Milliband suggests Brown has small penis and polls suggest Obama is losing badly.

Little Nicky has been out and about today making mischief where he can.

The Labour party conference dominates of course, especially the eagerly awaited buzzword count for Gordon Brown’s speech. Elsewhere David Milliban managed to suggest the Prime Minister has a very small penis.

Across the pond they have an election going on and the Democrats are starting to realise they picked another lemon to be their candidate. This is giving rise to much wailing, gnashing of teeth and accusations of racism. The fair minded among us fail to see why Obama should be so far above criticism that any questioning of his campaign is branded racist.

Even with the few points swing to Obama in poolls following last week’s economic meltdown he is not leading clearly enough to be sure of an electoral college majority when the Bradley effect and that world wide feature of elections, the lift in the conservative vote just before the election is taken into account. Factor in these and the vote is loaded between 6 and 10 percent in McCain’s favour.

With almost six weeks to go to the election its a bit early to write off the Democrats of course. Obama might be a loser but we are starting to hear rumours of a conspiracy aimed at dumping him in favour of Hillary Clinton. Watch this space. Meanwhile there is plenty of time for McCain’s health to fail. Oh no, that could mean President Palin.

While everybody else is getting seriously deluded about Obama’s chances I’ve been following the election via satirical blogs and on the all important sense of humour issue the Republicans win hands down.

If you want to know why chack out The Nose On Your Face and especially their Obamessiah series of video shorts starting with The Adulteress Other Obamessiah blogs, Teaching In The Temple and The Chosen One Walks On Water are linked from that page.

If you like closer to home humour have a look at these very British satires:
Palin’s Resistible March To The Presidency

Palin A bad Mother – The Proof

Obama hopes the Irish Vote Will Win It For Him

It’s SuperVP

And the rest of our American election posts

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16 thoughts on “Milliband suggests Brown has small penis and polls suggest Obama is losing badly.

      1. Ruby,
        Well I suppose as far as we are concerned its just a question of whether WWIII kicks off in Iran or Pakistan.

        But hey give a lad a chance, I’ve so much other stuff on I’m struggling to keep my 2nd blog going (no fatsally to help out here)


    1. Mike,
      I did not win many friends among US Democrats for telling them that back in February so I’m looking forward to saying “hey guys, I told you so.”

      The irony is that Colin Powell, a Republican, would have strolled into the White House in 2000 had he not been bought off by Bush’s cronies.


    2. I’m happy to report that the Yanks, as you so eloquently call them, would be happy on every account to vote in a black president……..if said individual is the RIGHT person for the job. Ditto for woman, Native American, natural-born American of Chinese ancestry, etc. etc.

      Am I suggesting that some Brits don’t necessarily have a good sense of America and Americans?

      You decide 😉


      1. Karen,
        No, you are not suggesting that some Americans have a better understanding of America that British people do. I said several months ago here and in a US blog, in response to a lot of Obama nuts blogging about how he could walk on water, lead small buildings in one bound and his farts smell of perfume and how it was time America had a Black man in The White House, that America did not need a black or a white president, a man or a woman president, a Christian or a non Christian President, what America neded was a good president not a bad president.

        But break the voting patterns down. A lot of people would be happy with a black president but would never vote for a Democrat. A small but significant number would be happy with a democrat but not with a black man or a woman.

        Then Obama will lose a couple of points because of suspicions about his religion, nation of birth and dubious associates.

        Then reconsider, do you understand Amerca better than me. America is very big and diverse and difficult to see in its entirity close up; its surprising how clear a perspective 3000 miles distance puts things in.

        So good comment but you point has been well covered.


    1. It was a gesture apparently, one that a career in politics folowing straight on from Uni has not familiarised Davo Milliband with.

      There’s a lot to be said for getting a life :))


    1. The wailing and gnashing of teeth in Democrat ranks is accompanied by lots of finger pointing and apportioning of blame. Most of the blame according to the Obama camp lies with those Americans who refuse to believe The Obamessiah walks on water, can leap small buildings in a single bound and his farts smell of perfume.

      vol 1 – The Adultresss
      vol2 – Teaching in the Temple
      vol 3 – Walking on Water

      These are from The Nose On Your Face where you can also meet the hilarious Islamic Rage Boy. My political sympathies may be with hillary Clinton but The Republicans have the better sense of humour 🙂


  1. Sheesh Karen, I must have watched too many of those Louis Theroux docu’s from the hardcore racist redneck south.

    Along Ian’s lines, maybe deduct another half point because his surname has a certain “Osama” ring/association to it…. you know, voters’ mass subconscious and all that.

    I’ll be surprised if he gets in, but hope I’m wrong – that McCain’s got too many chips on his shoulder ( geddit? ):)


    1. Mike,
      Did you chack out the link to the court case questioning Obama’s elegibility? The evidence looks very convincing when added to Obama’s very obviously forged birth certificate, the Indonesian passport on which he entered Pakistan some years ago and which states his religion as Muslim and the enrolment documents for Chicage law school on which he states his religion as Muslim.

      The widely rumoured “October Surprise” the Republicans have planned is probably something to do with all this. U.S. politics watchers reckon the plan is to bring down Obama so late the Democrats will have no time to nominate a substitute and McCain will have a walkover.

      I’d hate Bush’s gang to keep hold of the government for another four years but if they do it will be thanks to the incompetence of the Democrats.

      Good chips line but I’m not sure America would get it. Aren’t McCain a British brand?


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