Former Establishment Figure Blows Whistle On Estasblishment

Former British diplomat Craig Murray has been a thorn in the side of the establishment for some time. After he stepped down as an Ambassador Murray, who was appalled by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, became an anti -war campaigner and human rights activist (serious human rights like the right to not be bombed). Now, as the governments of the USA, United Kingdom and France plan another regime change bombing campsign, this time in Syria, Murray blows the whistle on drone warfare.

Exclusive: I Can Reveal the Legal Advice on Drone Strikes, and How the Establishment Works

September 09, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – This may be the most important article I have ever posted, because it reveals perfectly how the Establishment works and how the Red Tories and Blue Tories contrive to give a false impression of democracy. It is information I can only give you because of my experience as an insider.

It is a definitive proof of the validity of the Chomskian propaganda model. It needs a fair bit of detail to do this, but please try and read through it because it really is very, very important. After you have finished, if you agree with me about the significance, please repost, (you are free to copy), retweet, add to news aggregators (Reddit etc) and do anything you can to get other people to pay attention.

The government based its decision to execute by drone two British men in Syria on “Legal Opinion” from the Attorney-General for England and Wales, Jeremy Wright, a politician, MP and Cabinet Minister. But Wright’s legal knowledge comes from an undistinguished first degree from Exeter and a short career as a criminal defence barrister in Birmingham. His knowledge of public international law is virtually nil.

I pause briefly to note that there is no pretence of consulting the Scottish legal system. The only legal opinion is from the Attorney General for England and Wales who is also Honorary Advocate General for Northern Ireland.

So Jeremy Wright’s role is as a cypher. He performs a charade. The government employs in the FCO a dozen of the most distinguished public international lawyers in the world. When the Attorney-General’s office needs an Opinion on public international law, they ask the FCO to provide it for him to sign.

The only known occasion when this did not happen was the Iraq War. Then the FCO Legal Advisers – unanimously – advised the Attorney-General, Lord Goldsmith, that to invade Iraq was illegal. Jack Straw asked the Attorney General to dismiss the FCO chief Legal Adviser, Sir Michael Wood (Goldsmith refused). Blair sent Goldsmith to Washington where the Opinion was written for him to sign by George Bush’s lawyers. [I know this sounds incredible, but it is absolutely true]. Sir Michael Wood’s deputy, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, resigned in protest.

In consequence Blair and Straw decided that, again for the first time ever, the FCO’s chief legal adviser had to be appointed not from within the FCO legal advisers, who had all declared the war on Iraq to be illegal, but from outside. They had to find a distinguished public international lawyer who was prepared to argue that the war on Iraq was legal. That was a very small field. Blair and Straw thus turned to Benjamin Netanyahu’s favourite lawyer, Daniel Bethlehem.

Read more at Information Clearing House

Organising a Cover Up to Cover Up a Cover up? Just call The Establishment

Judge Butler-Sloss Best To Head Elitist Paedophile Cover Up Inquiry – Cameron

hush puppies paedophiles scandalWhat have Hush Puppies to do with the scandal? Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh.

Confirming his support for the controversial appointment of Baroness Butler – Sloss as head of the inquiry into allegations of an elite paedophile ring that operated within Westminster and Whitehall, Prime Minister David Cameron said:
“Objections to Judge Butler – Sloss chairing the inquiry on the grounds that her brother (the late Michael Havers, attorney General to Margaret Thatcher’s government) was involved in the original cover up of the paedophilia ring allegations are ridiculous as are complaints that a previous paedophilia inquiry led by Butler – Sloss was found to be incomplete and full of errors.

Its a pity the Judge doesn’t have a history of drink problems, if she had we could call her Butler-Shloshed. Just sayin’

Obviously this task will be very difficult to carry out so who better to oversee the inquiry than someone who has first hand experience of covering up the crimes of paedophiles in high places.”

OK, I may have exaggerated some of that just a teeny bit, but …

It Does Not Stop There, This Story Is Spreading Like A CAncer Through The Political Establishment

from The Daily Telegraph

The retired judge leading an inquiry into historic sex abuse said she will not quit yesterday, after her brother was linked to an Establishment ‘cover-up’ of the paedophile ring she will be investigating.Baroness Butler-Sloss faced demands for her resignation less than 24 hours after she was appointed to lead the Government’s probe into abuse by politicians and other powerful figures.

