White Privilege?

White privilege?

It’s time our elected representatives and mainstream media started to defend the white people of these British Isles against the onslaught of racist bigots like Black Lives Matter and Marxist nutters like the EkSTINKtion Rebellion crusties. It’s time these anti-white Marxists were told there was no “privilege” working 12 hours a day in coal mines, 12 hours a day in the steel and cotton mills, and living bleak lives on bleak housing estates.

We white people built, with our brain and muscle, the greatest, most affluent and most free society in history, a truth that the old Labour Party understood but that is now overrun by anti-white Marxists who promote the interests of blacks and Muslims whose collective efforts never managed to progress their homelands beyond medieval feudalism and who now hate white people and the prosperity and liberal values of societies whose countries they want to destroy.

[Daily Stirrer] … [Boggart Aboad] … [ Greenteeth Home ] … [ Medium.com ]

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