What The Hell Going On In The NHS?

Last week Little Nicky stumbled upon the story of newly qualified midwives Kelly Ferris, Sharon Love, Cathy Earnshaw, Lorraine Dunn and Helen Greenwood who have recently graduated from Salford University with degrees in their chosen specialised field of nursing. Sexy Kelly (26) (do you like that pastiche of tabloid reportage? cool huh?) is off to take up a job offer in Dubai after being trained at the expense of UK taxpayers. Lucky girl, her ex – colleagues are not so fortunate. They cannot get jobs in midwifery at all – and let’s reveal the full story behind Kelly’s departure for warmer climes. It was not just the pay and perks that tempted her, the truth is that none of these five could find jobs within in the Manchester Area Strategic Health Authority, one of the largest of NHS regional bodies.
Does that make you wonder where those silly billies in the media get the idea there is a shortage of skilled nurses. Perhaps Little Nick has been cruel and heartless in accusing The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee of having a schoolgirl crush on Tony Blair just because she repeatedly writes that The Prime Traitor has made the NHS more efficient than ever. Perhaps this is true?
But the full story of Kelly and Co. has not yet been revealed. While none of these five can find appropriate work within the vast conurbation of Greater Manchester the aforementioned Strategic Health Authority are considering closing the Maternity Unit in Rochdale. Salford’s next door metropolitan borough because they cannot get skilled staff.

Little Nicky thinks its time we all asked WHAT THE CHUFFING HELL DO GOVERNMENTS DO WITH OUR TAX MONEY? because it is clear they are not using it to employ competent managers.

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