The main controversy in today’s news stories is the response of Work amd Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith to the citicisms made by the Archbishop of Canterbury about the government’s handling of the long term unemployment problem.

In response to criticism from The Archbishop of Canterbury, Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, said it was a “sin” that British workers are not capable of competing for jobs with foreigners.

Read the view of Xavier Connolly on Why Can’t British Workers Compete With Immigrants For Jobs? in The Daily Stirrer.
Keep up wth all the controversy

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  1. Quite a few hidden agendas going on here, one feels.
    Entertaining as well, watching Simon Hughes squirm when reminded of his pre-election “I will vote against student tuition fee rises ” .. “commitment”.


  2. Here’s proof:
    ‘Fred’s drain busting company: We guarantee free-flow and any other work. 30 quid an hour.’
    ‘Polsky Plombing: Fix drain, clear shit,plastic, towel and woman products. Engineer for 10 kwid 1 hour. Own sandvich’

    No hidden agenda: Cheap and good vs pricey and maybe good (bacon butties and tea please)!


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