Pro Russian Protestors take Sevastopol in Ukraine’s Crimea

I wonder if the pair of left wing bell ends who attacked me for saying the Ukraine crisis would escalate have heard the latest. These two both claimed to live in Kiev and were certain that now the evil dictatorship had been toppled, the nation would become a westernised progressive democracy conforming to the model laid down by The New World Order.

Funny, I could have sworn I’ve heard lefties saying the same of Egypt, Libya and Syria.

So how’s that smooth progression to an Obama worshipping oligarchy going then?

The Globe and Mail (Toronto) is reporting Russians have set up roadblocks outside Sevastopol, Ukraine. The southern Crimean city is home to the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Today’s front page story reports:

“The Globe and Mail saw least a dozen men wearing fatigues – supported by an armored personnel carrier – standing under a Russian flag at a checkpoint erected roughly halfway along the 80-kilometer road from Sevastopol to Simferopol, putting it close to the administrative border that separates the Sevastopol municipality from the rest of Crimea and Ukraine,” writes Mark MacKinnon for the Canadian newspaper. The men, wearing balaclavas, identified themselves as “volunteers.”

Last weekend Russia sent an army contingent and a navy flotilla to Sevastapol. On Tuesday it was reported residents of the city were rushing to volunteer for self-defense and pro-Russian groups. Crimeans are said to fear violence from Ukrainian nationalists in the northern part of the country where reports suggest that extremist right wing groups now have the upper hand in the interim government.

More than 20,000 people attended a rally in Sevastopol on Monday calling for Crimea to secede from Ukraine and chanting pro – Russia slogans . A larger rally protesting the coup in Kiev was held on Sunday, according to Euronews.

More on Ukraine crisis from Toronto Globe and Mail

Syria: Has somebody redefined the word Cooperation

Not long ago as we are all ware, US Secretary of State John (Lurch) Kerry and Dave (Shiny Face) Cameron separately had talks with Russian leaders and emerged claiming they were optimistic about a peacful settlement in Syria being achieved through cooperation with Russia.

So, Dave, Johhny – babe, how’s that cooperation with Russia thing coming along then. Only today you see, Little Nicky read this in the New York Times.

Russia has sent advanced antiship cruise missiles to Syria, a move that illustrates the depth of its support for the Syrian government led by President Bashar al-Assad, American officials said Thursday.

Russia has previously provided a version of the missiles, called Yakhonts, to Syria. But those delivered recently are outfitted with an advanced radar that makes them more effective, according to American officials who are familiar with classified intelligence reports and would only discuss the shipment on the basis of anonymity.

Unlike Scud and other longer-range surface-to-surface missiles that the Assad government has used against opposition forces, the Yakhont antiship missile system provides the Syrian military a formidable weapon to counter any effort by international forces to reinforce Syrian opposition fighters by imposing a naval embargo, establishing a no-fly zone or carrying out limited airstrikes.

“It enables the regime to deter foreign forces looking to supply the opposition from the sea, or from undertaking a more active role if a no-fly zone or shipping embargo were to be declared at some point,” said Nick Brown, editor in chief of IHS Jane’s International Defense Review. “It’s a real ship killer.”

Last week, right after the aforementioned talks rumors began to fly around that Russia would sell Bashar al-Assad missile systems that would allow Syria to fight any NATO or US attempt to impose a no-fly zone. Russia immediately denied it, which of course means that’s exactly what they planned on doing all along.

Little Nicky has to admit, in Russia they have their own ideas about what constiutes cooperation.


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China has the back door.

In the previous post I reported that Russia had stationed six warships in the Mediterranean, presumably to deter US / Israeli / European ambitions to install a puppet govErnment in Syria and open the back door for a western strike on Iran (that’s what military experts are saying anyway)

Now we read this:

TOKYO: Three Chinese government ships entered the waters of disputed islands on Friday, Japan’s coastguard said, more than a year after the then-Tokyo governor set off the row by announcing plans to buy them.

The Chinese maritime surveillance vessels were spotted off the Senkaku islands, which China calls the Diaoyus, in the East China Sea at around 2:30 pm (0530 GMT), the coastguard said.

It is the latest episode in a fraught few months that has seen repeated stand-offs between official ships from both sides as they have jostled over ownership of strategically-important and resource-rich islands.

The territorial row blistered in September when Tokyo nationalized three islands in the chain, in what it said was a mere administrative change of ownership and one intended to pre-empt a more volatile purchase by nationalist Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara.

Tokyo’s move prompted angry anti-Japan demonstrations across China, which has intensified claims to the islands it says should have been “returned” in the post-World War II settlement Tokyo made. (full story, BBC News)

Unusually you can read about this in mainstream media.

Little Nicky Machiavelli will keep you updated on the progress towards World War Three. But do not despair, we can stop it even now. Minimize your lifestyle, stop consuming, send a message to the international bankers who are driving this push to conflict.


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