostitute” We shouldn’t have ever let these animals emigrate here in such large numbers. Our governments have destroyed the British identity and damaged our country for ever.
15 May 2013 18:47



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Ms Thornton dismissed suggestions she should resign over the failings.

Speaking earlier on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, she said: “We were responding to each case individually. Nobody sat down and put the picture together.”

Why not? Is that not whats needed to catch gangs, don’t the police look for similarities, don’t they profile crime and criminals or in oxford do they all leave it to Inspector Morse and Lewis??? Pathetic bunch of incompetents
15 May 2013 16:09




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“Nobody sat down and put the picture together…. Why not? Is that not whats needed to catch gangs, don’t the police look for similarities, don’t they profile crime and criminals or in oxford do they all leave it to Inspector Morse and Lewis???”

Because that would mean generalising and that’s the one thing that PC Plod cannot do in this day and age!
15 May 2013 16:30


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Today Jeremy Vine had a discussion on this. The NSPCC man was in total denial that this was cultural or religious and came out with the silly stat that more white men than Pakistanis abuse girls. An Imam challenged him on this and said time for the Mosques and Churches to stop this politically correct “shilly shallying around” and face up to the problem. He said this is racial, cultural and religious and men like this see white girls as pieces of meat. He said the services are scared of being called racist and that simply is not good enough. He was an excellent breath of fresh air and no doubt will wind up being slated by Muslims and the p.c. brigade. The NSPCC man told him he was talking rubbish. He should be fired, because with those ignorant beliefs he is part of the problem. The Imam was so right on it was superb.
15 May 2013 18:48




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i listened to Jeremy Vine today also ………never thought i would ever say this …….but total respect to the imam he had on …….he said it how it was, and explained, what a lot of British people have been saying ……..but to scared too.
15 May 2013 19:31


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Ann Cryer is right. Not only muslims, but every ethnic group have brought their own prejudices and moral values into this country. They are entitled to this say some.

Yet when those moral values/prejudices/customs clash with ours, what do they do? They do what they would do in their own country according to their own ideas. This is wrong, and they quite simply should not be here.

I went over to S. Africa in 1966, and lived there for 10 years. I often had different ideas on certain things. If I had a pound (or should I say rand) for every time I was told when in Rome, or if you don’t like it, you know where the airport is.

The ethnics coming here should be treated the same. They come here, we do not invite them.If they don’t like the way we do things, than they should have taken that into account and stayed away.

In particular our women are not common property to be treated in any way that a man chooses. Women are in every way the equal of men. Not chattels to be beaten, gang raped, sold on, used to make money out of.

We are seeing the end result (on of them) of Blair’s great social experiment.
16 May 2013 10:09


Owen Mcgarvey (lordmak)


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full english cities are now no go areas for the police or social services. now we know why.
16 May 2013 12:39


Gangs, Girls and Grooming: The Truth

December 2010
At Sheffield Crown Court throughout September and October, eight men sat in the dock accused of rape and other sexual crimes against four girls, three aged 13 and one 16. The case resulted in five being convicted and three acquitted. All of the eight defendants were Pakistani Muslims and the girls white British. Does this matter? Not for the reasons the British National Party would have us believe, but it is nonetheless significant.

Razwan Razaq, 30, his 24-year-old brother Umar, Muhammed Zafran Ramzan, 21, Adil Hussain, 20, and Mohsin Khan, 21, were sent to prison for between four-and-a-half to 11 years.

The crimes were committed in and around Rotherham, a fairly typical south Yorkshire town. Although unemployment is fairly high, Rotherham is now also a popular summer visitors’ destination when All Saints Square is transformed into a seaside beach. Every month, there is a farmers’ market that sells produce from local farmers and traders, and Jamie Oliver’s TV series, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, tried to teach the town’s inhabitants to establish healthy eating as part of daily life.

But many parents are concerned far more with the safety of their children than with organic food. Rotherham, along with many other towns, cities and villages in northern England has become infected with the vile activities of criminal gangs using children as currency. While child sexual abuse occurs in every community and culture, what is happening in Rotherham and elsewhere in Yorkshire and Lancashire is organised pimping of girls by Asian gangs who trade their victims for cash and favours.

“These men all know and trust each other,” says Jane, the mother of one of the victims. “They don’t abuse these girls because they are Muslim, but because they are criminals who think they are above the law.”