MPs and legal experts said it was inappropriate for her to keep the post given that her late brother, Sir Michael Havers, was Attorney General under Margaret Thatcher when many of the abuse claims were first made.’

Read full article in The Daily Telegraph

And there’s more – much more:

She’s a nutter aher husband was a nonce who frolicked with young prostitutes it turns out

And even more

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Labour peer escapes probe over 20 child sex claims because he is ‘suffering dementia’

from The Daily Mirror

Alleged victims of the Labour peer were boys in care homes but the member of the House of Lords will not be arrested A Labour peer facing more than 20 allegations of historical child abuse looks set to avoid prosecution after doctors said he was unfit to be quizzed because he has dementia.

The member of the House of Lords will not be interviewed or arrested by police investigating the alleged sexual assaults – which include claims of rape – on vulnerable boys in children’s homes.

One man said he was aged seven when the politician visited his care home and entertained him and the other youngsters there with magic tricks.

The suspect, who was the local MP at the time, then allegedly took him aside and sexually assaulted him.

His alleged victim claims he reported it to police but it was not properly investigated. He said: “That man humiliated me. He told me to undress and then fondled me. It scarred me for life. I complained previously and the police made a mess of it. But they are being very good now.”

Officers have compiled a dossier of more than 20 complaints against the peer, who was previously accused of child abuse more than two decades ago.

At the time, the serving MP agreed to be interviewed by police and a file was passed to the Director of Public Prosecutions, but no charges were ever brought.

Another police investigation into similar allegations is ongoing and a file has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Sources confirmed the peer would not be questioned after two doctors examined him and concluded he was unfit.

Read full article at The Daily Mirror

Ten serving and former prominent politicians are being named by people making complaints about historical sex abuse to child protection charity

from The Daily Mail

The names of at least ten politicians are being named ‘again and again’ by people calling a child abuse hotline, it was revealed today.

Senior police officers and judges are also among the ‘famous’ members of the establishment being identified by alleged victims, according to a charity.

The telephone calls have come since Theresa May announced an independent inquiry into how claims of child abuse were dealt with by public institutions, political parties, the church and the BBC.

Ten serving and former prominent politicians are being named by people making complaints about historical sex abuse to child protection charity

Diversity’ Does Not Mean Quotas. Why Do The Left Have To Rewrite The Dictionary.

Butler-Sloss ‘kept allegations of bishop’s abuse quiet because she she ‘cared about the Church”

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Ukraine failed: War With Syria Is Back On The Agenda

What goes around comes around, only faster and faster it seems.

The Syria conflict has been on the back burner since the false flag incident that was supposed to be the trigger for all out war by the FUKUS axis on the Assad regimes was revealed to be dodgier than a nine pound note staked in a rigged card game.

The USA, abandoned by britain due to public pressure, but still half heartedly supported by the Euronazis of Brussels turned its regime change ambitions on Ukraine. Politically and economically weak, strategically important, it seemed a natural target for destabilisation by external powers with the aim of steering the nation into the EU and NATO.

Unfortunately the Russians had not forgotten a treaty signed some time ago by which the western powers agreed not to try to pull any former Soviet Republics into the EU or NATO in retrun for Russia’s agreeing not to obstruct the path of those nations to democracy.

American President Barack Hussein Obama, Mr.Hopeanchange has a track record for rejecting the validity of any treaty signed before he became President in 2008, just as he has rejected all US laws (including the constitution) passed by congress before he was elected. Sidi Obama may thing that’s how it works but Russian leader Vladimir Putin doesn’t. And while Obama talked about drawing red lines Putin said, “Tread on my toes pal and you are borscht.

And the Chinese said “Yeah, and chow mein too.”

So now it seems war with Syria is back at the top of the agenda. Only this time the Americans hope they have found a more reliable proxy than the human organ noshing religious fanatics who fought and lost the first part of the campaign against Assad.

From Zero Hedge:

Turkish Political and Military Leaders ADMIT to Planning False Flag Terror to Justify a War with Syria

In a leak that is apparently the revelation of another attempt by the FUKUS axis to instigate military action by western power on Syrian soil, a video posted to YouTube from an anonymous source allegedly provides the audio recording of Turkish intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, and Deputy Chief of Military Staff Yasar Guler as well as other top Turkish officials discussing a possible attack on Syria.

