Who Profits From The Food Shortage

One of the objectives of Little Nicky Machiavelli has always been to undermine the spurious arguments of those snake tongued swindlers who proclaim the virtues of free market economics.

This excellent article that raises the question of who is actually benefitting from the global food crisis, which is causing minor hardships to the poor of the industrialised world.

feasting on famine

It explains how as houlsehold budgets in the west are squeezed we should not be fooled by the lies of free marketeers into thinking the hard pressed farmers of Eastern Europe and Asia or even the fairly prosperous farmers of the USA, Canada and Australia are benefitting. The people who are reporting increased profits are the food producers, the commodity brokers and the bankers who finance them. These bankers are the same people who are bleating about needing handouts from our tax money to cover the losses they have made on fraudulently mis-selling mortgages and “secured” investments.

Is anyone stll naive enough to believe all that Thatcherite bullshit about the trickle down effect. The only thing that trickles down is misery.

Free Market Thinking: Privatise the Profit, Nationalise the Losses.

Free Market Thinking: Privatise the Profit, Nationalise the Losses

Do you feel poorer today? You should because each an every one of us is poorer to the tune of £25,000. That is how much it will cost the taxpayer to bail out the financial train wreck that is Northern Rock. Don’t panic, because nobody is going to come knocking on your door asking you to stump up or Lefty and the boys might have to get rough. Think of it this way though, £25,000,000 taken out of the community chest (well it’s only monopoly money isn’t it) is a big chunk out of the funds that should be available to pay for your kids education, your health needs, dental care or you Dear Old Mum’s hip replacement is ten new Private Finance Initiative hospitals (or a hundred new hospitals paid for directly out of public funds.

Put in that perspective, it makes all this talk of free markets, trickle down theories and entrepreneurial skills look rather wan. Free market economics is for idiots, even Bozo the effing Clown could see the flaw in the logic. The pie is only so big and if the most powerful people demand bigger slices it means a lot of people will be left to fight over the crumbs.

This in itself would be fair enough if the Free Enterprise people were prepared to stand or fall by their own efforts. But they never have been and never will be. They want freedom to get rich while remaining attached to the umbilical cord of the state so they are fed by a bottomless stream of taxpayers money. And so long as we have governments led by weak, self serving politicians the Free-Marketeers will never have to face the consequences of their short sightedness, greed and incompetence.

The current crisis is part of a pattern repeated since the South Sea Bubble which occurred in the first burst of Free Market Mania after the totalitarian rule of the Stewart monarchy was overthrown. Then as now people had invested heavily in largely imaginary financial vehicles. Then it was stocks in the South Sea Trading Company, now it is dotcom startups and house prices inflated beyond reason by the greed of the finance system.

This time we might learn the lesson, but I doubt it. The next time some shyster comes along promising that we can all get rich buying and selling things that do not exist, enough greedy little people will fall for it to kick off the whole process again.

Little Nicky Machiavelli does have a solution to the problem though. The next time somebody tells you that capitalism works, that Free Markets are the only way out of our problems or that “what this country needs is someone like Margaret Thatcher”…..KILL THEM.


UPDATED 13 Feb 2009:
Labour are consistent at least, they are extending their Privatise The Profit, Nationalise The Loss policy from finance to other areas. In Transport the new super trains will be funded by private finance but built by Japanese firms, with appropriate government guarantees handed out all round. Read Fast Train To Failure and Real British Enginerring, Real Japanese Jobs to find out more about this pernicious scheme.