7 thoughts on “UK Uprising.

    1. Guido is a bit right wing for my tastes but we need some kind of protest movement and if it is a disorganised rabble of left, centre and right there’s less chance of them metamorphising into a collectivist oligarchy once they succeed


  1. I could pretty much go along with a lot of that…except that I’d be marching alongside some dodgy crews of people I’d rather not be associated with such as neanderthal fascists on my right flank and wishy-washy pinkos on my left flank.


    1. Indeed, but don’t forget “Mr Condomeron”‘s immortal line We’re All in This Together.
      Protest along with a few ultra radicals among the crowd – or be nailed to the floor by pernicious Tory policy and vicious legislation for the next 4 years at least?
      I know my choice ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. King Athelstan,

        Here’s what must be done. We have to wake the slumbering giant that is the great uncaring majority. Foo too long they have been lulled in dumb compliance by voices of authority telling them only the elite can understand the problems.

        Once the huddled masses realise the elite are the effing problem and shift themselves from dumb compliance to noisy defiance the neanderthat fascists and wishy washy pinkos become insignificant.

        It’s time to take up our pitchforks and cudgels.


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