A Day In Death Of New Labour

Liberal Democrat blogger Cicero predicts a lingering death for the Labour Party if either of the Milliband boys or Ed Balls becomes leader. As a party stitch up probably orchestrated by Mandelson has seen to it their will be the only names on the ballot it looks as if the band is already tuning up to play The Red Flag as a funeral march.

The Strange Death of The Labour Party on Cicero’s Songs
Labour Contender Line Up

8 thoughts on “A Day In Death Of New Labour

  1. The fascistic, lying bastards shrinking into obscurity and the Lib Dems becoming the second party again would so please me.

    And can Labour stop claiming to stand for the poor and working class – THEY DO NOT!


    1. Back in the 1930s I have read many times a lot of the middle class socialists who were wrestling The Labour Party from the grasp of working class members were quite keen on Eugenics and other social engineering projects supported by a certain Herr Hitler.

      But that doesn’t surprise you does it?


    1. Nonsense! Why choose oblivion when there’s Portillo’s TV sidekick, the half-mad babbling Diane Abbot to lead them into ….. complete and utter catastrophe.

      Guess Ian’s point stands; Labour – along with David Laws as of today – look doomed.


      1. Hmmm … wonder if that little shit Tatchell had anything to do with Laws’ downfall?

        I mean, a gay man who preferred to keep his sexual preferences private. Anathema to the pink mafia.


  2. Jeez

    Another prediction of the death of the labour party

    The Labour Party will not die and whither away – too many people care for it and will work to build it up again

    Remember labour won nearly 100 more seats than the tories in 1997 & 2001

    and by the way David Laws is no martyr

    He scammed £40,000 he was not entitled to – if he was a benefits cheat I doubt there would be much sympathy coming his way – but there would be a prison term coming his way

    His sexuality is irrelevant – his decision to claim money he was not due is relevant


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