Prime Minister Cheerleading For The Enemy?

Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of acting as a cheerleader for the US pharmaceutical firm Pfizer’s proposed takeover of its British rival AstraZeneca as he called for the brakes to be put on the biggest takeover in UK corporate history. This is a bit rich coming from the leader of a party that presided over a car boot sale of british assets to foreign corporations between 1997 and 2010 so that we have ended up not owning our electricity and gas supplies, water, and probably not even the steam off our piss, so comprehensive was Labour’s sell off.

Still, fair’s fair and Ed has a point. The Labour leader, who said Pfizer had a “pretty dubious record” on takeovers (he was probably referring to Prime Minister Blair, Cameron has only presided over one takeover cock up, the Kraft / Cadbury debacle,) has written to the Cameron calling for a change in the law to ensure that a public interest test on such corporate deals should be applied to strategic economic interests. The public interest test normally applies to defence companies or utilities.

I don’t remember Ed doing anything like that when he was a minister in the Labour government but beter late than never. It would be unworthy to mention that Ed’s concern for the welfare of British workers might have something to do with the fact that an election is only a year away, so I will not mention it.

Miliband has decided to intervene after Pfizer offered what he described as “pretty weak assurances” to protect AstraZeneca’s research and development base. Pretty weak assurances? Pfizer have more or less admitted they intend to break up and asset strip Astra Zeneca:

Pfizer last night admitted its £63billion bid for AstraZeneca might result in the break-up of the British drugs firm.

Ian Read, who heads the US company, indicated his highly profitable UK takeover target would be split into three parts.

Asked whether any of these could be sold off, he replied: ‘We will conserve that optionality. No decision has been taken about the future.

Assurances my arse, all Pfizer want in patents and a portal into the EU market. We need a leader who knows the meaning of the (reversed) V sign.

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Guess who said The World Is Run By Insane People?

Yeah, well you did, we would expect that, and I have said it many times too. We have probably all said it. But Imagine how much more impact it had when this guy said it:

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it” – John Lennon

OK, you get that, now watch this:

The Nestle CEO has been hammered for his statement that access to water is not a human right and readers know Little Nicky is not a fan of the waily gnashy teeth human rights brigade, human rights in places like Africa are what the man pointing the gun at you is prepared to allow. And if the man holding the gun is standing on the opposite side of the water hole, no amount of wailing and gnashing teeth will influence the situation.

On the other hand to suggest that multi national corporations’ claims on water resources take priority over those of punters who need a drink is just fascism.

You will find many Nastle brands listed HERE should you wish to boycott the company’s products.


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Food prices are inflating

While the warmists rant about carbon and the Church of Scienceology Cult rave about climate science. there are three real and immediate problems facing us that nobody is talking about. These are overpopulation, water shortage and food price inflation. This article deals with food prices, links at the bottom lead to our posts on population and water scarcity.
Soaring wheat and other commodity costs on world markets have pushed up UK wholesale food prices at the fastest rate in two years, official figures revealed today.

Prices for foods produced in the UK were 9.8% higher last month than a year ago. This is the biggest annual increase since October 2008 figures compiled by the Office for National Statistics reported. Imported food prices climbed 4.5% on the year, the fastest rate since

Again Little Nicky Maciavelli and The Daily Stirrer was first to warn you of this. Hope you stocked up with baked beans, tinned soup and SPAM.

While the warmists rant about carbon and the Church of Scienceology Cult rave about climate science. there are three real and immediate problems facing us that nobody is talking about. These are overpopulation, water shortage and food price inflation. The article linked below deals with food prices, furtherb links at the bottom lead to Daily Stirrer posts on population and water scarcity.
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BHP Drops Bid For Potash of Canada

Mining giant BHP Billiton has abandoned its takeover bid for fertiliser group Potash Corporation after it was blocked by the Canadian government. We should start to appreciate Canadians more perhaps. A few months ago The Daily Stirrer was praising two Canadian sceptics for exposing …

Rising Seas Not Down To Climate Change

Interesting story today in The Daily Telegraph
Water Mining Prime Culprit For Rising Seas

Nowhere in the Maldives juts more than 10 feet above the Indian Ocean, making it extremely worried about sea level rise. Its president, Mohamed Nasheed, illustrated the point by holding a cabinet meeting under water in the run-up to last year’s Copenhagen summit.