Although there is no hard evidence of financial gain in the Rotherham case, child protection professionals tell me that the pattern in such cases is that the girls are traded for cash as well as favours between criminals. A number of the gangs operating in the region have found that the sharp drop in the price of drugs has led them to losing considerable income, and that selling girls is increasingly filling the gap.

Grooming: Merely a Pakistani issue?
First published Monday 25 March 2013 in Columnists
Last updated 09:08 Monday 25 March 2013 by Aleia Abbas, Political and current affairs columnist

Children’s Minister Edward Timpson called for the Pakistani community to root out paedophiles in its midst.

But is the Pakistani commuity in ‘collective denial’? and why have other MP’s quickly backed up such views?

Mr Timpson told a Commons inquiry into street grooming that in the past there had not been ‘robust investigations’ into such offences because of ‘cultural sensitivities’ or political correctness’.

Politicians have failed to discuss this type of crime sensitively.

Jack Straw MP, for instance made comments on BBC Newsnight’s about how some British Pakistani men are “fizzing and popping with testosterone” and see white girls as “easy meat”.

On BBC radio 4 last year he also said “There is an issue of ethnicity here which can’t be ignored, and that is an issue which has to be faced and addressed within the Asian community about what’s going on there.

“That kind of leads to a sense of denial by them that all this is going on. These are small communities so people will have a rough idea that people are abusing white girls in this way”.

Mr Straw’s (who was Home Secretary at the time) own brother was convicted in 2000 of indecent assault on girl, aged 16 – so it is surprising that he doesn’t understand that families and communities don’t always know when criminal activity is taking place under their very nose.

What is also worrying is this notion of ‘collective responsibility’ for members of the Asian community, would the same be asked of white British people?

Would they be accused of having a sense of ‘denial’ or that they will have a ‘rough idea’ when abuse is going on in their communities?

There is a suggestion of there being some kind of conspiracy of silence within the Asian community, that somehow we all know when young girls are being abused and that we somehow ‘close ranks’.

Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’ says elitist adademic

Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’

Last week, after the conviction of Rolf Harris, the report into Jimmy Savile and Paedos-in-Parliament claims of an establishment cover-up to protect several senior MPs in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet suspected of sex-offending after their names were mentioned in allegations that a molly house for elite businessmen, public servants and political figures was being operated under the front of Elm Guest House in south London, Britain went into a convulsion of anxiety about child abuse in the Eighties.

but why the eighties, OK, Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Cyril Smith, and several senior Members of the Thatcher Government. While Leon brittan has denied the only specific allegation so far made against him, this former future Prime Minister has not yet offered an explanation of why he suddenly quite his post as Home Secretary, having been widely tipped to succeed Thatcher as Prime Minister for what by comparison was a lowly clerical job in the European Union.

What was he running away from? When the answer emerges it could trigger an even greater scandal that the MP’s expenses case a few years ago.

But all that is ancient history and while we should be concerned at the way the establishment closed ranks to cover up widespread allegations of wrongdoing, we should be actively demanding answers from organisers of an academic conference as to why they allowed a vile, pervy creep Professor of Psychology mic time to promote his agenda of normalising sex with underage girls and boys.

Read more:

Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’ says Psychology Professor

Major Study Reveals Extent Children In Care Suffer Abuse – The Independent
No Conspiracy Of Silence On Parliamentary Paedophiles? Really?

Sunday Round Up

Last Oders Please on the tube The last party on the London Underground.

Not The Time To Abandon Green Ambition Government scientific adviser shows why the young shun careers in science in this piece of pompous claptrap that only proves many scientists don’t live on this planet.

The price of indiscreet blogging When Emily Gould, editor of Gawker blog published an explicit essay on her sex life she was deeply wounded by the hostile responses. But as Gould’s blog has encouraged lewd and offensive attacks on other women, in one case a young teenager, has she any right to complain?

Iain Dale’s Diary Conservative blogger Iain Dale reports a record month with 350,000 page views. In offering our congrats we just mention a record month in May ourselves.

Huffington Post – McCain’s shaky maths John McCain proves he can’t count. Is that unusual for an American Presidential candidate. So long as he knows a hanging chad when he sees one he should be OK.

