Goodbye to the Mad Dog? Maybe Not.

Colonel Muammar “Mad Dog” Gadaffi was last seen heading out of Libya with his arse on fire, leaving no coherent government and a bunch of loyalist crazies vowing to fight to the death.

Is that end of story for Libya, the latest chapter in The Arab Spring which so far has seen an inconclusive war in Libya, abrutal campaign in Syria which threatens to escalate into reional war according to Israeli intelligence, low level war in Yemen, a steeping up of the Saudi regime’s suppression of dissidents the replacement of a military dictator by another military dictatorship in Egypt.

The only success the uprisings, sponsored by the people who brought you World War 1 and World War 2 can claim so far is that the guy in Tunisia also disappeared over the border with his arse on fire. But his government carried on in power without him.

It’s not really what I’d call a result for all the cash we spent supporting these revolutions.

Still nobody died. Unless of course you count the one in a fifty Libyans estimated to have been killed, a few thousand Syrians and casualties elsewhere numbered in the low hundreds rather than thousands.

I think my case for not interfereing in other people’s domestics is proved.

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