Brussels Euronazis Message to the New Greek Government: We Don’t Care About Humanitarian Issues

Middle class Greeks are living in squalour and scavenging for food because of Euro zone austerity measures thanks to EU imposed austerity measures (Image source)

When in 2010 the so called Troika, the unholy trinity of The International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission, the E U’s governing bureaucracy abolished democracy in Greece and imposed a government of bureaucrats loyal to the Euro Nazi Federal Superstate movement, elected representatives in Athens have been forced implement six consecutive austerity programs which have severely lowered the living standards of working people, devastated Greece’s social systems and plunged millions into poverty.

This is why on 25 January, the majority of the Greek population decided to vote for a party that raised their hopes for a better future by promising an end to austerity.

Four weeks later this dream has been shattered and the new ruling party have been royally shafted by the Euronazi @Bastards of Brussels. In last week’s negotiations the Toika left no room for doubt that it will not deviate from its path of totally and utterly humiliating Greece and its people and demanding ever tighter austerity policies in return for allowing Greece to continue its ruinous membership of the corrupt and discredited European Union.

In other words: The working people of Greece will have to keep filling the gaps in the state budget generated by the bank bailout in the beginning stages of the Euro crisis.

Germany’s finance minister Schäuble jumped at the chance of using the confrontation with the new Greek government for a deliberate show of intransigence, delivering a clear message to the working people of Europe: The troika’s policies are solely determined by the interests of financial capital which has no concern for the plight of jobless teenagers, starving senior citizens or cancer patients, who are no longer able to pay for their medication.

Right after the Greek elections, the IMF made it a point to demonstrate its power by immediately suspending its payments to Athens. On February 11, it was followed by the ECB, which stopped accepting Greek state bonds as collateral for ECB loans. Contrary to official reports in the media, this measure was not directed against Greek banks (whose emergency credit line was immediately extended by 5 billion euros), but against the Greek government, which had dared to openly oppose the Troika’s policies, and by extension the Greek people, as if they haven’t yet suffered enough for the incomptence of their crooked politicians and the Naziism of the EU overlords in Brussels.

The economic groundwork having been laid by the IMF and the ECB, the EU, led by Germany, has now taken over and begun to systematically humiliate the new Greek government. Ignoring any mention of the humanitarian catastrophe brought about by austerity politics, each and every proposal for even the most gentle steps to relieve the suffering of the Greek people drew a response of outright rejection. Instead, the EU insisted that Syriza submit to complete adherence to all agreements forced on the country under the predecessor governments and accept them as an essential prerequisite for further negotiations.

Mainstream media unleashed an intensive campaign of slander, trying to stir up anti-Greek sentiment by blaming Greek working people of having lived “beyond their means”, of having obtained membership in the Eurozone by fraudulent means (in fact it was forced on the by Brussels), of showing no gratitude towards their “saviors” and refusing to fulfill their obligations towards their “partners”.

You cannot do much to help the Greeks, contribute as generously as you can afford to any charity appeals after firsr making sure the money will be used tobuy and diftribute food and essentials to the people and not used to stuff the pockets of the Brussels Euro rat bureaucrats and their banker buddies.

Closer to home, you can make sure it doesn’t happen here by voting UKIP in May. Remember, the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems, the Greens and SNP, would take us right into the Euro on terms dictated by Brussels despite the fact that the European Monetary System has demonsrtably failed and plunged most member states into economic case.

So on election day it’s a straight choice, you can vote UKIP or you can vote Nazi.
Financial Coup in Greece

From day to day mainstream and alternative media commentators speculate about when Greece will finally admit is is bankrupt and will have to leave the European Single Currency system, abandon the Euro and return to the Drachman, and the Euronazis of brussels admite they were wrong to bend the rules in order to get Greece to adopt the Euro, and stop piling more agony on the long suffering Greek people and help organize a painless exit.

NEIN! Germany’s Bild Comdemns Latest Greek Can Kicking Exercise

German Ubermacht Gives Greek Upstats The Finger In European Union Confrontation.

The Global Economy Is so Healthy Its OK For Bankers To Steal Our Money

Posted a little item on Boggart Blog today about the German government preparing for the day when the EU aka Greater Germany imposes a tax or levy on saving and deposits held in European banks (the way they did with Cyprus in 2013) to prop up the failing banks and basket case economies of southern Europe.

Soon You Will Be Able To Give All Your Money To The EU … or face the consequences

While France’s Hollande and Spain’s Rajoy are making placatory noises about the unique nature of the Cyprus bank deposit snatch of 2013 was a ‘unique situation’ and that banks and not depositors should be responsive for insolvency, none other than Dutch Finance Minister Dijsselbloem has admitted what we all knew: DIJSSELBLOEM SAYS LEVY ON WEALTH IS DEFENDABLE IN PRINCIPLE.

So as we’ve always said, the Bureaucrats of Brussels are leading Europe back in time towards a neo-Feudal system of robber barons doing WTF they like and us poor punters powerless to do anything about it.

