SHOCK !!! HORROR !!! Politicians more out of touch than we thought

Yes, the headline is true folks. We all though politicians were totally out of touch with reality were living in a fantasy world where the best way to reduce debt is by borrowing more money, reducing unemployment and the attendant social problems can be achieved by bringing millions more immigrants into an already overpopulated nation with overloaded and failing public infrastructure and the best way of gaining world peace is by bombing the crap out of every third world nation that resists having the synthetic culture of globalism imposed on them.

But it’s worse that that:

Politicians are so far out of touch with the general public they might as well be a different species from a different planet. In a recent survey 86 out of 100 MPs said they thought they were trusted by their constituents – yes, 86% thought they were trusted by the electorate.

The reality is that cumulatively, opinion polls demonstrate that less than 10% of the population trust MP’s. And the politicos wonder why there is complete apathy and disengagement in the political process and people are turning to UKIP in droves because they are aware that the political esablishment, the LabLibCon only serves the elite and holds ordinary voters in contempt. In reality for decades now, when we vote, most people do so on the basis of who is least repugnant candidate / party.

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How to create wealth out of thin air

Politicians love to talk about encouraging entrepreneurs to create wealth,provide jobs and revitalise zombie economies. But entrepreneurs do not create wealh, they move money and goods around. Only the banks and the finance industry can create the wealth that drives the economy. Bankers do this by using asset values as collateral for loans. Learn how the system works and how it failed ….
Creating Wealth

Little White Lies and Big Brown Lies

Politicians tell lies; its not big news, just part of what politics is about. We all tell lies. “I had to work late darling,” “It was a bargain, reduced in the sale,” “the cheque is in the post,” “of course I love you,” “no your bum doesn’t look big in it, its perfect.” Little white lies intended to keep us out of trouble or spare peoples’ feelings. Politicians little white lies can turn into big purple lies though. “I did not have sex with that woman,”
Now there is a new colour of lie, big Brown lies. A big Brown lie is about promising one thing and doing the opposite. And then denying there is a contradiction.
“We must reduce carbon emissions by 50% over the next thirty years.”
“If Heathrow Airport in not expanded British businesses will not be able to compete.”
No contradiction there of course, a new generation of emission free jets could be just around the corner.
“This government will put the welfare of workers foremost.”
“We must relieve business of the burden of health and safety restrictions.”
Yeah, right.
“To enjoy the benefits of citizenship people must accept the responsibilities that go with it.”
“We must not drive away the wealth creators with heavy taxes.”
OK, so if someone is rich enough to qualify for non-domiciled status, tax is voluntary.

Then there is the loony plan to force the return to the workplace of severely disabled people like me and bendygirl, author of the excellent “benefit scrounging scum” blog (guaranteed to attract Daily Mail Readers and give them a glimpse of what it is like to be disabled in the bureaucratic dictatorship that is 21st century Britain.
The draft of this plan proposes people who can walk two hundred yards or get around in a wheelchair and can use a computer can hold down a job. Well I can walk two hundred yards. Then not so far the next time. Then the third time my brain starts to shut down. Its not a stereotypical after effect of strokes, but people who have had strokes tend to differ so widely. I would love to be able to work but were I to do so my quality of life would disappear. Still I would be a productive economic unit.

Things like the quality of life for disabled people do not matter to the government, the only things that matter are the votes of the fifty thousand or so floating voters in Nimbyland marginal constituencies who will swing the next election.

The Prime Minister does not care about fairness or justice, only about getting re-elected. So for the next two years at least you can expect big Brown lies and their consequences to become a part of your daily life.

If You Shoot Yourself In The Foot Who’s To Blame?

If there is one thing politicians do well its shoot themselves in the foot (or, if American, shoot their friends in the face.)

You would think by now, with British troops bogged down in wars of attrition in Iraq and Afghanistan, that all politicians great and small would understand weapons analogies are a very bad idea.
But no, in an address to party workers who provide support for Members of Parliament, Hazel Blears told her audience “we in government are the front line, your job is to make the bullets for us to fire…”
And shoot themselves in the foot no doubt.