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Japan’s Triple A credit rating has just been downgraded, that of the USA is looking a long way short of secure.What is going on in the world of finance when economic powerhouses like these are in trouble? Is the continuing financial criis and the threatened meltdown in the bond market just a knock on effect from 2008’s problems or is something bigger going on?
The Debt Threat To Our Way Of Life

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister, claimed that many PFI deals were “ghastly” and imposed an unfair “penalty” on schools, hospitals and other public services. It is understood that Cabinet Office and Treasury officials are examining PFI contracts worth billions of pounds, looking for ways to claw back money for taxpayers. Signalling an end to the era of PFI.Coalition Government Urged To Make PFI Profiteers To Repay Funds

Well that’s nice of him but although the worst PFI deals were made by Labour let’s not forget it was the Tories who introduced the scheme when Maggie was running things.

Nurses Bogged Down With Bean Counting

The Royal College of Nursing has complained that NHS nurses are spending so much time on bureaucracy it is detracting from patient care.
The administrative tasks being laid on nurses include form filling, filing, copying, ordering supplies and keeping accounts. None of these tasks require the professional abilities of a highly trained healthcare professional according to Peter Carter, general secretary of the RCN.
Some nurses leaders think the administrative burden is harming recruitment to the profession.

Once again Little Nicky Machiavelli has been saying since the start of this blog is proved true: our national Health Service is controlled by bean counters and patient care is a lower priority than paperwork.

Beyond The Pleasure Principle The credit crunch, rising food prices, oil prices through the roof; is this the end for hedonism?

Orwell Turns In His Grave Emily Bell asks can a media degree ever make a decent journalist or is experience more important?

Time To Bring Back Campbell Daily Mail politics blogs throws Gordon Brown a lifeline

BBC rewrites political history Lib Dem blogger appreciates the blogger who started the rumour that Harriet Harman had joined the Tories.

Boxing Brides sounds like an episode from Shameless but it really happened in America (where else?)

NHS Financial surplus.

So the NHS has made a profit.

And they have achieved this by sitting on budgets that were underspent while turning away people with health problems who needed urgent treatment simply because some budgets were spent up.

Little Nicky is getting quite bored with saying “told you so” this week but if you check tags like health, NHS, hospitals, and similar you’ll find we have been warning all year that this scam was being operated.

Machiavelli is thinking of approaching Shaz the Prole, sallyontour and a few other to talk about forming a new political part, The Really Awkward Bastards.