Corporate Capitalism has replaced democracy

Todays election talking point (Image source)

A few of you may have noticed we are to elect a new government in less than a month. Election fever in the media is building to a climax as politicians of all parties and political pundits of all shades of self interest spout endless empty rhetoric about British values and democratic principles and who is best placed to save the NHS.

So far all of this has failed to inflame passions in the national psyche, the three main parties, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat are utterly discredited and have totally lost the trust of the voters. Supporters of each are clutching as straws from the straw polls to try and claim their party is surging forward while support to the others is crumbling.

It is not so, more important than what the published data from polls tells us is what they don’t tell us, i.e. how they allocate the votes of people who have not made up their minds, say they do not intend to vote or simply decline to answer the questions.

To further complicate matters there is the question of upstart parties such as UKIP, SNP and the Greens, in previous elections just bit part players but now looking set to play a significant role.

The nature of our ‘first past the post’ voting system, which has ensured many people – myself among them – have never had the prospect of somebody we actually supported being elected as our Member of Parliament, also means that the only parties with a realistic chance of winning enough seats to enable them to form a government without minority party support are Labour and The Conservatives. As in the outgoing parliament, the party most likely to achieve third place, the Liberal Democrats, might hold the balance of power in a hung parliament.

In the campaign so far, leaders of the three main parties have hogged television and newspaper coverage and embraced a cosy consensus based on the need to continue with ‘austerity’, open the borders to more immigrants, give high priority to all issues related to gay and ethnic minority rights and support all military interventions in poor nations launched by the USA. They quibble over the nature or speed of cuts to the public sector and public services but none can suggest how the government deficit might be brought under control without far deeper cuts that any will talk about, or corresponding tax hikes which is another topic that is off limits.

All three main parties are pro-big business, support Britain’s further integration into an increasingly federalised European Union and are aligned with the neoliberal economic agenda set by the financial cartel based in the City of London and on Wall Street and by the major transnational corporations. Thus all are committed to signing the iniquitous “Free Trade” agreement being pushed by the corporate puppet Barack Hussein Obama and his corrupt administration in Washington, the Trans – Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TTIP), which will free global corporations from the tiresome obligation to obey national law on trading standards, consumer protection or workers rights.

Think Tanks like Chatham House, Centre for Policy Studies, Foreign Policy Centre, Reform, Institute of Economic Affairs and the International Institute for Strategic Studies, which are really slush funds for academics and failed politicians and which most British voters have never heard of) determined long ago the pro-corporate and generally pro-Washington policies that the main parties will sell to the public.

Bullying tactics in the world of party politics, powerful lobbying groups funded by corporate money and the revolving door between private corporations and the public sector (government departments and QUANGOS) have also helped shape the pro – corporate, pro – globalist agenda.

In 2012 veteral Labour MP Austin Mitchell, who is not seeking re – election, described the UK’s four biggest accountancy firms as being “more powerful than government.”

Mr. Mitchell said the companies’ financial success allows them privileged access to government policy makers. Of course the case for similar ‘privileged access’ could also be made about many other sectors, not least the arms industry and global agritech companies which armed with their poisons, unsustainable model of industrial agriculture and fraudulent claims for their products have been working hand in glove with government to force GMO’s into the UK despite most people holding the view that potatoes will not benefit from having the gene that makes them die when exposed to highly toxic to humans herbicide sprayed on them.

The power and influence of think tanks, lobbying firms and cronyism means the major parties provide the illusion of choice and democracy, but in reality offers the public via propaganda spread by the toothless and supine corporate media the choice of being governed by A, A or A. The knockabout, name calling, schoolyard squabble level debate of party politics serves as entertainment for a public that is increasingly disillusioned with politics, but does not effectively mask the reality that whoever wins the election, for the next five years the same people will be running the country as have run it for the past five, and the five before that.

The main parties have all accepted economic neoliberalism and the financialisation of the British economy and all that it has entailed: weak or non-existent trade unions, shinking manufacturing base, an ideological assault on the public sector, the offshoring of jobs, deregulation, privatisation of essential industries (and worse, the removal of laws that prevented foreign interests owning certain essential industries, and an economy dominated by financial services.

