Fear and Painc! Mild Illness Suddenly Becomes A Killer Now Vaccine Is Available.

The mysteriously named Rotovirus (do you get it from having sex with gardeners tilling machines?) has suddenly become a potential killer that might wipe us all out if we don’t get vaccinated NOW!

Or alternatively the virus will make quite a lot of people quite poorly for a few days as it has every years since men first stood erect.

What has happened you see is the mad scientists and greedy money grubbing bastards of big pharma have developed a vaccine for this non serious illness. Now knowing that most punters are smart enough to remember the swine flu scam which was going to kill us all unless we got vaccinated but didn’t though few of us had the jab, and having already signed contracts for £25million worth of this latest bucket of Pharmaceutical shit, the government has to justify it. It is ironic that in Germany where 70% of people had the swine flu jab, the number dying of swine flu per 100,000 population was four times higher than in Britain, France and Holland where less than 10% were vaccinated. Hee Hee.

Time for a fear and panic campaign. Headlines in the Daily Wail, The Daily Excess and other news sheets read by the terminally fearful are proclaiming that the Rotovirus has struck early this year (it’s November, there isn’t much of the year left) and is laying thousands of people low. You will DIE or even worse things will happen to you if you don’t rush off to your doctor and get the vaccine now!

Reports say there are 1200 known cases of Rotovirus but may be many more that have not been reported. What? People have been struck down by this potential killer and not bothered to call their doctor? Because perhaps they have had the problem many times and know all the doctor can say is “Rest and drink plenty of fluids.”

Just as an aside, another report on medical research today reveals that the recreational drug Crystal Meth can fight the flu? Really? Bring it on.

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