Love me, I’m a Luddite Amanda Marcotte at Pandangon thinks those who say texting is pointless are just trying to show their superiority by sneering at technology. Amanda does not know the history of either Luddism or the SMS text system. I do. I learned about Ned Ludd for my Social History A level and did a lot of work on developing the internetwork gasteways that allow text messages to cross from one network to another. Which I think qualfies me to say people who think texting is cool are a bit sad.

Oh Brave New World…

Since I started to write about the boy-scientists (a phrase I will explain properly soon) in connection with the frequent reports and studies that are thrown at us every day, the misinformation and disinformation that comes out of certain branches of the scientific community and their unshakeable belief that us ordinary punters “cannot understand because we are not scientists,” it has occurred to me several times as I wrote of plans to put anti–depressants in water, to withhold medical treatment from those who self harm by having a cheese sandwich and a beer and to fiddle about with the genome to produce a perfect race, that I ought to do an article on Brave New World, Aldous Huxley’s 1930s novel of a technological utopia.
In common with Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, forever imprinted on the minds of my generation because of the cover image of a military boot grinding on a human face, Brave New World was a novel that changed the way we viewed the world we lived in. In many ways it inspired aspects of the social revolution of the 1960s as people shrugged off the social controls that had imposed such restrictive conventions on western society.
Now of course the bright young things of the sixties are just boring old farts and people are tricked into conformity by promises of ever improving material benefits if they will only sustain constant economic growth. Consumerism has replaced patriotism in binding us into slavery.

Unfortunately I procrastinated too long. No less a literary luminary than Margaret Atwood has beaten me to the punch and written an excellent article about Huxley’s Brave New World with its compulsory drug doses, genetic engineering to produce social classes from A to E (Epsilon semi-moron aka chav) so reminiscent of toady’s ABC1 social classifications that have replaced the old aristocracy, upper and lower middle class and the much les stratified working classes. How like the modern world Atwood makes it all sound with a level of sexual liberation that deems it bad manners to refuse to have sex with anybody who offers, it’s genetically engineered “pneumatic” women, psychological manipulation, constant pressure to consume and deep suspicion of any sign of individualism.
The portrayal of the dystopic utopia is accurate though. We do seem to be blundering towards a version of that society. Messing about with nature is never a good idea.
You don’t have to take my word for it of course. Read Margaret Atwood’s article here.
Or better still, read Huxley’s novel of benign totalitarianism, Brave New World for yourself.
Even more chilling, Nineteen Eighty Four deals with the darker side of tyranny. With its Thought Police, Big Brother, Ministry of Love (where people who rebel againts the totalitarian regime are “re-educated” by the Though Police until they learn to love Big Brother again, its permanent war against a vague and nebulous enemy and the sinister Room 101 in the Ministry of Love, the novel presents an image of where we might be led if we reject the doubtful blessings of Brave New World.

“Oh brave new world that has such people in it” is a line from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Often interpreted as a play in which Shakespeare abandom his gift for writing as he senses his talents will wane, it has also been interpreted as a metaphor for the supersession of the old, easy going, humanisticic society of rural England by the philosophies and values of the protestant reformation.Either interpretation could be correct and probably both are because Shakespeare was nothing if not multi-layered

Because some people feel recent blogs have painted a very negative picture of the sciences, I have promised to set the record straight by writing a post showing that I am quite a fan actually (as you would expect from someone whose career was in computers) It is the arseholes who approach science like a zealot approaches religion that get up my nose.

Call Girls: God’s and Secret Diaries

Billie Piper’s silly simulations of sex continue to stir the wrath of feminists. I have not watched The Secret Diary of a Call Girl yet, and probably will not as its slot on Thursday evenings now clashes with something I recorded earlier. Well OK, I’ll tell the truth, those too often trailed clips of bouncy bouncy sex reminded me so much of 1960s Britsex flicks like Confessions Of A Really Bad Actor not even the prospect of Ms. Piper pouting her beestung lips and fluttering the lashes of her doe – eyes as she pranced about in exotic lingerie could tempt me to watch.

I might just start though, if only to swell the viewing figures a little more and piss off the feminists a little more. I am sick of being told what I ought to think:

I do not need “government experts” to advise me on diet or on how much I can safely drink. All such advice is twaddle anyway, dietary needs and alcohol tolerance vary so much from person to person it is impossible to define a limit.

