Meat eating and the politicisations of the digestive tract.

Vegetarians would win more support for their case if they stopped nagging, humping on health sare bandwagons and trying to bamboozle us with blatantly untrue political propaganda masquerading as socially responsible commentary.

A fine example is this article from the Grauniad web site today. Whiner in chief Barbara Ellen is having a god old whinge about meat eaters (as usual), justifying her nagging by citing the results of a new “scientific survey” that shows people who eat processed meat products have a significantly higher chance of developing pancratic cancer.

This is clearly another case of researchers being given a conclusion and paid to build a case to support it. Here’s a little extract of what Barbara has to say:

Analysis of more than 6,000 pancreatic cancer cases published in the British Journal of Cancer says that eating just 50g of processed meat a day (one sausage or a couple of slices of bacon) raises the likelihood of pancreatic cancer by a fifth. 100g a day (the equivalent of a medium burger) raises it by 38%, 150g by 57%.

Note the usual misleading phrasing there. 57%, oh that’s terrible, lots of us are going to die a slow, lingering death. Actually the incidence of pancreatic cancer in the population is about 1.8% if we estimate 500,000 people are born each year. So that’s 57% of 1.8%. That looks a bit different.

In 2008 there were 8,085 newly diagnosed cases of pancreatic cancer in the UK. Although there are a similar number of cases in males and females, the age-standardised rates are higher for males. (Cancer reasearch UK)

Now also you would think to read Ms. Ellen’s political speil on behalf of the red-green party that eating processed meat is the sole cause of pancreatic cancer. Not so according to Cancer Resesrch UK again:

The links between diet and pancreatic cancer are still unclear. Some studies have shown that you increase your pancreatic cancer risk if you have very high levels of sugar in your diet. But 2 studies have shown a lower risk for people with high sugar intake and 1 study showed no effect. Some studies have shown that your risk may also be increased if you eat large amounts of saturated fat in red or processed meats.

NB some studies, not ALL studies.

Some of the causes identified are: smoking, diabestes, excessive alcohol consupmption, bad diet, tooth or gum disease, somach ulcers, heredity.

Buggeration, if you cut out all the fun things in your life and stasrt living like a paranoid monk to satisfy the whiney Ms. Ellen, that heredity could still get you.

You may notice too that the article attacks meat eaters in general while the study shows the very slight increased risk is linked to processed meats only. As I said it’s just propaganda from the Limp Wristed Vegan Nazi Party (Guardian branch).

If you want a reason to give up or simply cut down on meat consumption and the rising price is not enough Mike St Mark will give you plenty of others.

Little Nicky however reminds readers that all statistics are lies and as usual advises moderation and eating the best quality food you can afford in medium sized portions. Avoid SPAM and keep away from those burger and kebab vans and hot dog barrows.

Return Of The Food Fascists

My initial feelings about the coalition government were that I wished them well but feared that like their predecessors they would be unable to resist the attractions of control freakery.

I was right to worry.

The Health fascists have been out in force this week. With reports on the dangers of alcohol, meat, salt and obesity published our resistance is being tested. Like Most of you Little Nicky is enjoys a nice steak washed down with a glass of decent wine, a sprinking of salt on our food makes it much more tasty and so what if you are a shade overweight. Tgis blog has always been happy to expose the dodgy ‘science’ and rigged evidence behind theses control freak fear and panic exercises.

Here’s the first in a Daily Stirrer series on the bogus science used to support control freakery.

Acohol Abuse Will Kill 250,000 A Year Unless Governmnt Acts say Control Freak Doctors

US Says Obamanomics and Quantitative Easing Is Not To Blame For Food Prices Rising

Ben Bernanke, the head of the US Federal Reserve, yesterday rejected suggestions that the central bank’s policies of deficit spending and printing moneyt are to blame for the rise in global food prices and commodity to record highs that have contributed to political unrest in Egypt and other developing nations.

Little Nicky Machiavelli was warning of food price inflation before Obama was elected so the guys at the Federal Exchange are part right at least.

Mr Bernanke said the rapid rise in living standards in developing economies was behind the increase in food prices, rather than the Fed’s much criticized decision to embark on a second, $600bn (£371bn) round of quantitative easing (effectively printing money by buying in its own bonds). “Clearly what’s happening is not a dollar effect, it’s a growth effect,” Mr Bernanke said in a question and answer session with journalists at the National Press Club in Washington on Thursday.

Well he would say that wouldn’t he?

He is completely wrong of course. By printing money the Obama administration is deliberately trying to recuce the burden of debt their loonyoons public spending programmes have incurred. That is not working however as creditor nations are driving down the value of their currency in parallel with the sinking dollar. The net effect of this is to keep currency exchange rates fairly stable while causing prices of commodities to rocket.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) has warned that high prices for staple foods and essential minerals, already above levels in 2008 which sparked riots, were likely to rise further.