The operation, had it gone ahead, would have been publicly predicated on the basis of “securing the tomb of Suleyman Shah,” the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman empire. As Reuters reports, “Ankara regards the tomb as sovereign Turkish territory under a treaty signed with France in 1921, when Syria was under French rule. About two dozen Turkish special forces soldiers permanently guard it.”

As a result, Turkish authorities have moved to block access to YouTube, describing the recording as “villainous,” and a “wretched attack” on national security. This reaction has lent even more credence to the veracity of the recordings.

Read more and see Video (if you can speak Turkish)

We cannot confirm the reports but we can tel you Turkey blocked access to youTube after the leak.

Resistance Is Futile – Sovereign Nations Will Be Assimilated

The real reason why the FUKUS axis stirred up a revolution in Ukraine?

from Russia Today:

“The West’s proposed financial aid will not solve Ukraine’s economic problems, but increase austerity, professor of political economy Jeffrey Sommers told RT.

If the self-proclaimed government in Kiev cooperates with the IMF, it will be regarded as legitimate in the West, even if its decisions are unpopular in Ukraine itself, Sommers says.”

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World On The Brink – USA And Russia Square Up In Ukraine

Russia, China On War Alert As FUKUS Axis Prepares To Attack Syria

Another world shaking story that the free world’s mainstream media chose not to tell us about even though it should have dominated newspaper headlines and broadcast news bulletins for months. It tells of how Russia and China knew of Military / Industrial / Banking New World Order office boy Obama making plans with UK and France (the FUKUS Axis Of Evil) to start World War Three back in 2011. Everything Russian and Chinese intelligence predicted then has happened …

Read full post:
As FUKUS axis of evil prepares to attack Syria, Russia and China put on war alert

Beat The Rail Fare Increases

The main thrust of this blog has always been towards exposing the dishonesty, self serving duplicity and hypocrisy of Bog Gov. and Big Corp. But it is time to widen our horizons somewhat and get involved in the fightback.
Our first effort in this direction is a follow up to the post about rail fare increases from a couple of days ago.
Now the excuse for raising fares above the inflation rate is that it will combat overcrowding on public transport. And the excuse for whacking up taxes on fuel, stealth taxes such as congestion charges and plain and simple taxes that attack personal liberty such as road tolls is that it encourages people to use public transport; thus providing an excuse for more punitive fare increases – they don’t really think we’re that stupid do they? (Panto like response from punters – “oh yes they do.”)
OK, I’ll take you word for it. So let’s shaft them.

First plan your journey well in advance. If you can book six weeks in advance there are plenty of reasonable fares available.

If you are a regular rail users get a season ticket. No matter if you are not a commuter, a typical example of the lunacy is that the shortest journey for which a season ticket is available is the half mile trip between two stations in Ryde, Isle of Wight. This will set you back just over £100 and such a season ticket can be purchased at any station in the UK or through ticket agencies. You never go to the Isle of Wight? No matter, the fact that you are a season ticket holder entitles you to 30% discount on your other fares so if you Manchester or Leeds to London once a month on business you’re quids in.

The shambolic way privatisation was cocked up has thrown up many anomalies in the fare structure. For example, it is often cheaper to split your journey while never leaving the train you first board. A bit of careful planning is involved but if your train goes all the way from , say, London to Manchester instead of paying the standard £109.50, choose the right train and you can book London to Milton Keynes (£20.30) and Milton Keynes to Manchester (£73.) Total £93.30.
There are hundreds of similar savings to be had. Use the links provided below to find nationwide information.

moneysavingexspert has a comprehensive guide to best value season tickets and one off fares. – low cost intercity travel (independent travel consultant) this site guides you through the labyrinth of fares, off peak discounts, zoning etc.

an insiders guide to cheap rail ticketsis a simpler guide to the most useful savings is a good resource for comparing fares and train times. provides official information to help with journey planning.

Transport Union TSSA has highlighted that rail travellers in the UK pay 55p per mile between London and Manchester while a journey from Paris to Calais costs 17p per mile. So much for the Government’s green claims. The primary consideration? As usual ITS THE MONEY.

Now avoid those nice friendly convenient ticket machines. They lack the means to sell you the cheapest ticket. Go and wake up the ticket vendor sitting behind the little window. Oh sure, some of them might be surly and unhelpful jobsworths whose grim visage would turn vinegar sour, but a lot are jolly, as helpful as the regulations allow and glad to have somebody polite and knowledgeable to talk to.
You see they are not allowed to advise on the cheapest way to make your journey, their bosses don’t pay them to help customers save money. Oh no, as with any bureaucracy the 42 factor rules. If you don’t ask the right question the answer will not make much sense. But if you have done your homework there are bargains to be had.