I do not need Gordon Brown to tell me to switch off my tele rather than leaving it on standby. What I and you and everyone on the planet need is for our political leaders to say “Oi, Free Enterprise, Nooooo! We need generation and distribution of electricity, gas and water to be prized out of the hands of the Free Enterprise thieves and taken into public ownership. Bumbling and inefficient maybe, but at least money invested in improving services will not go straight into the offshore bank accounts of senior executives.

I do not need Hampstead feminists and theier crony crones to tell me prostitution is a crime against women in which all men are complicit. I could just as well say Christian marriage is a crime against women that all in which and most women are complicit. And at least my statement would have the distinction of being more than half true.

About a year ago I was writing stroppy articles about the way the tabloid purveyors of overt moral outrage and tacit titillation were handling the story of young women murdered in Ipswich. So I am aware there is a nasty, brutal, exploitative side to prostitution. That is not the whole picture though. I have only ever known one prostitute, or escort as she would prefer.

One of my consultancy contracts involved “working from home” on Mondays, which meant I spread a few hours work over the weekend and caught an early evening train down to London. A fellow traveller was a smart, sophisticated Jewish woman. It was about the third time we met on that train she revealed she was a prostitute, or escort. Realising this expressed a level of trust I simply remarked that it was not something one comes across every day on the Inter City. She told me there were a few women from the Manchester area travelled down to work in the same line but most went later in the week as they worked the more lucrative weekends. Monique (her professional name) had children in boarding school and so kept her weekends free.

Once I dared ask how family and friends would react if they knew of her business.

“I’m not going to make a public announcement,” she said, “but frankly I don’t give a shit what people think. For ten years I was a good Jewish wife; a whore, housemaid, cook, sophisticated hostess, mother, I pandered to his mother, flirted with his business friends, and I was always under his control. Now though I have many clients, I only perform one service and nobody calls the tune. What I do, I do for me.”

So that is another side to the sex trade.

The reason I recalled Monique is that recently I read a book titled “God’s Call Girl” by Carla van Raay. This writer, now in her late sixties told how at sixteen she had entered a Roman Catholic convent to escape the oppression, violence and sexual abuse of a strict Roman Catholic home in Southern Holland.

’s funny how many times I read of devoutly Christian Dad’s who think its perfectly OK to shag their daughters. Oh well, everybody knows my views on Christianity.

Back to the theme however. Carla van Raay spent over ten years in holy orders and experienced at the hands of the Nuns greater cruelty than she had received from her father, greater indifference to her humanity than she had known from her cold, aloof mother, and all done “in the name of Jesus”. So badly was she treated that eventually she left the order and ran away, marrying the first man who showed an interests in her.
The marriage, predictably, was a disaster and Carla, now with a child to look after and unable to get a job teaching because though she had qualified while in the convent, the order refused her a reference, learned massage and turned to the sex trade. She liked sex but did not care much for men.
Carla was a sex worker into her fifties, she was always in control of her life, something she had never been before she was a prostitute.

It was not my kind of book, my wife bought it; she has an interest in Catholic girls who lapse even more spectacularly than she did. I prefer a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, but God’s Call Girl opened my eyes, coming as it did on the heels of the film Magdalene Sisters, a story set in Ireland in the 1950s relating the abuses suffered by “wayward girls” handed over to the Nuns, sometimes for nothing worse than holding hands with a boy.

There are fewer women working now in the way Monique and Carla van Raay did according to the very unreliable information available. The irony is that liberal feminists are far more responsible than any of Monique’s clients for the change in the sex industry. A few years ago they were wringing their hands about the Government’s shabby treatment of asylum seekers from Eastern Europe, political activists and dissidents who would surely be murdered if they were returned to their homeland.

A lot of these asylum seekers, many of whom did not pursue their application for citizenship but simply disappeared out of the system, were not political activists on the run from covert agencies loyal to tyrants. There were very bad people who were on the run from even badder people from whom they had stolen money, or from rival gangsters or militia leaders whose supporters they had murdered.

These are the people who are driving the sex trade evermore downmarket. So now, thanks to our zeal for being “nice” we have the sex trade increasingly controlled by people to whom a woman’s life and dignity have less significance than that of a goat.

If I believed in any sort of God I would probably pray that it protect us from the stupdity of the self righteous.