The FAO measures food prices from an index made up of a basket of key commodities such as wheat, milk, oil and sugar, and is widely watched by economists and politicians around the world as the first …


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Food prices are inflating

While the warmists rant about carbon and the Church of Scienceology Cult rave about climate science. there are three real and immediate problems facing us that nobody is talking about. These are overpopulation, water shortage and food price inflation. This article deals with food prices, links at the bottom lead to our posts on population and water scarcity.
Soaring wheat and other commodity costs on world markets have pushed up UK wholesale food prices at the fastest rate in two years, official figures revealed today.

Prices for foods produced in the UK were 9.8% higher last month than a year ago. This is the biggest annual increase since October 2008 figures compiled by the Office for National Statistics reported. Imported food prices climbed 4.5% on the year, the fastest rate since

Again Little Nicky Maciavelli and The Daily Stirrer was first to warn you of this. Hope you stocked up with baked beans, tinned soup and SPAM.

While the warmists rant about carbon and the Church of Scienceology Cult rave about climate science. there are three real and immediate problems facing us that nobody is talking about. These are overpopulation, water shortage and food price inflation. The article linked below deals with food prices, furtherb links at the bottom lead to Daily Stirrer posts on population and water scarcity.
The Growing Problem Of Rising Food Prices (politics)


BHP Drops Bid For Potash of Canada

Mining giant BHP Billiton has abandoned its takeover bid for fertiliser group Potash Corporation after it was blocked by the Canadian government. We should start to appreciate Canadians more perhaps. A few months ago The Daily Stirrer was praising two Canadian sceptics for exposing …

Feeding the nine billion

Fancy eating grey goo, or according to scientists meat grown in a vat. One of the ideas proposed by science and academic experts to deal with the problem of feeding the world when the population has boomed to nine billion is turning skyscrapers into farms to feed our cities. This is not a scheme cooked up by corporate interests or big agribusiness like cloning and GM food, but the loonytoons thinking of an academic.

Nine billion is the number of humans is predicted to be reached by 2050. The simple answer to overpopulation that nobody is talking about is population control.

Do we need nine billion people? Apart from feeding nine bilion people with exactly the same resources as are failing to feed 6.8 billion now can we ceep such a vast population occupied in an increasingly jobless world? Do we have the technology to keep population levels manageable? Yes and yes.

Read the full article Vertical Farming will feed the cities

United Nations Warns Of A New Food Crisisfrom The Daily Stirrer
With food price inflation causing social problems in poor nations already the United Nations, as always slamming the stable door after the horse has bolted, has warned of an imminent crisis.

food crisis control freakery

Eugenics os not a conservative idea but from the left
GM babies? How About The Frankenstein Lobby Try A Bit Of Honesty And Call It Eugenics
Eugenics by any other name: Scientists call for ban on editing human genome

The Milk Of Clone Kindness – Cloned Cattle

When news leaked out that milk and beef from cloned cows, cows raised from embryos created by biologists in laboratories, was being sold for human consumption scientists were quick to point out there was no health risk from consuming such foods. Nobody had suggested there was, what worried people is the inceasing tendency of science to play God. Fortunately they stopped short of telling us the science is settled otherwise nobody would have believed them.

The other big question of course is as usual “Cui Bono?” Who gains from this,; no doubt the politically correct wailers will be whinging about feeding the third world poor but as cloned cattle are delicate creatures and need warm, dry sheds, an enriched diet and plasma TVs, pool tables, gymnasiums with personal trainers etc. the produce from their bodies will sell at quite a premium.

And they have an enormous carbon footprint.

So who is likely to benefit? Not you and I for sure, not the poor and hungry. I think it might be the political control freaks, the scientists who get a step nearer to playing god and the corporations that will control the breeding stock and thus another important part of the food chain.

The point nobody wants to discuss is where is the need for this technology? Are we short of cattle? Is the current production method failing? Or is this another technology that will be forced on us.

Soon you will eat meat and drink milk from cloned cattle – But there is nothing wrong with real ones so what’s the point?

Never Let Me Go (cloned humans)

When Less Was More

This blog has become a highlighter for other controversialist writers, pointing you towards writers prepared to go againt the tide of mainsteam opinion, to chalenge the orthodoxy. Today the link is to an article by the excellent Deborah Orr, a true liberal who is commenting on the persistent whining of the progressive left about public spending cuts in the coalition’s budget. The terminally naive “progressive left” are labouring under the misapprehension that the debt funded good times can co on for ever, all the government has to do is keep printing money. Good food, luxury goods, clothes and holidays have been ridiculously cheap for 30 years. That’s why the drop in living standards will be tough. All we can do however is brace ourselves and get ready to ride out the storm.