And it is not just Europe but the global elite that are at it. The man acknowledged by academics and politicians as the world’s leading economics expert, Paul Krugman, is so economically illiterate he does not recognise the validity of Mr. Micawbers advice to David Copperfield in Charles Dickens’ story: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and sixpence, result happiness; annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds and sixpence, result misery.

“But you can’t criticize Kurugman, he’ has a nobel prize for economics,” someone told me. Well yes he does, but all that proves is that education is overrated.

This partially explains why investors have not dumped the USD, when White House has pushed “TAX THE RICH” schtick for years, Knowing the major economic themes of the next couple decades. The obvious move would be to hold cash in BRICS currencies as these and other nations outside the Eurozone and Obama’s proposed North American superstate (NAFTA) are duimping the dollar in favour of the renminbi or bilateral agreements with major trading partners and to buy precious metals which are an inflation hedge.

The omnipotent Krugman says however that there is no inflation, never has been and never will be, so you’re wrong. He has a shiny nobel prize, so he knows, on the other hand it must be obvious to any mother bringing up a family that he does the shopping even less often than David Cameron and Ed Miliband. I have other shiny things, but I’m just a knuckle dragging moron who was never admitted to the higher echelons of the elite where my real world experience counts for nothing.

But the EU, UK and US governments have all talked about criminalising dissent and shutting down websites / publications that oppose the official government line on absolutely everything. So just as you should trust a slatesman that has cheated you or a tradesman that has stolen from you, you should always trust a banking system that has fucked you up the arse in every way imaginable and the rent boy politicians and academics (listening Mr. Krugman?) who sell their arses to that banking system and give out whatever idiotic advice they are told to.

To say otherwise makes you a swivel eyed loon, a security risk, a potential terrorist and certifiably insane.

Cashless Society: The Spy In Your Wallet

More government thieving:

Tax Authorities ‘Breaking Magna Carta’ Over Bank Account Raids

MPs on the UK’s Treasury Select Committee have accused tax authorities of riding roughshod over the Magna Carta, with their new powers to empty members of the public’s bank accounts with little scrutiny. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) say they need to recover tax debts from 17,000 people and claim the debtors can afford to pay.

According to the Daily Telegraph the politicians said they were “horrified” by the proposals at a session with the HMRC Chief Executive Lin Homer lasting more than three hours. Homer insisted that powers would only be used in extreme circumstances and that they would never leave anyone without “enough money to live.” However this would be at the discretion of HMRC, and therefore could be open to abuse.

Liberal Democrat MP, John Thurso said that HMRC were over-riding Magna Carta, the Great Charter that was signed by King John 800 years ago and enshrined the rights of the citizen into law.

Read full article at Beitbart London:

And more on that select committee hearing:

Inland Revenue a Dysfunctional department that ‘can’t be trusted’ with power to raid bank accounts

Plans to let the taxman take cash out of people’s bank accounts without their permission were condemned by MPs after Rebecca Benneyworth, of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, warned the department is ‘shooting itself in the foot.’ She told the ICAEW conference : ‘Public trust in HMRC would be eroded very quickly if cases come to light where funds have been incorrectly removed. ‘HMRC cannot afford to have public opinion turn against the tax system and those charged with administering it.’Accountants have warned HMRC cannot be trusted …
Read full article at The Daily Stirrer
Inland Revenue a Dysfunctional department that ‘can’t be trusted’ with power to raid bank accounts


World Government On The Way
Lucid and aware people observing world events unfold over the past decade or so – say, since September 11, 2001 – will have surely asked themselves what on Earth is going on here? We see ever-growing violence, war, outright lies, invasions, false flags, social upheavals, poverty, ruin and the death of millions… The world’s become a pretty dangerous and pitiful place to live in, and it only gets worse …

Cashless Society – The Resistance Begins Here

The EU has declared war on Britain, and we only have four months to prepare

Democracy In Retreat In The EUSSR

Democracy, the principle of government of the people, by the people, for the people seems to be on the backfoot Europe, and it’s under attack from those who most loudly claim to be “democrats” and yell most loudly about fairness and democracy, the meritocratic left, felllow travellers of New Labour elitists Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson.

In the past few days unelected EU foreign policy chief, Baroness Ashton (apopinted by Blair), was discussing the future government of Ukraine with the new unelected Ukrainian “president,” Aleksandr Turchynov, who came to power following a violent overthrow of that country’s democratically elected president in a coup d’etat sponsored by the EU and USA.

The proclamation of a foreign-backed coup d’état and imposition of an unelected pr – EU government in a country where fresh elections were only 12 months away as a “victory for democracy” was typical of the Orwellian doublethink these undemocratic lovers of democracy favour.

The wishes of the 2 million people who marched against the Iraq war in London in February 2003 were arrogantly dismissed, but the protesters in Maidan, though far fewer in number and not representative of a majority of Ukranians, simply had to have their way because they unknowingly favour the political forces pushing towards global totalitarian government.

