Talking Bollocks About You Tube

Don’t technology journos talk bollocks. I yearn to seen some quality journalism in this field but all I see is sychophancy towards Google and Microsoft, the two corporations that have bludgeoned us into acceping that “totally useless utter crap” equals “fit for purpose.”

Follow the link to read Web Pundit John Harris waxing lyrical about the Google takeover of You Tube and then check out the response as Little Nicky Machiavelli tells the hapless writer a few home truths.

Your Country Needs You Tube

2 thoughts on “Talking Bollocks About You Tube

  1. Hi Ian
    I’ve just been watching two You Tube videos, Jon Stewarts North Korean Summer Home and Colbert Sucks up to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong il. If Google takes away my ability to watch videos free, then I won’t bother any more.


    1. We all have our faves on myspace, you tube etc. Dawn but my whole problem with the web is that you have to be online, searching 25/8 for several months to dig out a diamond from the dunghill. I have noticed how I rely more and more on links printed in my newspaper to lead me to what might be interesting.


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