In Britain, long gone are the relatively well-paid manufacturing jobs that helped build and sustain the economy. In its place, the country has witnessed the imposition of a low taxation regime, low-paid and insecure ‘service sector’ jobs (no-contract work, zero hours contracts, macjobs, call centre jobs – much of which soon went abroad), a real estate bubble, credit card debt and student debt, which all helped create the illusion of a functional economy in order to maintain demand during the debt – led boom years under Labour Prime Ministers Blair and Brown.

Levels of public debt spiraled, personal debt became unsustainable and the deregulated financial sector demanded the public must write down its own gambling debts.

The economy now relies on a banking and finance-sector cartel that specialises in rigging markets, debt creation, money laundering and offshoring profits in various tax havens. The banking industry applies huge pressure on governments and has significant influence over policies to ensure things remain this way.

The economy, and the need to solve its problems will be glibly discussed throughout the campaign but there will be few words spoken about why or how the top one percent in the UK increased their wealth substantially in 2008, while the economic crisis was wiping out savings, destroying pension funds and sending unemployment figures rocketing. Even less will be said about why levels of inequality, under both the Conservative and Labour governments before 2010 and the Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition have sky rocketed over the past three decades.

Above are some of the reasons why my vote will be going to the upstart Libertarian party UKIP (for the benefit of University Brainwashed politics and social science graduates, Libertarian does not mean “Extreme right wing” is actually means “opposed to the authoritarianism offered by Labour and Conservatives,) the only party that offers a way to smash the political metastasis the two parties of government have led us into.

UKIP are also the only party that can save the NHS because they are the only party that understands the NHS is in crisis because of a bloated and incompetent management structure. SO BLEAH, you hand wringing, wailing, teeth gnashing left wing idiots.

The New World Order?
It is hard to think of another phrase that gets authority worshippers quite so wound up as New World Order. The worlds always prompt a sneerfest among those who are quick to shout ‘Conspiracy Theory’ and slow to think. The phrase was not coined by a conspiracy theorist, nor was is some secret masonic code used on United States dollar bills to signify the intention to create a global empire (Novus Ordo Seclorum does not even mean ‘New World Order’ – more below).
The Free Trade Deception Almost No One Understands
More on those evil twins of global trade, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which are not about freeing business from bureaucracy but freeing corporations from the tiresome obligation to obey national laws covering trading standards, food quality, workers’ rights, consumer protection and the environment. We’ve written about both treaties many times before.
Europe is waking up to the threat of globalism and the Transatlantic Partnership
Massive protests in Europe, an issue that unites the bitterly hostile right and left wing politiucal factions in the USA, the Trans Altantic Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP) must be something quite special. The Daily Stirrer believes it is a corporate power grab, a bid to transfer the lawmaking systems of sovereign nations to bureucrats and corporate lawyers. Learn more below …
After TTIP Signed, Corporate Sovereignty Will Trump National Laws
News on the anti democracy, anti – sovereignty, corporate friendly TTIP and its sibling TPP, TISA, TAFTA and other treaties that change the meaning of the phrase ‘free trade’ to mean corporate businesses are free to do as they like without having to consider tedious civil rights, environmental protection and consumer protection laws.

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Charlie Hebdo: No Wonder There Are Conspiracy Theories

With a little distance between us and the Charlie Hebdo killings, questions remain unanswered and are likely to remain so. These questions inspire conspiracy theories, which in turn trigger authority worshippers to dismiss anyone who asks legitimate questions as ‘right wing nut jobs’. The problem here is, as with Flight MH17, Flight MH370, the Sandy Hook school shooting and the big one, 9/11 what we see on the television screen or read in the news is so far removed from any rational sequence of events, people are bound to wonder what actually happened, how it happened, what were the real motives and by whom. Today, we are informed that al-qaeda are responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attack but:

via 4 Bit News

The Charlie Hebdo attack began around 11.30 am (CET) on 7 January 2015. Immediately, a specialist cop with relevant experience – Helric Fredou – was assigned to the case. He had been an anti-terrorist Special Branch (SRPJ) police officer since 2011. He worked all day assessing film, recordings, identity details. He stopped for neither lunch nor dinner, but did phone one family member and “express concerns” about some of the stuff he’d seen. Just after 1 am the next morning, he died from a bullet wound to the head. The verdict was suicide resulting from depression. Why would an officer suffering from clinical depression be given the nations most important investigation if he was known to to mentally unstable?

