Top your carrots or top yourself.

Machiavelli Scandals Inc. in conjunction with DEFRA the people who brought you BSE, Foot and Mouth, Salmonella Flavoured Eggs, An Epidemic of Boy Boobs*, Dawn of the Dioxins and The Organophosphate Trilogy (you’re supposed to read all that in a booming “voiceoverman” voice) bring you the The Great Organic Food Racket.
David Milliband, the minister in charge of the Department for Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs has attacked the Organic food industry claiming that organically produced food is neither tastier nor healthier.
In saying organic is simply a lifestyle choice he reveals that he has completely failed to understand his brief. But what should we expect from a man who left University with a degree in politics to work for the Labour Party, then became an MP and then a minister.
It is not an impressive CV for a job that requires an in depth understanding of agriculture and the countryside.
The real issues around the Organic debate relate to a battle between the long term wellbeing of our environment versus the short term financial interests of big business.
So for anyone except an accountant or a career arse-licker it has to be a no brainer:

Organic is sustainable, it does not poison the land,

Organic does not put dioxins or organophosphates into the food chain where they concentrate in leaves and skin of edible vegetables.

Organic is more labour intensive thus boosting rural economies.

Organic is often local thus clocking up less air miles on its way to our plates.

Factory farmed produce by contrast is prettier and more profitable. But organic is more than a lifestyle choice, it is a matter of life or death for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Think it through Milliband you dickhead.

*In the last thirty years mens boobs have got bigger (and their nipples more sensitive) due to the addition of feminine hormones to animal feeds in order to make factory farmed animals fatten up more quickly.