Old Bastards Are Robbing The Young

The Intergenerational Foundation (IF) think tank has got itself in the news again. This taxpayer funded front for a bunch of unreconstructed Marxists not so long ago came up with a wizard plan to boot older people out of their homes, believing in typical neo – Stalinist fashion that what people do with privately owned property is in any way business of government bureaucracies.

Now they are wailing and gnashing teeth over how hard done by the younger generation are and how it’s all the fault of those greedy, selfish, wrinkly old gits who worked hard and bought their houses:

An IF press release announcing their latest report claims;
Younger people in the UK are losing out financially and politically to older generations.

The Intergenerational Fairness Index suggests the prospects of younger people have “nose-dived” since the start of the financial crisis in 2008.

The index uses official statistics to compare different generations’ stakes in key areas from income and employment to housing, pensions and education.

Co-author Angus Hanton said the plight of younger generations was clear.

“The index shows that poorer young people are financing richer old people as our society grapples with demographic change and increasing longevity.”

Utter and absolute bollocks. Everyone has suffered as a consequence of the economic difficulties. Many older people as well as young people lost work as a direct consequence of the 2008 economic crisis and the fallout from it and have seen their lives turned upside down.

It is not the fault of people who did not lose their jobs or whose businesses have continued to prosper.

Now would the person who recently tagged me a Tory because I am not a rabid Marxist like to defend this piece of neo Stalinist thinking. And if you try, be sure I will have the Oswaldtwistle Peoples’ Frond round to have you out of your house double quick.

Meanwhile, the Golden Orwell award to the Intergenerational Foundation. There is only one thing preventing these people proposing euthanasia as their next egalitarian idea for creating a socialist utopia.

They have already done it.