There was a clip of film, almost immediately released that was quite obviously edited before release. The crazed killer who ‘finishes off’ officer Ahmed Merabet with an AK47 from point blank range should have blown the officers head off and splattered it all over the street – not a single drop of blood was seen on the film. Either the shot missed, or it was a blank. We are assured Ahmed Merabet died from that shot. He didn’t. Where is he? The actual film clip is now difficult to locate but you can view this one – spot the blood from the still image a second or two after the trigger was pulled – you can’t.

Read the full post at 4 bit News

Those are two of the questions going viral at the moment. I have no answers. I do not question the fact that people were killed in a Paris street last week but I am also aware that we live in an age of spin and deception so I neither believe nor disbelieve official or unofficial explanations.

For example, one of the long running conspiracy arguments concerns the death of President Kennedy. I have never given any attention to this, I was only fifteen when it happened. Thus I have never seen the newsreel footage of the bullets hitting him.

The official story has always been that a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, killed the President.

Without seeking it out, while checking out details of the Charlie Hebdo story, I found myself watching that old newsreel. And clearly The President was hit twice by shots fired from different directions. And the second shot, to the head, shattered Kennedy’s skull so that blood and tissue sprayed around (see second point above).

Clearly there are questions about Kenndey’s death, who fired the second shot and why was the news falsified at the very least?

Just as clearly there are questions to be asked about the Charlie Hebdo massacre. This blog will not be asking them,but we will not join the neo fascists who support such abuse of authority by trying to dismiss as crazy those who do ask and keep asking.

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US TV news: Zero evidence to prove MH17 shot down by pro Russian rebels

Little nicky and his friends at Boggart Blog have had our share of fun with shills for America’s war of economic salavtion, who seem to be getting more and more upset with us. The problem is of course that right after malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was brought down over Ukraine, we said calims by US President Barack Obama that US military surveillance agents had ‘compelling evidence’ the pro Rusdian separatists in Ukraine had shot down the aircraft seemed a little too quick off the mark and made the disaster look like another US sponsored false flag attack.

The pro war shills said, “It was the rebels, Barack Obama said so and what evidence could be more conclusive than that.”

Since then of course, Little Nicky and Boggart Blog have produced mountains of evidence pointing to the US / EU supported illegal neo fascist regime in Kiev having carried out the attack. This has come from souces as diverse as Malaysian Newspaper New Straits Times, Times of India, Huffington Post, The Socialist Network, and independent American and German military aviation experts (find all our posts on the topic HERE

The shills keep banging away, trying to discredit any evidence offered, but are easily swatted away. So far they have despite having been challenged to do so on many occasions.

Let’s see what they make of this summing up of the lack of evidence against the rebels, from AMTV, an american news magazine program that goes out on the MTV channel.

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The Bin Laden Death Conspiracy

Little Nicky has always told you he does not believe the official American story of how in May 2011, Barack Obama personally led a team of U S Navy SEALS on a daring raid deep inside a sovereign nation to terminate America’s number one enemy Lex Luthor Magneto The Joker Dick Dastardly Osama Bin Laden.

Aside from the inconvenient detail that , as has been reported in this blog, Bin Laden was already dead and had been for several years there was just too much dodginess about the story.

Well now a Pakistani TV station, Samaa has screened an interview with an eye witness who claims he lived in a property adjacent to the compound where the raid is supposed to have been carried out.

Interesting …

Shock, Horror! Lib Dem Ministers In Coalition Are Thinking For Themselves

It’s rather revealing to see the press united in condemnation of Vince Cable’s confession that he had gone to war with Rupert Moloch Murdoch’s media empire over News International’s attempts to make Sky ( BskyB ) a wholly owned subsidiary.

