So who’s anti semitic now.

Just over a week ago your pal Little Nicky was branded racist for suggesting the Israelis are a gang of murdering war junkies. I was not the only one of course, anybody who criticised the acts of the Israeli government was immediately dubbed anti semitic or anti – jewish.
As usual Little Nicky was proved right, double right in fact because not only have the Israeli government been escalationg the war but they have shown a p4enchant for attacking women and children, muslims and christians.
But Nicky Machiavelli is not one to blow his own trumpet. So what this post is about is nailing that anti – semitic jibe once and for all.
The people who use it do not know what a semite is. These idiots have been brainwashed by religious propaganda and in their ignorance they contradict themselves.
A semite, according to middle eastern legend is someone descended from Ham the son of Noah (you might think Shem and Semite would make more sense; so do I, but mythology does not have to make sense)and these tribes include Assyrians Phoenecians and Arabs in modern terms, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine (including Israel), Gaza and parts of Iraq, Iran and Turkey. So guess what. The LEBANESE are SEMITES as are many muslims and quite a few Christians.
When people say “time we told those Israeli bastards to eff off and leave Lebanon alone” they are actually being PRO-semitic as Lebanon contains a wider cross section of the semitic peoples than Israsel.
Same with Jews. If we criticise Israel are we anti Jewish? Well a Jewish person is someone from Judea, Jew is just modern usage covering many religious sects the chief of which are the Pharisee or what we would call orthodox jews. The Saducee or secular jews are more peaceful, inclusive and tolerant. Its rather like “Christian” being used as an umbrella for all sorts of beliefs from the extreme American pentecostalists to mainstream Anglican and Roman Catholic.
Religious tolerance is a fine thing but those who demand it of others are usually the same ones who, once tolerated, claim they are the ONLY sect who worship the true God and therefore they are entitled to kill everyone else. We must learn to tolerate everything except intolerance!
Never let trouble makers shelter under your umbrella for be sure, nothing is hidden from Little Nicky Machiavelli.

5 thoughts on “So who’s anti semitic now.

  1. i have always been confused by whether semites are a race, or being “jewish means race, creed or colour, culture. That claptrap gets thrown about so much, particulalry in America, fuck everywhere actually. You criticise something fairly, then u are anti-semetic.well perhaps if they actually knew that the lebanese and indeed the palestinians are more semetic or perhaps jewish than them, we might get a respite. now when i say im a jew, does it mean my religion, my culture or where i come from? dam those people have problems machiavelli, no wonder they have gone bonkers now;)


    1. People get so uptight about religion they lose sight of history. “The Jews” or Israelites are really Zoroastrians, the only difference being around 600 BC they saddled themselves with this “God’s Chosen People” thing. OK, they had been kicked around by several great empires for a few thousand years, you can’t blame them for seeking solace in religion. But then they started on the idea of wanting to kill anyone who did not share their belief. And as their nation was a few small tribes of desert nomads the odds were stacked against them.
      We must take care that the current conflict does not lead to widespread persecution of people whose families have been in Europe, America, Africa and India for generations. And so I think it is important we remind the “anti-semitism” whingers just what semitic means.
      Among my “back catalogue” I number Hayat Bayler and Karen Margolis, both beautiful, sexy and fun to be with. So I will not be showing favouritism to either side. Blair, Chirac, Merkel, Putin etc. should ignore America and stop the fighting now. We have the means, just cut off Israel’s oil supplies.


  2. This really gets up my nose too. I recently replied to an Israeli blogger who began his piece “So it’s official. People don’t like the Jews” and went on to discuss the current situation, which I thought was a complete non-sequitor.
    I hate what the Israelis are doing, but it won’t stop me loving Leo Solomon, my ex maths teacher turned friend, and admiring Maureen Lipman and her works, etc, etc.
    It seems to me the cry “Anti-semite!” is a cheap get out.


  3. In one of my teams back when I was working I had a black girl. There was an argument one day so I talked to the people involved.
    “Well Toni,” I said eventually, if people can’t call you “black” which is what we are advised is the correct term, how would you like to be referred to?
    “What’s wrong with ‘British?'” she said.
    And there is the key. Leo and Maureen are British, as are my friends Ian Lipman (no relation) and Stuart Tauber. They follow – sort of – their religion but Britain is their homeland.
    I’m never sympathetic to people who say they are Muslim, Jewish, Christian or whatever first and British second. Its Britain gives them the protection of the law, healthcare, roads to drive on, schools to learn in etc. Religion only gives them a set of ideals and superstitions.


  4. Good point, well made. The Israeli government is always using that defence, and it never has made sense. Many countries are governed by nut-cases who in no way represent what the actual people want done. Bush, Blair, and others…


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