Slavery Was Evil When Used By Capitalists 200 years Ago But Lefties Are Happy To benefit From It Now

Little Nicky has asked many times of those who scream and shout about the evils of the slave trade why they insist slavery is an evil only inflicted by white Europeans (especially the British) on black people when in fact slavery is still common in Africa, Asia and the Indian sub continent. none have ever answered intelligently (well they are lefties), some have predictably demonstrated how sad and ignorant they are by calling me a racist (sometimes I think it is the only word lefties know). Well here are a few truths about slavery before we go any further:


Yes, the story of that unfortunate era in modern history that was the transatlantic slave trade was only an episode in a much bigger story, a story that is still being written.

Well I don’t want to reiterate what I have said before about the hypocrisy, double standards and cognitive dissonance of those who style themselves liberal, progressive or radical. You might like to reflect on this next time you buy a chocolate bar.

Slave Children Used by Major Corporations to Make Chocolate

A Lawsuit alleging that Nestlé, ADM and Cargill benefit from child slavery in their cocoa supply chain in back in court is throwing new light on decades-old concern that the chocolate industry is built on the backs of slave children

Swiss multinational Nestlé, the largest food company on the planet—and anybody who consumes their products—has a chocolate problem.

More specifically, they have a child slavery problem.

Since the late 1990s, allegations have continually surfaced that the company benefits from slave children in its supply chain, and that slave children are used in its cocoa production in West Africa.

The allegations—including reports from UNICEF and the US State Department—brought enough attention and heat, including coverage from the BBC, that Nestlé’s CEO Bradley Alford signed an international agreement to end cocoa child labor in 2001, but by 2005 had not met the agreement’s deadline for eliminating the worst child labor offenses from the company’s supply chain.

Continue reading about slavery in modern Africa and then seeing as you lefties enjoy wallowing in guilt so much, take a look at this you evil slavers you (The human cost of your cheap clothing). And don’t try to turn it back on me, a) I’m not the one screaming about injustice and all that, and b) I pay through the nose to make sure as far as possible my trousers, shirts and guzzies are made in Europe.

History Today #1

“There are two overriding objections to modern culture’s eagerness to put labels on people. The first is that, often intentionally and sometimes merely carelessly, a label diminishes the complexity, nuance and uncertainty of the person on whom it is stuck. The second is that the label provides a lazy excuse to stop thinking about what the neatly labelled person is actually saying.”

With No Common Culture A Common History Is Impossible

Martin Kettle make a argument for teaching an English history curriculum instead of framing our children’s historical knowledge within the distorted and totally inaccurate narrative of Martin Luther King and the U. S. civil rights movement which has little to do with British history.

The Peterloo Massacre, the Napoleonic Wars and the birth of the Trade Union movement are British history so why erase these things but retain a very subjective view of slavery in the USA?

We must decide it is time to say, “Look, this stuff happened, it was a long time ago and nobody involved is still alive. Get over it.


Apologise For The Slave Trade? Sheer Hypocrisy.

Don’t politicians make you puke?
The scramble to “apologise” for the iniquities of the slave trade last week was, predictably, led by “King Kenute” Livingstone who has moved on from trying to turn back the tide of climate change with hollow gestures and is now looking to turn back the anti – Labour tide and attract votes. I am sure King Kenute’s hollow gesture will go down with the Black community leaders whose support he is courting but in reality it is just another shabby and cynical ploy in the New Labour catalogue of sleaze.
But can an apology for a wrong one has no part in, made to people who were not wronged mean anything at all?
We do not “owe an apology” to our black community because that is a generalisation which includes many people who came to Britain of their own free will, to make careers and give their families the real or perceived advantages of living in a wealthy western democracy. We owe an apology maybe to the families of Damilola Taylor and Anthony Walker who died because our shallow and self serving politicians were too busy spinning the truth to give their attention to mere details like the problems faced by minorities in inner cities.
We owe to all people who come to live in our nation having applied though the proper channels, respect for their humanity and equality in employment opportunity, education, welfare and matters of law. To those who enter illegally we owe respect for their humanity and dignity and to those brought here from Africa, the Far East and Eastern Europe whose status is no different to slaves we owe the protection of a nation that claims civilised values.
But as for the African slave trade, ended 200 years ago, well everybody knows it was a crime against humanity but there have been many crimes against humanity and who can realistically apologise for them all, and on whose behalf?
I know for a fact my ancestors were not directly involved. The Thorpe’s were gentleman farmers who lost their lands because they supported the wrong side when Bonnie Prince Charlie tried to seize the throne* and the Redefines were Yorkshire wool merchants.
There was a kind of slavery going on during the early part of the Industrial Revolution though, that both families would have been marginally involved in. It was a kind of slavery that saw thousands of poor British people dispossessed and forcibly evicted from their homes to live in degrading conditions and work at demeaning jobs for poverty line wages, denied the freedom to change employers or try to better themselves. This particular injustice was responsible for widespread misery and suffering and directly brought about the astronomical infant mortality rate in the industrial towns during the nineteenth century.
We do not hear of politicians falling over themselves to apologise to the descendants of the British peasantry for the wrongs perpetrated under The Enclosures Act. I wonder is this because there are no votes or photo – opportunities in it?
We should remember the victims of the slavers, we should remember the victims of the nineteenth century land – grabbers and of the great depression of the twentieth century. And we should respect their memory by ensuring that we never go there again, that we never allow financial interest cloaked in a robe of bogus morality to hijack our view of what is right or wrong. Which means we need to make a pretty sharp about turn right now.

*The Thorpes later regained prosperity by getting themselves involved in smuggling brandy, wine and tobacco on the North Yorkshire coast around Robin Hood’s Bay – I’m rather proud of that.

AN EXAMPLE of what makes the apologies hypocritical