Talk to Tom Paine about the Army Mutiny.

It seems in his decrepitude the great libertarian agitator and free thinker Tom Paine has become a TORY.

Yes, over on his blog The Last Ditch which is billed as being about the death of liberty in Britain, Tom is slagging off the honourable and decent Army officer who has spoken out on behalf of his men against the idiotic and self serving policies of the TRAITOR Tony Blair.
The imposter Paine who writes the blog seems to think the nation will be plunged into a constitutional crisis if the WAR CRIMINAL AND MASS MURDERER BLAIR does not sack the General.

LITTLE NICK MACHIAVELLI say the General is right, the principle duty of an army officer abroad is to the safety and wellbeing of his men. Constitutional crisis my arse, if Blair does try to sack Sir Richard he could well have a military mutiny on his hands.

You can join the debate with Little Nicky at The Last Ditch

7 thoughts on “Talk to Tom Paine about the Army Mutiny.

  1. Dear Ian,
    Iraq has been plunged into a deep morass of death and destruction by Bush and his evil friends. However, don’t you think Iraq would be in deeper trouble if the western forces leave quickly without at least trying to undo what they have done in the first place. What I mean is that they should try to bring sanity to the madhouse they have created before forsaking it for good.


  2. That’s a valid point wild child but unfortunately Iraq is a dichotomy. We are making matters worse by being there, we will make matters worse by withdrawing. Personally I agree with the General, withdrawal would make matters less worse than staying in.
    As it is our troops no longer patrol the streets without body armour as they used to, they now ride round in armoured cars and full body armour with anti-flash masks like the Americans. Thus like the Americans they are seen as agents of a hated oppressor rather than people who are trying to help. The longer we stay in the worse it will get for both our soldiers and the Iraqi civilians.
    What happens if we pull out now. Its ironic but being faced with catastrophe has a way of bringing people to their senses.

    Thanks for your comment, I hope I have given you food for thought.



    1. “withdrawal would make matters less worse than staying in… The longer we stay in the worse it will get for both our soldiers and the Iraqi civilians.”

      How the fuck can you state this with such conviction, given the highly unpredictable nature of such a state in violent transition? You have no idea what would happen if we withdrew, no idea how the vastly complex social scenario would play out, and your opinion is utterly worthless without indepth analysis and vastly more information concerning the situation than you will ever see. Listen to Academics, listen to Generals, ‘expert’ analysts, and discuss the points they raise, but please don’t try to pass yourself off as any kind of authority on the matter whatsoever


      1. How can I say what I say with such conviction. Simple, I’ve talked to soldiers who have served in Iraq, I have talked to Iraqi nationals who have worked as professionals in the UK for many years. Oh and I have listened to academics, Generals (American senior officers as well as British ones are saying the same as I have) and I have studied the history and culture of the middle east.

        And your qualifications for contradicting me Alex, apart from your inarticulate anger that the world does not arrange itself exactly to your liking, are…?


  3. Go for it. You didn’t leave a comment and so far neither has anyone referred from here.

    I pretty much agree with the General’s analysis. I accept that he’s honourable and decent. I just don’t think it’s right for a man under military discipline publicly to question his orders. He seems to be a good guy and I tried to construct two possible justifications for what appears on the face of it to be egregious conduct. Maybe you can suggest more?

    I certainly cannot believe you think it’s acceptable to have this happen in a disciplined military force. If one of the General’s subordinates did something similar, you know perfectly well what the consequences would be – and so does he. He’s right out of order.

    If they are refusing his private advice, his recourse is to quit. Then he can say his piece. Dealing with his political masters via a press interview is not the way to go. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. So far he has the PM’s “full support” – and we all know exactly what that’s worth.



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