Can Lib Dems Stop Themselves Sailing Into The West

With Labour floundering on the rocks to sustain the nautical metaphor and the Conservatives still too tained with sleaze and incompetence to completely win over the voters the Liberal Democrats should be sailing a broad reach towards their goal of becoming a serious challenger for government.

But somehow the Liberal Democrats always display an uncanny knack for statching defeat from the jaws of victory.

For some reason they do well when the conservatives have been in power a while but when a Labour government is approaching its end days the Liberal Democrats cannot persuade disillusioned Labout votes from going all the way across the political divide and voting Tory.

In Sailing Into The West The Daily Stirrer suggests how the party might avoid being dispatched back to Devon and Cornwall as an irrelevant rump.

2 thoughts on “Can Lib Dems Stop Themselves Sailing Into The West

  1. There is an old Anglo Saxon word ‘wealh’ that can be variously translated as ‘welshman’, ‘man of the west’ or ‘slave’. So what is it to be? I have been doggedly voting liberal for decades but without any prospect of power unless the voting system is altered. In my constituency the organ grinder’s monkey would be elected as long as he wore a red rosette. The labour vote in Scotland will keep up but only because the alternative is SNP and most of us don’t want that even if we have some sympathy with its principles. To vote Tory would of course be unthinkable.


    1. Bit late with this sorry. I was actually a Liberal activists until those nasty politically correct SDPs came on the scene. Now I usually vote Lib Dem but without any great enthusiasm. And like you my vote has never counted for anything in my consituency.

      Ah well, “wyrd bid ful ared” (no Anglo Saxon characters on my keyboard for the d in “bid” unfortunately)


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