Not so long ago the media were uniting against Murdoch family empire building plans.

Let’s not forget Murdoch already owns a sizeable chunk of UK print media and has a controlling interest in satellite broadcasting. It was only thanks to Vince Cable earlier this year that News International were blocked from gaining a controlling interest in ITV which under a Labour government led by Murdoch’s best buddy (until he ceased to be useful to The Dirty Digger) Tony Blair.

So the question is do we want to be governed by a coalition of elected MPs or by the most facistic and self interested of corporations headed by a leading member of The Bilderberg Group.

Before the terminally gullible among you reach for the hate keys to tell me there are no such things as conspiracies and the Bilderberg group are not shape shifting lizard men read this.

Elsewhere there are more reports obtained by under cover reporters secretly recording “off the record” conversations revealing that unlike the unthinking automatons who make up most of the Conservative and Labour parliamentary parties, the Lib Dems are actually having heated debates about what needs to be done.

The press are more agitated about the idea of independent minds in government than they are about the failure of public service providers to keep the country moving throughout the cold weather.Obviously the meeja lefties of Fleet Street and Broadcasting House still don’t understand what coalition government means.

Either that or they yearn for a return to the days of New Labour with it’s loonytoons economics and the authoritarianism of the politically correct thought police, the people who made gay rights issues more of a priority than sorting out unemployment, the NHS or the fubar schools system

So far the coalition have given us a mixed bag of results. We would have to grade them fair to middling with a lot of room for improvement. And the Europhilia and enthusiasm for greater integration being displayed is a big worry. But they have made a few steps in the right direction on rolling back the nanny state’s invasion of our wheelie bins, living rooms, kitchens and beds.

Media Unites Against Murdoch

A story featured in all todays papers concerned an alliance against the march of Murdoch.

This is how The Gurdian told it:
British Media Unite Against Murdoch

This headline from The Guardian made us feel there is some chance of resisting the inexorable march of corporate fascism. We have blogged many times on the takeover of British media by corporations controlled by Rupert Murdoch’s News Intrnation, a creping subjugation of the means of spreading information carried out for almost tweny five years with the complicity of governments led by Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.

Many people are sure, although it is unlikely ever to be proved that Blair’s betrayal of Independent Television was nothing more than what was promised to Murdoch in return for delivering Dowing Street into New Labour’s hands.

Now it seems the increasingly beleagured companies that must try to compete with the Murdoch monster are at last seeing that their survival depends on collaboration.

Fleet Street’s highly factionalised newspaper industry today set aside historic differences to join forces in an unprecedented assault against the power of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

The companies behind the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail – both supporters of the Conservatives – united with the owners of the Guardian and the Labour-backing Daily Mirror to petition Vince Cable, the business secretary, to consider blocking News Corporation’s proposed £8bn full takeover of the satellite broadcaster BSkyB, which trades under the name Sky .

Fearful of the combined might of an integrated News Corp-Sky operation, which would include the Sun, the News of the World, the Times and book publisher HarperCollins, the complainants said the “proposed takeover could have serious and far-reaching consequences for media plurality”.
The Evil Empire of The Media is not going to go down without a fight however.

Rupert Murdoch responds to his rivals and appeals to Vince Cable – a reponse printed in The Guardian

Goodbye Analogue
Who Needs HDTV

MORE Controlversialist and contrarian comment in The Daily Stirrer

Hainged by the neck

The political obituaries are coming in for Peter Hain and pundits on television and other media are saying he is deader than Mandleson

Read The Rebel Who Tried Too Hard For a catalogue of Hain’s shifting principles as he went from student agitator to old Labour radical to New Labour opportunist and fan of Free Market Mania.

The fact remains of course, he has still not accounted for the £100 grand. Surely he cannot have spent it all on fake tan.