Deborah Orr writes: Already, I look back, like some ancient matriarch in a bad television movie, telling the story of the world through her memories. I’m only 47, and I cannot believe how much life in Britain has changed in my time. (For a start, “only 47” wasn’t said much in 1962, except perhaps on the occasion of death.) I think of my late father, when I was little…
Why The Financial Crisis Is Going To Hurt

And if that depressed you take a look at this clip from 1970s TV programme Tiswaz, a show that typified and era when we all had less but seemed to be much happier.

The Bucket Of Water Song

Ed Bollocks talks balls about VAT

Ed balls (small b for small balls) says:

“Next Monday – the day before the budget – George Osborne must come clean to parliament about the impact of his budget plan to raise the standard rate of VAT on the poorest households, pensioners and families with children.”

Now while I am totally horrified at suggestions that in his budget next week Chancellor “Let’s do another line” Osborne migh be considering putting VAT on food as that would really hit the poor very hard, a 2.5% increase on goods liable for VAT at the moment will not hit the poorest households hard at all.

The thing about VAT is the less you spend the less you pay. Truly poor people tend to buy mostly essentials and many essentials, food for example, are zero rated.

An extra 2.5% on a bottle of wine will not make me buy one thimbleful less wine just as the 2.5% reduction did not persade me to run out and buy anything I would not have bought anyway. All Ed balls has done here is show once again how out of touch the would be leaders of “the peoples’ party are with the people.

If Osborne’s proposed increase is on VAT liable goods only it may make some people think a little more carefully about how they spend their money.

On the other hand if Osborne does put VAT on food we must fill his pants with VAT liable custard.


Curbing Public Debt

Then They Came For The Bacon Sandwiches and…

If you though a change of government would stop the march of the Politically Correct Thought Police think again. Here’s libertarian blogger Dick Puddlecoat coments on a legal defeat for Heinz that will make sure Tomat Ketchup tastes like baby food in future in That’s Ketchup Tackled, Now For The Bacon Sarnies. The latest campaign of the hand wringing army is to stop us all poioning ourselves by criminalising bacon.

Next they will come for our pies The Literary Lord Nosh

Dr Strangelove’s Secret Bacon Butty Weapon

Who Profits From The Food Shortage

One of the objectives of Little Nicky Machiavelli has always been to undermine the spurious arguments of those snake tongued swindlers who proclaim the virtues of free market economics.

This excellent article that raises the question of who is actually benefitting from the global food crisis, which is causing minor hardships to the poor of the industrialised world.

feasting on famine

It explains how as houlsehold budgets in the west are squeezed we should not be fooled by the lies of free marketeers into thinking the hard pressed farmers of Eastern Europe and Asia or even the fairly prosperous farmers of the USA, Canada and Australia are benefitting. The people who are reporting increased profits are the food producers, the commodity brokers and the bankers who finance them. These bankers are the same people who are bleating about needing handouts from our tax money to cover the losses they have made on fraudulently mis-selling mortgages and “secured” investments.

Is anyone stll naive enough to believe all that Thatcherite bullshit about the trickle down effect. The only thing that trickles down is misery.

Top your carrots or top yourself.

Machiavelli Scandals Inc. in conjunction with DEFRA the people who brought you BSE, Foot and Mouth, Salmonella Flavoured Eggs, An Epidemic of Boy Boobs*, Dawn of the Dioxins and The Organophosphate Trilogy (you’re supposed to read all that in a booming “voiceoverman” voice) bring you the The Great Organic Food Racket.
David Milliband, the minister in charge of the Department for Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs has attacked the Organic food industry claiming that organically produced food is neither tastier nor healthier.
In saying organic is simply a lifestyle choice he reveals that he has completely failed to understand his brief. But what should we expect from a man who left University with a degree in politics to work for the Labour Party, then became an MP and then a minister.
It is not an impressive CV for a job that requires an in depth understanding of agriculture and the countryside.
The real issues around the Organic debate relate to a battle between the long term wellbeing of our environment versus the short term financial interests of big business.
So for anyone except an accountant or a career arse-licker it has to be a no brainer:

Organic is sustainable, it does not poison the land,

Organic does not put dioxins or organophosphates into the food chain where they concentrate in leaves and skin of edible vegetables.

Organic is more labour intensive thus boosting rural economies.

Organic is often local thus clocking up less air miles on its way to our plates.

Factory farmed produce by contrast is prettier and more profitable. But organic is more than a lifestyle choice, it is a matter of life or death for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Think it through Milliband you dickhead.

*In the last thirty years mens boobs have got bigger (and their nipples more sensitive) due to the addition of feminine hormones to animal feeds in order to make factory farmed animals fatten up more quickly.

Its about freedom

Interesting article about smoking and individual liberty on Guardian Newsblog today. Its about time someone on the Liberal left started to see the deomisation of smoking for what it really is, not concern for our health but a sly attempt at sovial engineering. If they were concerned for our health they would bring in stronger employment laws to stop corporate mangers turning up the stress leveals til they break us and ban the toxic chemicals roiutinely put in our food by the same corporations.