Prince Charles And His Lead Balloon

Prince Charles says humankind faces extinction if we do not reduce our lifestyles and save resources.

(So he’ll be giving up the classic Aston Martin and driving a G – Wiz will he – yeah right.)

Well old jug ears has a point. In a world of finite resources consumption cannot grow infinitely to fuel economic growth.

We can see Charlie’s opinion, as usual, going down like a lead balloon with those in power however, especially as when they don’t have their little green hats on to impress the other jug eared Berkshire Hunt across the pond, they want us to start consuming like crazy to get the economy growing again.

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7 thoughts on “Prince Charles And His Lead Balloon

    1. He had a point as I said but was merely stating the obvious. Circumstances will make us all live less extravagantly.

      I’m planning to devote half my garden to growing food next year. Only luxury fruits that cost an arm and a leg in the supermarket however.

      Wonder how much Charlie wants for that Aston Martin.


  1. Agree with the good Dr. Dark about words failing, for even “irrelevant self-important out-of-touch pompous arsed pr*k ” falls well, well short.

    Maybe we should just call him “cute” and forget it.


      1. Yes, garden gnome is good.
        And somehow a most apt mode of transport for the waffling cuff link-fiddling POW would be .. the olde Penny Farthing.
        Very green ..& great views into the bargain!


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