The Green Fields of France ( Remembrance Day)

As usual I will not be wearing a poppy today. I know that though there are now very few survivors of the war the poppy symbol truly commemorates and that the day also is for showing respect to those who lost their lives in subsequent conflicts, observance of Armistice Day means a great deal to some people. I have always wondered though, is Poppy Day not something of a cop out. Would we not better respect the memory of those who gave their lives by trying to uphold the freedoms their sacrifice won?
Britain’s greatest ever Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, spoke of building a “land fit for heroes” as, in the wake of victory, he initiated vast slum clearance and social housing projects, laid the foundations of the welfare state, fought against the dark forces of conservatism to gain advances in social justice, including votes for all and decent conditions for factory, mine and agricultural workers? The young officers who died in hundreds and left us some great war poetry may have been from Eton or Charterhouse, Stowe or Stonyhurst, but the Tommies who died in their hundreds of thousands were apprentices, clerks and labourers who had left school at eleven or thirteen to work for a pittance.

To get an idea of how much remembrance means to the class that started the way, we need to consider the closure of the C of E Church of St. John The Evangelist in Accrington, which is deemed too expensive to maintain. St. Johns is an ordinary local church with no special architectural features that I know of. It does however house a small chapel dedicated to The Accrington Pals. This regiment, recruited entirely from the young men of the town, was wiped out almost to a man in ten crazy minutes on July 1st, 1916. A whole generation of a town’s men…
When I contacted various people to see if any effort was being launched to save the Church and its Pals Chapel neither the Diocese, local political groups nor the media were interested. I am in no way religious but I am an effective communicator and campaigner ad would have been glad to give my time. It was disgusting to find there was nothing I could do to preserve the memory of those young men.

It is not just that of course, the war waged by politicians on the working class over the past three decades, the abandonment of social housing and attacks on workers rights all insult the memory of the millions who died.

When the poppy sellers approach me I’m happy to give a pound to the charity but I will not take a poppy. I’d rather people think me a bastard than a hypocrite.

If you are turned off by the pomp and circumstance, the elitism and the hypocrisy of the official Armistice Day celebration, here’s a link to The Green Fields of France, probably the most moving and honest anti – war song ever recorded.

As well as the back story to the song The Green Fields Of France (words: Eric Bogle, music: traditional Irish & Scottish lament), the page also has two links to 2 mp3 recording to download free or listen to online. American readers might recognise the song as The Streets of Laredo, these old melodies certainly get around.

I’n’t Stephen Poliakoff Brilliant

For the first time in months I really enjoyed something on television (well, apart from the Rugby of course)

I hope everybody watched Joe’s Palace last night instead of the TV adaptation of A Room With A View a one off drama which could have only been a pale imitation of the Merchant Ivory film starring the ethereally beautiful Helena Bonham Carther (no, now behave, this is Machiavelli, not a Boggart Blog piss take.)
Poliakoff’s skilfully crafted script and multi-layered story made its points about life, lonliness and the passage of time with style and subtlety, the entire cast acted their socks off and the production was beauftifully presented thanks to the highest level of production values.
Shows what can bw done when the bottom line is not the governing factor.

If you work for the BBC, please kill a few bean counters NOW and give talent a chance.

