9 thoughts on “The Fourth Of July

  1. You forgot to mention they are all emotional retards needing constant approval and reassurance and a bit of paranoid xenophobia is an easy way to get approval for them :))


  2. Because thats what they are good at. Hating anyone who won’t stand up for the Star Spangled Banner and say God Bless Fucking America in public. Let them get on with it……..


    1. I read an atricle yesterday that made the case American society has always been built on fear.
      First it was fear of European colonial powers, then fear of Native Indians, fear of the Chinese early in the 20th century (they say they are coming to open laundries but really they want to take over our country) fear of Japanese, fear of Russians, now its fear of Muslims.

      And all the time there is the undercurrent of fear of perfidious Albion (coz Englishmen are so good at seducing American women?)

      Poor bastards.


      1. I think there is something in that. America has, almost since its inception and certainly since 1941, been a country built on war. Its ecconomy has continually been on a war footing, it has armed forces far in relation to what it actually needs and it has become so militarised its scary.
        As for the last point. Yep I have seduced a couple of American women. Does that make me public enemy number one???????


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