Jehovah’s Kiddie Fiddler

Should the fact that a man is a prominent member of a religious group known for its oddball beliefs be enough to keep him out of prison when he is convicted of paedophile crimes?

Michael Porter, a 38 year-old member of the doomsday cult, admitted 24 cases of assault on children, including a baby less than two years old. A prominent member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses community in his area and used his position of trust to prey on children of church members. And yet the Judge, swayed by Porter’s pleas that he was a person of strong faith who had been tempted and been to weak to resist, and by a further plea that he had undergone therapy, decided he should not go to prison.

Porter also tried to claim his paedophile tendencies were a result of his childhood but his own sister exposed this as a lie.

It is unbelievable that we still fall for this grovelling to God act that so many Christians caught out in malfeasance try to pull. Rational people know there is no such thing as evil, there is no horned beast with cloven hooves constantly putting temptation in our way. We all know what actions are wrong and that some things are wronger than others. And abusing children, very young children who are not in a position to resist, is one of the very worst of all crimes. So forget shifting blame, Porter and those like him know what they are doing is wrong and unacceptable in any society and yet they choose to do it.

The very nature of the crime shows the perpetrators to be arrogant and manipulative by nature, they must believe they have a right to do what they do and they believe they can convince others that they are deserving of special consideration. In other words they are the most amoral of people.

When someone “of faith” commits such a crime then, would not a more harsh punishment be appropriate. Though hypocrisy in itself is not a crime, it can compound other offences.

Similarly it is not acceptable for a judge to show leniency because a criminal has “undergone therapy.” The evidence tat therapy actually helps towards rehabilitation is very shaky and too often psychologists are convinced of the success of their treatment simply because the patient is savvy enough to tell them what they want to hear. The therapy can be made part of the prison sentence but should not be an alternative to it.

In the case of both faith and therapy I am very suspicious of the rapid results achieved, especially when the criminal is a member of some fringe faith. If you remember Ted Haggard, the American fundamentalist preacher who was caught with his penis in a rent boy’s mouth; he was pronounced “totally heterosexual again” after a few weeks of prayer and “therapy.”

In the case of Haggard as with Porter, their respective churches “stood by” them. That’s fine, its up to the members of those congregations what they do. But the law must not be swayed by talk of miracle cures and the hand of God. And if people who commit crimes subsequently try to hide behind superstition and hocus pocus it shows those people are actually a long way from accepting what they have is wrong, let alone experiencing remorse. Put simply they are grabbing at anything that looks like a Get Out Of Jail card.

Ted Haggard had not committed a sexual crime but to preach homophobic sermons and ask for money to “further the church’s mission” while conducting himself in that was was certainly fraudulent.

If we are to maintain any credible claim to be a civilised society and not a superstitious rabble sliding backwards towards medieval ignorance then we must add a new commandment to our moral compass: SAME RULES APPLY regradless of race, faith, class, age or sexual preference.

Prostitutes Are People First

This week we have dealt with news of the violent deaths of five young women who made their living as prostitutes in Ipswich, Suffolk.
The serial killing of sex workers is a problem that returns to haunt us every so often. But unless we are facing the grim reality of a spate of grisly and sadistic murders, society is too ready to pretend the problem does not exist.
The fact is prostitutes are being murdered and violated all the time. A single murder is so commonplace it hardly makes the national news. “Oh well, they’re only prozzers aren’t they, low rent street girls, crack hos?” Their very existance is enough to offend the delicate sensibilities of the morally righteous and so, forced to go below the radar these women (and men) find themselves living outside the protection of the law.
We must remember though, sex workers are people first and prostitutes only through circumstance. Those for whom commercial sex is a voluntary career choice tend to operate at the high end of the market because they are good looking, articulate, well dressed and well mannered. All these things add up to make choices to do with self preservation available to them.
It is harder to see the street girls of Ipswich as people we can warm to. But they are human beings.
Since the eighteenth century, politicians and opinion makers of all flavours have been trading on piety and yet for all their preachy words and moralising pamphlets, drunkenness, drugs and prostitution will not go away. They are linked, the punters are often drunks, the girls are not insatiable nymphs but have been lured into addiction by pimps and dealers so they are virtual slaves. It is high (sorry, no pun intended) time we all stopped being hypocritical about prostitution and drugs and demanded decriminalisation of drug users and of brothels and street sex workers. Then the addicts can get help and not be forced to subject themselves to risk in order to to fund their habit and the more enlightened councils in concert with the police can establish safe zones where girls, freed from the fear of prosecution may operate with some degree of protection.
Unfortunately it always takes the activities of a serial killer to bring this debate into the open. But should five violent deaths be needed to trigger our awareness? If one human being dies alone, in pain and terror because society has failed to protect a vulmerable minority it is one too many.
This time we must make sure “polite society” faces up to the realities of life.