How To Get The Little Darlings Reading

Some big social problems are brewing, quite simply because of the number of kids, mainly boys, who leave school unable to read adequately or in too many cases, unable to read at all.
The first part of a three part documentary was shown on Channel 4 earlier this week, not television stations will make a documentary about anything these days to fill the schedules, but a three part documentary, that’s serious.
Being unable to read in modern society is a mega disadvantage, you can’t get a decent job in a call centre, fill in claim forms to get jobseeker’s allowance or check the programme listings for your 200 channel Sky Plus subscription. Hell, you can’t even put the stuff you’ve nicked on e-bay for auction. People who can’t read are losers, which is why most people in our prisons have reading difficulties.
What are the causes?
Progressive education is a big factor. In the past thirty years the idea that children do not need to be taught to read by phonetics has led to thousands being failed by the education system. The lucky ones like myself and fatsally made sure our children were well on the way to reading by the time they started school, teaching tem as our parents and grandparents had taught us. Many of our readers here will have done the same, reading stories to the kids is not a chore, it is a pleasure. Progressive educationalists resent such enthusiastic parenting though, progressive education is based on the philosophy of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits: “Give me the child to seven and I will give you the person for life.”
One has to wonder if ideas such as “just leave books lying around and children will learn to read from curiosity,” conceals a sinister hidden agenda. Leave books lying around and children who have never been read to will find innovative ways of using them as weapons with which to attack each other. So are progressive methods of teaching reading just a way of furthering dumbing down. After all, an illiterate population is a biddable population.
Another contributing factor of course is Margaret Thatcher’s systematic unravelling of the fabric of society (sorry fatsally, but I’m not letting go of this one until the Conservatives have either disassociated themselves from The Grantham Gorgon or lost their last seat in Parliament – yes, Blair’s Premiership was every bit as bad but Blair himself was a shallow pastiche of The Creature from the Abyss.) Before Thatcher’s “freeing” of the economy – the destruction of employment rights, the casualisation of labour, the export of proper jobs to low labour cost nations – and creation of a debt –slave economy, most per school children learned language skills through interaction with Mums, Grandparents, Aunts. Learning the first level of reading was a game. Kuh – ah – tuh. Cat.
Now mothers only exist for six months before they are remorphed into economic units whose purpose is to create a surplus in the labour market thus holding down wages and keeping the lower class in their place. Don’t argue with me here, my knowledge of this topic goes back to the national adoption of the Speenhamland Poor Relief system. It caused economic chaos then too, ending in hundreds of homeless and destitute people starving to death. There is nothing new about Thatcherism. There is nothing about it that works either.
The third factor in the decline of reading skills is Political Correctness. Why are school reading books all so worthy and effing boring. What six year old cares that Sophie lives with her mummy and a lady who wears dungarees and has cropped hair. In any group of three children you are not bound to find one is black or Asian. Give them Thomas the Tank Engine (better sill Ian Dury’s version, it rhymes. Kids love rhyme.
And then for boys whose problems persist to puberty, put Girl With A One Track Mind on the curriculum. That would get the buggers well into reading.

Goodbye Analogue, hello BskyB. The Digital TV scam

Some of my readers have been getting their knickers in a right old twist of late over falling standards at the BBC and among the mainstream news media in general. But their ire is justified. It’s a bugger when people have to look to reports from hedge fund managers in order to get to know what is really going on in their backyard.
Punters could always stick with Little Nicky Machiavelli of course, we report the news months before it happens. A good example is the progress of the switchover from analogue to digital T.V.
Thanks to a report commissioned by the managers of Opus Hedge Fund our analysis of the real reason behind the push to digital, first published here in Nov 2005 (I think) and reprised several times since, has been proved correct.
Naturally, when Machiavelli Blog first said that the great digital changeover was nothing to do with benefits to the consumer and everything to do with politics and handing television in the UK to Murdoch’s Evil Empire a bunch of people who regard themselves as rational and progressive accused Little Nicky of being a dinosaur who is opposed to all progress, thus showing themselves to be dull witted and narrow minded bufoons. Never mistake technological advance for progress. If something improves the lives of the majority at minimal cost it can be called progress, but if a thing diminishes the lives of the majority at high cost it is nothing but the march of corporate fascism.
In Whitehaven, Cumbria, the town chosen to pioneer the television switchover in October this year Freeview, the only alternative to BskyB paid services and “free sat” for which punters pay £150 as opposed to £30 for a Freeview set top box, will not be available before switchover. So the only way people will be able to see television in the interim is by subscribing to a BskyB offering in order to get what they now have for free.
Freeview is a service of dubious quality, its coverage is overstated and the reception in areas with less than excellent signal strength is vulnerable to deterioration due to rain and mist.

Television industry analysts expect BskyB to have achieved 98% penetration in the Whitehaven area by the switchover. And will these people who have to pay for their TV another way get a discount on their TV licence fee. Discount my arse.

NB: To save some smartarse going to check the bogus and misleading map showing Freeview coverage and telling me coverage is excellent, I’ll tell you that map would be fine if Cumbria was flat. Unfortunately Cumbria is notoriously not flat. Whitehaven is in an inlet overlooked by high cliffs. Don’t belive me? ask fatsally, she stood the market there more times than I did.