Labour’s biggest Balls – up yet to come?

I read today that readers of The Currant Bun had show remakable good sense in deciding by a considerable majority that in the even of a hung parliament with Conservatives the largest party the best option would be for David Cameron to try to form a Grand Coalition involving both Lib Dem and Labour members in the cabinet.

We know that will never happen as long as Gordon Brown leads the Labour Party. If Alan Johnson or Alistair Darling, both competent ministers but not Prime Miniter material, could easily step up it might be just what the country needs. A period when party politics is set aside would make solving our problems easier.

What if another Labour leader emerges. One half of “Deadward” Milliband for example, the Thunderbird puppet of the Harry Potter lookalike, or worse Ed Balls.

Well Mr. Bollocks’ chances seem to have taken a nosedive. Guido Fawkes has this story which would no doubt go viral if Balls-up announced he was up for the leadership. Balls Attacked For Expenses Abuses

Great To See Guardian Nu Labour Loonies Falling Out
Election 2010 Roundup
Labour contenders line up

2 thoughts on “Labour’s biggest Balls – up yet to come?

  1. Howdy Ian. Hope you’re well.
    Speculation sucks, so give me a few minutes to suck reeeel guuud.

    The prospect of a hung parliament is in itself a consequence of the miserable identity or staleness if you like of the three parties. {p.s. are these poltical terms supposed to taunt us so?}. One could be forgiven for thinking it’s a sign, albeit a weak one – and I’m probably guilty of projection here, that people are tired of this crap. I can imagine a rather unspectatular conclusion to the GE.

    Consequently, considering the utter financial #@%# the country is in, in order to restore some vigour into politics again, it could well be that ex-druggie (why not rub crap in where crap it deserved) Cameron will indeed form a government of national unity.

    We know they have the same murderous policies anyway.

    There. Suck over.


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