Age – The New Apartheid

The civilised world said goodbye to official racism years ago. Black and White can ride on the same bus now in from Jackson to Johannesburg. You do not see many white people on the buses of course, but the principle is established: segregation of the races is morally and legally wrong.
No doubt in time practice will catch up with principle but what passes for civilisation in the 21st century thrives on an “us and them” society. A famous British TV drama of the 1960s explored this theme. Titled “If There Weren’t Any Blacks You Would Have To Invent Them,” it showed how racism is more to do with the class system than ethnicity. So now that the poorest or most insecure white citizens cannot openly look down on their black neighbours, how do the lower levels of society give themselves status?
There are many ways; address snobbery, do you rent from a private landlord or a public service housing agency. Home buyers, or home owners as they like to style themselves although all they really own is the obligation to pay off a debt, even in the meanest of mortgaged homes quite glibly regard themselves as superior to renters. So there is one Apartheid. The job snob is another segregationist. People who work in financial services for example find it easy to be condescending about trades such as plumber, electrician, car mechanic, bricklayer etc. although there is little doubt which group would be most quickly missed should they be removed from society.
The most worrying manifestation of the new Apartheid though is the marginalisation of the old. This started out with wrinklies being derided as demented husks who could do nothing but reminisce about the war, but more and more I hear people of my age group complaining of feeling marginalised. We know nothing, our skills are obsolete, we are regarded as if we speak a foreign language (some of us actually do, because in our day you could not earn a GCSE in French for being able to say “ce vin est merde M’sieur.”) and our status in the modern world is similar to that of a boil on the arse. There is just no place for the middle aged in the twenty – first century.
Everything now is organised, managed (“if it can be measured it can be managed” goes the slogan of Blair’s favourite Management Consultancy) and we must not embark upon any venture without having been properly trained. Where did my mother look for advice when I came along? My Grandmas. Yet now the idea of grandparents being involved in a child’s upbringing in any capacity other than occasional money provider is sneered at. New parents are given parenting classes, in which they are taught by childless but very sincere people with qualifications in “childcare.” Old people have no idea, we are told and yet it seems to me, and my memory is not quite fuddled yet, that there were far less problem kids when I was at school.
Ah school, where the only history taught is that “the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.” So differently that the role of parents has been usurped completely. I remember getting my daughter in trouble once by showing her how to use an encyclopaedia to find information for a project. Her submission was rejected with the comment “your course has not covered this information yet.” In other words kids are only allowed to know what the system tells them. Now we are getting to the really Machiavellian aspect of the new Apartheid.
Teenagers are coached in doing what comes naturally to such an extent that they lose interest and start getting their thrills from downloading videos of things that come very unnaturally. In the eighteenth century Lord Chesterfield said “nothing in life sets up a young man so well as having an older mistress.” I wonder what he would have made of the current fad of “daisy chaining,” in which children (they would hate me calling them that) leave school and have sex with as many partners as possible before they have to go home to watch the soaps. And yet parents are excluded from sex education too. Not surprising as few of us would teach our kids that it is just a numbers game. But of course, numbers can be measured, love cannot.
Not so long ago we looked forward to joining the adult world, older people had more fun, they told better stories, we learned from them how to think for ourselves.
In order for the state to continue its march into every aspect of our private lives we must willingly become a compliant society.
Future generations must be taught how to play and how to love in the uniform way approved by the appropriate NGO, they must be educated to want to know only what they need to know, disillusioned with experience before they have had any worthwhile experiences on which to base judgements and most of all they must be protected from anybody who might give them the idea that there is a great big wonderful world beyond the boundaries of their narrow lives. Brainwash people with the idea that they have done everything worth doing by the time they are sixteen and it becomes easy. And that is how the apartheid of age is being used.