But a new study shows that global warming is not the only cause of swelling seas. Much comes from “water mining” – the pumping of vast amounts of groundwater from beneath the earth, mainly to irrigate crops. This inevitably ends up in the oceans after it evaporates from farmland and comes down as rain.

The study which will be published in the next issue issue of Geophysics Research Letters – estimates that extraction of ground water for domestic and industrial use accounts for about 25% of sea-level rise around the world, the same as the melting ice from the glaciers outside Greenland and Antarctica.

Even more disturbing is the theory that increased pumping threatens food supplies. Underground reservoirs and aquifers are shrinking by more than 280 cubic kilometres a day, well over twice as much as in 1960. Nature cannot keep pace with the loss to replenish the levels of water tables. The enormous Ogallala acquifer – which underlies eight states in the USA, helping to grow food on which people in a hundred nations rely – is being drawn down by a three feet a year. How much of that is replenished by rainfall percolation? A mere inch.

Clearly then the blinkered focus of the climte ‘science’ lobby on carbon driven global warming has only served to divert attention from even more urgent and potentially catastrophic problems.

If the atmosphere does warm by as much as six degrees celsius by the end of the century as the most alarmist of doomsday prophets predict, it will not matter because we will all have died of thirst long before that. On the other hand once water shortages start causing millions of deaths thus relieving the pressure of overpopulation on the ecosystem nature will be able to start restoring the balance and the few humans who survive will rebuild civilisation.

Or we could all get the message now, ignore the scintists who are only the hired lackeys of big food, big oil and big money and all just do our best to consume less. There is nothing wrong with using a computer with a I.6 Ghz CPU if it does the job, we don’t have to throw out clothes because they are last year’s fashion and we should heed the old wisdom of the thrifty, buy cheap – buy twice.

All the science I have seen that claims to address his issue, all the statistics that are chanted like mantras and said to support the ‘science’ that was done with made up or manipulated data, all the crackpot geo-engineeering theories and all the carbon trading schemes are aimed at only one thing, not saving the planet but saving the unsustainable perpetual growth economic model.

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Is Your Neighbour a Grass Grass

There have always existed in the world the kind of malignant gnomes who like nothing better that reporting their neighbours to the police, town hall, inland revenue, or the pokenose army from Whitehall but not since the religious conflicts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries have we been given such a great incentive to become a nation of spies as the Government is now offering by asking us to grass up our neighbours for watering their grass.
Not so long ago the twitching lace curtains of suburbia indicated that the milkman or window cleaner might be lingering longer than necessary at a certain house but such misdemeanours carried only the prospect of being the star of local gossip which was a lot different to being accused of Catholic jiggery popery in the era of the Stuart monarchs. The penalty for that was torture and execution.
Now the stakes have been raised once more, the hose may have changed from obligatory male legwear to lengths of green rubber tubing but the crime of using the garden sprinkler is just as heinous.
And the reward for the informant is just as great, that wonderful feeling of self righteousness some people get when they can feel sure they have served queen and country.
“Why are you looking so pleased with yourself,” you might well ask a cheshire-cattish acquaintance. And they will just not and cheshire-cattishly grin. And you will know they have grassed up their neighbours for having greener grass on the other side of the fence.
This is a shrewd ‘divide and rule’ ploy of course. If we cannot trust our neighbours, traditional bonds of community break down leaving us all at the mercy of central government who are even now negotiating to put mercy out to tender as a PFI initiative.

We should not have a water shortage in Britain, there is no shortage of actual water in fact my back garden is soaked with the stuff. What there is a shortage of is the willingness to invest in renovating the water delivery system. Even in the dry South – East there would not be a crisis if most of the processed water did not leak into the subsoil through holes in pipes that have remained unmended for years. But of course since the water industry was handed over to Private Finance the directors have been far too busy trousering the money in the maintenance budget to actually think about getting the work done.
In this “only for profit” age the answer as always is to blame the irresponsible consumer.
Were we all to give up watering the garden, flushing the lav and basic personal hygiene the taps might flow for a few days longer but the water companies revenue streams would dry up, giving them a perfect excuse to jack up