Barak Obama’s Magic Hat

Many people across the pond are wondering why I, a European leftie, am so irritated by Barak Obama and his fuckwitted Presenential campaign. Americans ten to see every issue as a black and white (oops, pardon!) choice. You Like Obama ergo you hate McCain and vice versa.

Well my politics are more subtle than that. In British politics for years I have managed to hate Conservastive and Labour with equal venom (though I have tilted towards superhating Labour recently.

Now Obama is a strange case. He is so politically naive you can hear more sophisticated arguments from a school debating society. His utterances have a quasi-religious tone that I find puke making and that effing supid, witless, ever present grin make me want to beat his face to pate.

On top of that Obama and his supporters have this annoying tendency to assume problems can be fixed just by saying “we’ll fix it.”

Latest in this line is the pro-choice /pro-life debate on abortion and contraception. An Obama advisor says, “The religious right hate abortion but in twenty years the Republicans have failed to reduce abortions. All we have to do is formulate a policy that will reduce abortions and the evangelical vote will come over to Sen. Obama.

Yeah right. It’s just that easy. Like a magician pulling rabbits out of his magic hat.

How Obama can win over the pro – lifers – hufington Post

This article is by another Obama supporter who is not likely to be setting foot on this planet any time soon. Forgetting that the candidate is a deluded fantasist who has not yet stated a policy on anything, let alone the tough issues, how can Barak Obama formulate a policy that will reduce abortions without upsetting the religious right.

The fundies hate recreational sex as much as they hate abortions. The only way to reduce unwanted pregnancies is to offer free contraceptives, condoms, pill, morning aftrer pill. The pro-lifers abhor all of these, their position is abstinence only. The Republicans have failed to reduce aborion is because abstinence doesn’t work, never has, never will.

So what has Obama to offer? Hopes dreams and visions, Bob the builder becomes a gynaecologist? And would he want to offer anything, after all his ex best buddy Jeremiah Wright preaches that Planned Parenthood is a WASP conspiracy to exterminate the dark skinned races.

If you want to abort any influence idiot articles like this may have on your thinking, read my article A Short History Of Contraception (Part 4) which deals with the modern era. (1 to 3, linked from the article deal with earlier periods of history. )
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