Graduate Unemployment Reaches A New High

News that there are 70 applicants for each graduate vacancy as this years University output start the soul destroying business of seeking jobs cannot have cheered anybody. But what are te reasons for this disastrous state of affairs. Could it be anything to do with governments pushing University for all to mask the true extent of our declime as an industrial nation?
Graduate unemployment reaches new high

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7 thoughts on “Graduate Unemployment Reaches A New High

      1. Indeed. That is the whole problem with 50% going to university. No plan for where their jobs were going to come from (and the unshakeable feeling that the 2:1 they get isn’t worth shit)


  1. Why would Labour want to mask the extent of our decline as an industrial nation? It was the Thatcher and the Tories who decimated industry in this country. Which is understandable I suppose; they didn’t want any scum who hadn’t recieved a private education being able to work in a skilled job with good pay and prospects did they – that would never do.
    So now a lot of the best paid jobs that the working classes can get are in the public sector … and here we go again.
    I wonder whether the public sector pay and job cuts will be reaching as high as the judges, army colonels, etc..


    1. There are no principles only expedients to quote Maggie T. Labour had to mask the decline started in the Thatcher era but continued under Blair and Brown because failure to do so whould have revealed the real state of the economy.


      1. I noticed on CiF this morning, (reading the papers online in bed – I really must get a grip 🙂 ) Simon Jenkings, a tryue level headed liberal rather that a “progressive” wing nut, referred to many University courses as a “three year gap.”

        Cruel but maybe he has a point.


  2. It is disconcerting that graduates, some with good degrees, cannot get jobs. Something is wrong here but I’m not au fait with the jobs market or the problem.

    Let me just mention that I spent a gap year in England in 2004, and being a very keen gardener and vegetable grower, I applied to a nursery for part-time work.I have two degrees. The reply was ‘overqualified’. What did I need for a nursery job? Experience in a Nursery!

    I did find work lecturing but my point is this: Is there a problem in HR? Are interviews being granted?


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