Minimum Wage – It'[s A Moral Issue

Little Nicky replied to an article on Tim Worstall’s blog in which Tim took to task Polly Toynbee the wide eyed innocent who fancies herself as a sharp political commentator despite living in a solipsistc, Labour supporting cloud cuckoo land. Polly had said:

Tucked away in last month?s Low Pay Commission report is research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, estimating that for every 10% the minimum wage rises, the state saves between £560m and £680m in credits and benefits. With the minimum at a puny £5.91, the taxpayer is subsidising employers such as those signatories to pay people non-survivable wages.

Tim, like the conscientious blogger he is patiently explained to the still wet behind the ears despite being in her sixties senior bleeding heart and hand wringer for The Guardian that wages can only be set by market forces. Impose a minium wage on employers and they will cut jobs; make up wages from public funds through tax credits etc. and the more unscrupulous employers will use government subsidy as a way of cutting wages.

Read Tim’s full article here: Actually It’s a moral issue Polly

The Daily Stirrers busiest writer added a bit of history to Tim’s well reasoned comments to show there was nothing new in “New” Labour’s thinking and the imposition of a minimum wage always has the same result.

The Minimum Wage Problem

4 thoughts on “Minimum Wage – It'[s A Moral Issue

      1. It’s difficult to find any important differences between the three main parties.

        Accrington Conservatives are in total disarray however with the hugely upopular leader of the Tory group on the council who thiught he should be MP because “reely reeeeeely want it Simon, it’s all I ever wanted in my whole life” had been rejected by central office. An outsider has been parachuted in because even the Tory hierarchy can spot that big a twat so now, to show how big a twat he is, there is talking of him leading the “Hyndburn Independent Convervative” breakaway party.

        You probably spotted the similarity with Trotters independent trading. Britcliffe and his mates wouldn’t. Tory Piss Up In A Brewery
        I was going to put this on Boggart Blog when the election is announced so this comment is a preview for you 😀


  1. We took a gap year in England in 2004 to see my daughter and landed two jobs to keep me busy:
    Job 1: Lecturer in a Prison (My CR is clean!): 26 pounds an hour.
    Job 2: PR officer for motor company on weekends: 6 pounds per hour.
    That (latter), is disgraceful. I don’t know how the minimum wage is worked out but it should be 10 pounds per hour minimum. I am worth more but enjoyed the job immensely so did not complain. However it works out, to a daily employee on 7 days hard labour, at 1800 pounds per month which is barely a survivable income.


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