A Significant Piece Of Shit

Gildas the Monk wrote on in a post on Anna Raccoon blog:

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim came to this country in 2001 from Iraq, seeking asylum. Seeking then the protection of the rule of law and the tolerance of this country’s people. His application for Asylum failed, as did his appeal, but the Supine State did nothing to remove him.

By 2003 he was already banned from driving for 9 months, having been convicted of driving without a licence and without insurance. He was directly flouting that ban when he ran down 12 year old Amy Houston near her home in Darwen, Lancashire, leaving her still conscious but dying beneath his Rover car as he ran away from the scene.

Pausing there, since I have not been able to find any record of Ibrahim having gainful employment, where did the money for the car come from? Why, Ibrahim, do you claim that you can enjoy the peace and security of the protection of the law which this country offers you when you spit in its face by wilfully ignoring it? Why do you think it is right to leave a child sobbing and dying under the weight of your car and not try to help?

Ultimately, Amy’s father Paul had to make the decision to switch off her life support machine. Ibrahim was sentenced to a pitiful four months in jail (of which he served two), before being released to pursue his criminal career, which he did, racking up more driving convictions, and cautions for harassment, burglary and theft.

Eventually even the Supine State moved into gear and in 2008, six years after his application for asylum had failed, five years after this criminal left a little girl dying beneath the wheels of a car he had been banned from driving, the Border Agency began proceedings to deport Ibrahim on the grounds of “persistent criminality.”

But in the meantime, and with grim inevitability, the criminal Ibrahim had sired two children.

And thus it came to pass that despite Ibrahim’s “abhorrent” behaviour, the Immigration Tribunal ruled that his and his children’s right to a family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights meant that he could not now be deported.

In the comment thread somebody posted:

“I’m proud of my country. What other nation would provide a choice of meals to meet the dietary needs of prisoners from other nations ?”

Yeah, I second that.

More posts on the Insanities of the Politically Correct fascists who have hijacked our country. If they really care about equality we only need one law to make everybody equal, SAME RULES APPLY.

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So they say race is not going to be an issue in the U.S. Election.

Everybody knows what is happening, nobody is prepared to admit they know what is happening. The American election will all come down to the race issue.

Last wek barak Obama said the Republicans would try to scare the electorate by pointing out that Obama does not look like the other Presidents pictured on the dollar bills. Now McCain has never said this and nor has anybody representing his campaign (they don’t need to, America’s right wing are racist enough to work it out for themselves)

In response McCain accused Obama and his campaign managers of playing the race card. Obama’s people responded to that by saying McCain’s whole campaign was racist. That may seem ridiculous to we British, but we are looking at a country where some people would accused you of racism if you mentioned you ate Fried Chicken for lunch.

McCain accuses Obama of playing the racecard. Obama accuses McCain of being a politician

Now Obama has had to backtrack and admit McCain was not racist. Remember it was not McCain who made the crack about the pictures of dead Presidents on the dollar bills, it was Barak Obama who said that McCain was going to say that. So by way of a non-apology Obama now says McCain was nor racist but was cynical. A cynical politician, now there’s a first.

It all sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle………..erm……..a cynical racist to me.


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Science: A career for tossers?

A level results are in and I guess some of you will be discussing with your offspring, degree options and career choices. As usual siren voices in the government are extolling the wisdom of choosing a career in science. Should you let your children be seduced?

A few weeks ago Little Nicky was involved in a bit of a kerfuffle with the boy scientists from The Bad Science forum. One of the more intelligent and articulate commenters eventually asked why science gets such a bad press?
Well it could be something to do with the way, when their certainties are challenged the science boys tend to respond, “You’re not a scientist, you don’t understand scientific methods.” Such a response puts “scientists” in the same category as those religionists whose answer to any challenge is, “Anything is possible for God.” Could it be that narrow minded, blinkered attitude?

Or it could be because we see so many stories like the two below.

Researchers at Herriot Watt University and Strathclyde University claim to have proved older people have difficulty using new technology because physiological deterioration in connections between cells in the frontal lobes of the brain causes them to be easily confused by unfamiliar things.

Typically the “scientists” involved in this study forgot to look at the most obvious thing. Do older people want to use new technology that much? So we can watch movies or play games on our mobile phones. Are we bovvered? Many of us who have been rounded out by leading full and interesting lives can think of a hundred better things to do than watch a movie on a three inch by two inch screen.

I cannot take pictures or record video clips with my mobile phone. Is my brain going or is the case simply that my excellent digital camera and state of the art camcorder perform those tasks far better than the phone ever could. So I cannot do those things simply because I am never likely to want to.

Similarly neither I nor my wife ever learned to set the VCR to record a week in advance. Are we sliding into dementia or are we simply not the type of people to get withdrawal symptoms if we miss an episode or two of a favourite programs. They will be repeated in a few months anyway.

So it is not a question of neurological degeneration because everybody is different in that respect, it is a question of how interested we are. QED.

The second story has slightly more sinister connotations. Scientists (again – its never philosophers or artists or historians causing trouble is it?) at the University of Kentucky, Louisville – now keep in mind this is in Kentucky; think fried chicken, bluegrass and red necks – claim to have found a link between eye colour and intelligence.
Blue eyed people, amazingly, are found to be more intelligent, ambitious and focused. Brown eyed people can run faster.
Nobody thought to mention in the context of this study that brown eyed people tend to have darker skin and curlier hair than blue eyed people.
My entirely unscientific observations on this issue, made throughout a long career in management consultancy is that if you tell people they are intelligent, creative and capable of more than they have ever given themselves credit for, they tend to aim higher and as a result grow in confidence and perform better. This approach works regardless of “eye” colour.
So let’s throw this one back at the boy scientists. What is it exactly that us alleged non scientists don’t understand? That ageism and racism are OK so long as they are backed up by properly conducted scientific studies?
You should bear that in mind when talking to young people about career options.

They Call Us Racist? – pot, kettle etc.

Whenever an African leader starts shouting about the inherent racism of the wealthy nations it kind of sticks in my throat a bit. No sane person could deny that there is racism in Europe and America and that it must be dealt with through education and political reform.
But when a politician with the track record of Mugabe tries to blame Africa’s plight on Euro – American racism I just start to think:
and they call us racist. ‘nuff said?