Flight MH17 – This Is Very Interesting

Found a great comment is a thread at The Daily Telegraph under a totally nutty article by a writer called Con Coughlin. In the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Coughlin slags off Putin as a pathological liar (wrong, Putin is a Russian leader who likes to remind us that the rest of the world plays by different rules to those the wussy west would like to impose on them.

On top of that Coughlin seem to think that anything uttered by the war criminal and mass murderer, former rent boy, cocaine addict and wannabe Emperor Obama mudt be gospel truth even though the man has been caught out in more lies than Pinocchio.

Take a look at the article if you are feeling masochistic.

Here’s what GreatBrithole had to say

The video above asks the question, ‘who shot down MH17?’ If you’re interested in the answer to that you might want to view this video –

It’s important to notice that it was uploaded on June (not July) the 18th – a month ago.

Click the fourth icon from the right (captions) and set it to show English captions, if it doesn’t already. Then fast forward to 1.06. Or view the transcript by clicking the transcript icon further down, near the video description.

Here’s the important part of the transcript (spelling errors included) –

‘Terrible things are happening. For example an incident that happened recently. Passanger plane was flying by. And Ukrainian attack aircraft hid behind it. Than he lowered his altitude a bit and droped bombs on residential sector of Semenovka town. Than he regained the altitude and hid behind the passanger plane again. Than he left. They wanted to provoke the militia to shoot at the passenger plane. There would be a global catastrophe. Civilians would have died. Than they would say that terrorists here did it. There are no terrorists here.’

It’s worth considering that it could be possible that the person who uploaded this video has tampered with the transcript yesterday/recently, or updated it somehow – I don’t speak Ukrainian so I can’t verify if the words match the transcript and I don’t know if youtube change the upload date if the details are updated, although this page suggests that it’s not easy to change video details without youtube classing it as a different, new upload –


But regardless, it’s interesting.

Now we don’t know if that is true or not but it shows the folly of Con Coughlin and many others in mainstream media who is every situation divide the players into “white hats” and “black hats”.

There are many ways of looking at everything and the sooner we try to understand that Russians, Arabs, Chinese and Africans have a very different mindset from westerners and thus view things from a different perspective, we will continue to screw up foreign relations.

Flight MH17: a little common sense among the politics

Sensational Break From Official Lies – German Aviation Expert Says MH17 Brought Down By Air To Air Missile

Whatever War Crimes Obama Accuses Russia Of You Can Bet America Has done It First.

World policitical leaders and media sycophants are lining up to condemn Russia for the dowing on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine. Here are a few snippets from our coverage:

Labour, Mandy and the Glasgow Drunk.

Billy Connolly used to do a routine about a Saturday night drunk in Glasgow staggering to the all night bus stop but only striding forward with one leg and so going round in circles. In bringing back the universal sleazebag Peter Mandelson to mainstream politics, Gordon Brown is, is he not, at risk of turning the reinvented Labour Party (NuLab) into a pastiche of that comedy routine.

As if to underline the point Mandelson’s first pronouncement on rejoining the government concerned the economic crisis. The man who once wore a dead slug on his top lip (the gayest moustache east of San Francisco) informs us the only way to get out of the mess that has caused meltdown in financial markets around the world is MORE globalisation.

Is this political homeopathy I wonder or is it the alcoholic’s hair of the dog approach to curing hangovers. I lean toward the hair of the dog myself (it could actually have been a dog turd Mandy had on his top lip) because Mandelson is a hooked on power as any alkie is on booze.

Solving the problems of globalisation by pushing more globalisation is not an answer for the simple reason that China and India rather than the western economies are in the driving seat now. Advocates of globalisation claim it has reduced poverty but that is just spin and statistical trickery. Which is probably why Mandelson is a fan.

Since 1981 which was about the beginning of globalisation addiction among politicians and economists the number of people living on less than a pound a day has fallen. This is not due to the opening of third world markets to the west but to industrialisation in China and India. The measure of poverty is spin also. Since 1981, despite inflation statistics being rigged by spin doctors the cost of living, particularly of basic items like food and fuel has risen astronomically. People now living on £2 per day are now poorer that people who were living on £1 a day in 1981.

So Mandelson has not even taken his seat at a cabinet meeting yet and already he is peddling the lies of his corporate paymasters.

Good work Mandy, keep it up. Single handedly you could ensure Labour is totally wiped out at the next election.

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Indian Scientists Find A Way To Slash Drug Costs.

We rarely have chance to report good news from the Health Service front and yesterday’s story about Indian scientists developing new drug manufacturing techniques is no exception.
The story of how the researchers have found a way to engineer molecules so that a drugs functionality is reproduced without patents being violated is wonderful news for the poor nations and good news for everyone except Big Pharma Corp. who have been bleeding us dry for decades of course of course. And great news for India which is really establishing itself as a world leader in technology.

We expect some mega lawsuits from American Corporations of course. We do not expect Big Pharma cartel members to get much sympathy in Indian courts though.

But in Britain, a nation where bureaucratic procedures account for more of the cost of drugs that the actual drugs themselves will we see any benefit?
Before you formulate your opinion you must recall that the National Health Service is an organisation that uses its mighty purchasing power, its army of highly trained buyers and its economies of scale to ensure that we, the PETs (poor effing taxpayers) fork out £4.50 for a pack of post it notes that could be bought at Tesco for £1.75 (probably even cheaper at Aldi.
So any saving accruing from the work of these wonderful Indian chemists will immediately be swallowed up by the cost of administering the process of buying the cheapest effective product on the market.
Where Government is concerned every price cut is an opportunity to increase the burden of administration.

Scientists on a mission to bring cheap drugs to world’s poorest nations.

If India Will Have Us Mr Cameron.

Some people may have been cheered this week to find that Cameron of the Conservatives is advocating Britain’s foreign policy should focus on forging a special relationship with India.
While it is good to see any hint that a leading politician is thinking in terms of distancing our nation from the Burger – Chomping War Junkies of America regular readers of the Machiavelli blog may remember that Little Nicky was advocating just such a policy a couple of months ago when Blair was snuggling his nose in to the groove in George Bush’s bottom ready to pump up the hysteria for an invasion of Iran. (That of course was before Hizbullah bloodied the nose of Israel in the warm up event thus demonstrating that the Iranians might have both the hardware and the mindset to put up a fight.)
The American economy is in ruins, all it needs is for China and India to call in the debts and the good life is over in the U.S. of A, the myth of American military might has been exploded in Iraq and Afghanistan and the religious right have so tarnished America’s reputation in the world community all that’s left for them is to become an isolationist, inward looking “sleeping giant,” the role occupied by China for most of the last millennium.
It says a lot for the tolerance and generosity of spirit of the Indian people that the majority still respect Britain as a nation now that the true extent of our colonial atrocities has been revealed, but given that goodwill we can still lead Europe in forging closer ties with the east we can perhaps turn aside the rush to globalisation and build a world community that is not based on consumption and ever greater economic growth.
The America dream was never sustainable.