Labour Creeps Ever Closer To Fascism.

One of the founding principles of the Labour party was opposition to the direction of Labour. People should not be compelled on threat of losing benefit, to work at jobs to which they are unsuited.

The latest government scam to hit the news, to deny social housing to people not deemed to be seeking work enthusiastically enough. So somebody who has worked in middle management for example and who is made redundant, who has to sell their home to pay off debts, could be forced to take work as a factory hand and once employed thus will find such a job on their CV counts against them when seeking to get back into the work they are qualified for.

The problem neither the Conservative under Thatcher and Mini Maggie Major or Labour under Blair and Brown have never even understood let alone attempted to address is that technology has mopped up millions of jobs. On top of this, millions more have been exported to low labour cost nations thanks to the insane market-mania of successive governments. This has led to phoney employment in what a trade union leader once called candy-floss industries.

Its a recipe for disaster for any economically developed nation.

20 thoughts on “Labour Creeps Ever Closer To Fascism.

  1. I don’t know the details of this, but does it imply the state would turn people onto the streets? I can’t imagine where that would lead and hope I’ve misunderstood, otherwise I’ve woken up in a weird parallel universe where Labour and Conservative stand for the same thing, oh, hang on, no, that’s still the same universe.


  2. Stupid idea; Caroline Flint MP, representing Doncaster should hang her head in shame. Does she not know what happened in the pit villages (and other areas) twenty odd years ago and how people were, and even now are still bullied onto Incapacity Benefit to keep the jobless down, because in these areas THERE ARE NO JOBS.

    By the way my brother is on a workfare scheme at the moment being paid £60 per week (benefits + £6 + bus pass). If this isn’t slave labour, being forced to work for well less than half the rate of minimum wage, I don’t know what is.


    1. Incapacity Benefit was a scam to keep jobless figures down. Now it has been exposed they are using workfare, keeping people in education longer, stopping benefits.

      As you say, there are no jobs. Cold calling people to sell insurace, conservatories or legal services is not a job.


  3. Without a permanent address getting a job – any job – is virtually impossible. So if those who cannot/willnot get work are made homeless they will find themselves unemployable.

    I wish some of those in power actually lived in the real world.


      1. That seems very fair.

        They could be replaced by randomly chosen people, in place for a year, and each paid £200,000 a year, less their usual salary (even if the result is negative, in which case they have to pay.)


  4. What was wrong with the old apprenticeship system where school leavers were taught real skills on the job? Surely it would be better if kids were offered such opportunities (without being exploited) rather than have no option but to sign on. With Australia crying out for skilled people maybe the Aussie government could contribute a dollar or two to get a system up and running. Better than keep sending them to University to get in debt and obtain useless degrees that put them straight back in the dole queue, surely?


    1. Nothing was wrong with it Sal, it was good. Open to all with basic education and a bit of nous, it offered further education through day release and thus a path into a professional or management career.

      So you see there were many reasons why it had to be booted into touch during the Thatcher era.


  5. Excellent observation and post as usual Ian. You are absolutely right.

    While I hesitate to call myself a socialist (as I’m primarily a theist fro whom socialist principles are inherent) and I can see the betrayal of socialism by neoLabour

    pro-war, pro-corporatocracy, anti-compassion, anti-Keynesian, anti-hospital, anti-education, anti-freedom, pro-torture, pro-detention, pro-extra judicial killing and pro-Zionist.

    I think the fascism is already here, it just strengthens every day.

    Et tu Labour Party?


  6. A friend of mine who left school after O-Levels got an apprenticeship as a brickie with the local council. It did him a world of good and he became quite skilled. Then the bloody Maggie stepped in. the brickies were no longer needed (wanted) by the council as private companies started to build houses. The fact he didn’t work for the provate companies, makes me think the councuils may have paid low skilled / new YTS type people in his place.

    It was terrible.

    the councils were better IMO in those days. Now they condone sonic weapons, spy camera use and hoddie bans. Hou-ra for “progress”


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