Sometimes its cheaper to pay for a longer journey than you plan to make. Anyone going from London to Carlisle (well someone must go to Carlisle!) will save money if they buy a London to Glasgow ticket. There’s no way they can make you go to Glasgow.

So now you have an insight into the craziness of the railway system, just go out there and take advantage of them. The links provided above will lead you to much more detailed information on how to demand the most economical prices.

Tyranny shows its ugly face

While everybody is screaming about the Government’s plan to introduce travel taxes (pay per mile for each journey)behind the flimsy smokesceen of reducing carbon emission Little Nicky will just take a moment to remind everyone that the Machiavelli Blog predicted this move several months ago.
Superficially the plan is to fleece us of course, the government’s assertion that it will encourage us to use public transport looks a little thin when we realise that the same government has handed what was left of the public transport system after their predecessors had savaged it, to a bunch of bucaneers who have sold off everything that could be sold and are now jumping ship leaving their PFI companies to go bankrupt.
No; this plan is not about making us use public transport, this plan is about putting a GPS device in our cars just like the one they plan to put in our ID cards, so the bastards have a record of where we are 24/7.

Little Nicky’s new project, the passive resistance blog “They Can’t Put Us All In Prison” will be online soon and we will be telling you how to deal with such threats and shaft they system totally.

The Party’s Over?

I guess few of us have been able to resist a smug chortle at the discomfort of Tony Blair this week, especially as it followed hot on the heels of an embarrassment for Hug-a-Hoodie Cameron. The Spinmeisters are coming unravelled.
But before we revel too much in the fact that Blair is about to be chucked out of office for doing something every Prime Minister since 1832 has done, we should think of the wider implications.
For decades Little Nicky has been arguing that Britain’s Parliamentary system with its official parties of government and opposition is undemocratic and breached the British constitution (yes ever unwritten constitutions can be breached)
How so?
The British Parliament is founded on the basis that elected representatives should put the interests of their constituents before loyalty to anything other than the nation itself. The political parties in Parliament operate in a way that requires MPs to put loyalty to party before anything else. The party whips offices are a blatant breach of everybody’s civil rights when they pressure MPs to toe the party line.
Under Blair’s premiership the flaw in this system has become very obvious as the party whips* (very appropriately titled considering the miasma of sex-sleaze surrounding both parties) have bribed, bullied and coerced junior members to support policies which put the interests of the American administration before those of either the British state or the residents (even the non – voting ones) of any constituency.
In future Little Nicky will be exhorting his rapidly growing band of followers to support The Greens, The Rainbow Alliance, The Monster Raving Looney Party, Independent candidates, UKIP (they’re a laugh), Respect or any other fringe candidate contesting any election in the UK. And if your only fringe candidate is a BNP supporter – well the least unacceptable option must be the Lib Dems because at least they support proportional representation, the system in which every vote counts.
It’s a system that favours the voters against the interests of the self-interest party and the “resistance-is-futile-you-will-be-assimilated” party.
Not only can we get the buggers out if we put our minds to it, we can make sure they never get back in.

*officials of the parliamentary groups whose function is to ensure members stay “on message” and are not tempted to try to think for themselves.

Let’s Think About Labours Successes

In a last desperate bid to preserve some credibility Tony Blair asked voters to think about Labour’s successes before casting their vote. Little Nicky Machiavelli asks the same of you. Since coming to power Labour, the people’s party have:

Successfully sold of most of the nations (our) remaining public assets for knock down prices not to us but to American owned multi national corporations;

Lied about Weapons of mass destruction to drag us into an unwinnable war;

Contracted out work in the public sector to contractors who are far better equipped to raise invoices than to deliver services;

Given the Scots and Welsh their own national assemblies at enormous cost but without any benefit to either the whole nation or its component parts;

Introduced Private Finance Initiatives in health and education that allow contractors to charge exhorbitant management fees for managing new hospitals and schools they have not actually built;

Reduced road safety measures to a form of taxation;

Abandoned investment in public transport because forcing people to have their own cars brings in more revenue;

Screwed up the pension system;

Screwed up education;

Screwed up tax credits;

Screwed up the National Health service;

Screwed up everything else.

So please before you vote, think about Labour’s successes. And then vote for somebody else. ANYBODY ELSE.