Return Of The Food Fascists

My initial feelings about the coalition government were that I wished them well but feared that like their predecessors they would be unable to resist the attractions of control freakery.

I was right to worry.

The Health fascists have been out in force this week. With reports on the dangers of alcohol, meat, salt and obesity published our resistance is being tested. Like Most of you Little Nicky is enjoys a nice steak washed down with a glass of decent wine, a sprinking of salt on our food makes it much more tasty and so what if you are a shade overweight. Tgis blog has always been happy to expose the dodgy ‘science’ and rigged evidence behind theses control freak fear and panic exercises.

Here’s the first in a Daily Stirrer series on the bogus science used to support control freakery.

Acohol Abuse Will Kill 250,000 A Year Unless Governmnt Acts say Control Freak Doctors

6 thoughts on “Return Of The Food Fascists

    1. I did see one version of the story that quoted 250,000 over 20 years which is more sensible but hardly significant enough to get excited about. We all have to die of something. In another report on this topic a senior doctor was talking about 250,000 a year. As that is a ridiculous number I chose it to slam the government’s fear and panic tactics aimed a justifying a massive increase in taxes.


  1. Oh, well, if the old liver succumbs to overindulgence I’ll just have to accept it. What many people couldn’t be bothered to know is that there some very fine tablets on the market to help the liver shrug off the effects and add a few years to one’s hepatic life.
    However if the youngsters are determined to down two bottles of vodka in a session and end up in hospital from it, then that’s their problem. I enjoy my tipple, take my liver pills and lab tests confirm a fairly healthy organ.


  2. The problem is there are too many of us.

    So the way I see it thyese control freaks want to keep us from killing ourselves with our drug of choice so they get to say how and when we die.


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