New Media Site Formerly Devoted To Obama Repelled By His Choice Of Allies

At the foot of yesterday’s post I ran a link to a story in the New York Times, formerly USD Print Media’s most devoted Obama worshippers, about how the President’s new best mates, the brutal and cannibalistic Al Qaeda affilitated Syrian rebels were butchering Assad loyalists.

The NYT coverage I linked to was rather limited in scope as most of their site is behind a paywall. Here is the perspective offered by another Obama loyalist media channel, (links to disturbing video and images)The Daily Beast on the kind of people Barack Hussein Obama wants to ally the USA, Britain and other NATO powers with.

And if you are still physically attached to your Sunday lunch, why not take a look at this story of Syrian rebels carrying out a massage of inhabitants in several Syriac christian villages. A video included in this report but not yet authenticated purports to show Syrian rebels dismembering a young girl with a saw, starting while the child is alive.

If there is to be any intervention in Syria it now must surely be on the side of Assad who in the brutality league looks like Accrington Stanley playing against Manchester United or Chelsea.

Do you understand now why Little Nicky Machiavelli said we should have stood back and let Assad deal with the unrest, allowed Gaddafi to crush the libyan rebellion and let Mubarak sort out the Muslim Brotherhood inspired dissent in Egypt.

Some places are just not suited to western style democracy.

Obama Comes Out Of The Islamist Closet To Support Jihad

U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the Obama administration’s foreign affairs chief has admitted that the US is looking at ways to speed up transition in Syria, adding that the rebel opposition needs more help.

Mr Kerry, on his first overseas tour as Secretary of State, said America and France were “examining ways to accelerate political transition”, during a joint press conference with Laurent Fabius, his French counterpart. “We think it’s very important that more of our assistance gets to areas that have been liberated from the regime,” Kerry said.
Officials told the media Syria would be discussed at the Rome meeting Thursday. The French have a track record of collaborating with fascists of course.

Mr Kerry also signalled that Washington could be mulling increased aid to the Syrian opposition, saying: “The opposition needs more help. We know Sheik Barack Hussein Obama fancies himself as Emperor of the World but since when did the governance of Syria become a matter for him and his cabal of racists, freaks and weirdos. If the Narcissist – in – Chief had not meddled in Syria, Assad would have crushed the rebellion, his thoroughly unpleasant regime would have continued rather than bring replaced by an even more unpleasant Islamic theocracy and western interests would have been safeguarded.

Now it seems Obama is eager to get into another campaign for regime change, like the one that brought down Muammar ‘Mad Dog’ Gaddafi, reduced Libya to a lawless failed state and led to Al Qaeda sponsored uprisings in Mali and Niger. Mr Kerry spoke amid reports from the Washington Post that the US is considering a shift in policy towards the conflict and may send rebels body armour and armed vehicles, as well as possibly provide military training.

It will be interesting to see how Russia, China and Iran react to this development.

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I Would Do Anything To Get Assad Out Of Syria Says Cameron

Syrian president Bashar Assad could be allowed a free pass to flee his country if it would end the bloodshed, David Cameron said today. The Prime Minister said he would do ¬Ďanything to get that man [Assad] out of the country¬í but refused to offer Assad a safe haven in Britain.

Mr Cameron is on the second day of a tour of the Gulf and Middle East, where he has faced criticism for trying to sell UK arms to countries with questionable human rights records. Now there’s irony for you, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and the Emirates criticizing us for doing business with countries that have poor records on human rights. Pity Maggie Thatcher gave away all our oil and we have to rely on those bastards.

Mr. Cameron has also publicly backed the Arab Spring uprisings, which began in Tunisia and also saw governments swept aside and replaced by undemocratic Islamist regimes in Libya, Egypt and Yemen. In Syria there have been bloody battles for more 18 months, with tens of thousands of protestors killed by government forces and tens of thousands of Assad supporters killed by bloodthirsty religious fanatics brave freedom fighters.

While the fighting continues in Syria the nation’s fate is expected to top the agenda for the two G20 leaders.

In an interview with Al Arabiya television the warmonger Cameron was asked what he would say if President Assad said he wanted a safe exit. He told : “Anything, anything to get that man out of the country and to have a safe transition to democracy in Syria.

Like all other western leaders, when it comes to foreign affairs Cameron is a cupid stunt for thinking the wests interests will be served by getting rid of the secular Muslim Assad and replacing him with a regime of Islamic fanatics who hate the west and want to impose Sharia law in their homelands. Getting rid of Mubarak in Egypt, Gaddafi in Libya and Saddam in Iraq has really turned those nations into beacons of democracy and enlightened liberal values hasn’t it?

Were Cameron to get his wish all it would mean is a brutal dictator would be gone. Syria would them simply descend into tribal and sectarian civil disorder.

Unless of course the New World Order get their wish and make Syria a colony of Greater Europe.

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