Ukraine, though a dramatic example, is not the only European country where democracy has been suspended in recent months. In February, Matteo Renzi became Italy’s third successive unelected prime minister. You’ve actually got to back as far as 2008 for the last time an Italian prime minister was democratically chosen by the Italian people.

Greece, to all intents and purposes is under direct rule from Brussels and the governments of Spain and Portugal retain little of the autonomy sovereign nations should take for granted.

The reason this dedemocratization has been pulled off without massive bloodshed is because of the evil Single Currency System, The Euro. Half the population of the Eurozone is dependent on handouts courtesy of the German taxpayers. If the German’s get fed up and topple Angela Merkel’s fragile coalition, get ready for fireworks.

The World Police

Little Nick’y friends at The Daily Stirrer have reported on plans to extend Europe to extend beyond the continent’s natural geographic boundaries and take in the Middle East (you didn’t think they wanted to invade Syria because they care about the suffering of Syrian people did you? Our New Unhappy Lords don’t give a shit about suffering as neither they nor their loved ones are likely to be doing any.
It was even reported by another title in the Greenteeth portfolio. that Barack Obama was preparing to lead the USA into the Eurozone as the Euro single currency is slightly less FUBAR that the US$

And anyone who has not noticed that moves towards a global government as well as a global currency are advancing rapidly just hasn’t been living on this planet.

But a global police force?

It may be closer than you think.

‘Europol, the burgeoning police and intelligence agency of the European Union, has many people in Europe concerned about its continuously expanding mission and powers (see here and here). Now the agency appears to be getting ready to extend its reach into the United States in new ways, as part of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being promoted by President Obama and a powerful coalition (see here and here ) of Wall Street one-worlders and globalist corporate executives.’

Read full article


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Litttle Nicky Says ‘I Told You So’ Again

The EU’s elite bureaucrats have unveiled their vision for the future of monetary union among the Euro zone nations.

The ideas are backed by the leading proponents of the fascist superstate agenda pro integration Europgroup’s Herman Van Rompuy and Uncle Joe Stalin tribute act, Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission . The leading New World Order supporters in the European Union hierarchy have unveiled their vision for the future, in which the Brussels bureauracy would have far more power to overrule elected parliaments and suppress national sovereignty.

It includes the creation of a European treasury, which would have powers over national budgets and be able to dictate how national governments spend their taxpayers’ money.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said it was “a defining moment for European integration”.

The document, released ahead of Thursday’s EU summit, said greater fiscal union could lead to common debt being issued by eurozone countries. In other words norther European nations pay for the irresponsibility of the Mediterranean shore’s economic basket cases.

There would also be banking union, with a single European banking regulator and a unified deposit guarantee scheme. This is a blatant bid to destroy the British financial services industry which, no matter how much you hate bankers, our economy and future prosperity is far too dependent on for us to let it be sunk.

It’s time we cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war. If Europe wants to dstroy our banks, let our banks destroy Europe. So long as they pay tax on the billions they will make from doing it we’re laughing.

As Britain Goes Jubilee Mad It’s Business As Usual In The Eurozone

Little nicky’s friends at The Daily Stirrer has consistently reported the truth about the Euro crisis while mainsteam print and broadcast media have consistently tried to suggest there was nothing wrong that could nut be put right by simply mugging German taxpayers to bail out debt problems in basket case nations like Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Italy. Another basket case nation, one that compounded it’s economic folly by committing to expensive and almost totally inefficient “green” energy projects is Spain. Now as a Spanish economic collapse that will need another massive bail out from north Europeran taxpayers draws closer every day we hear that another small EU nation, Cyprus, has at last admitted it is bankrupt

Spain’s ruling party, only recently elected, has begun to crack under pressure, signalling for the first time that the country may need a European rescue to shore up its banking system.

Meanwhile even the mighty German economic behemoth is faltering as one of it’s main customers, China, feels the pich due to Economic contraction in the USA and Europe.

While British financial markets remained closed today for the Jubilee celebrations, the German stock market fell sharply on fears of US economic relapse after last Friday’s terrible employment figures and news of a sharp slowdown in China. Spanish, Italian and French shares rose slightly on hopes of new eurozone fiscal authority to control national budgets and manage debts As any such scheme depends on German financial stability a news pan European financial policy already looks a forlorn hope..

Europes Crisis Is Going To Get A Lot More Insane

How would you go about solving your personal debt problem if your credit cards were maxed out, your overdraft was over it’s limit and your income would not stretch to buying basics after all the interest on your morthgage and loans had been paid.? Go to a loan shark? Of course not, that should be a no brainer even for politcians and bureaucrats. But it is exactly where Europe is heading.

Euro-Lefties have been having a thin time of it recently. Only three per cent of EU citizens live under socialist or socialist-led governments. The European People’s Party is the largest bloc in the European Council, as measured by voting weight, second are the European Conservatives and Reformists, who edge ahead of both the Liberals and the Socialists.

That, though, is about to change. France,a nation in which the state consumes 56 per cent of GDP, even more than our own greedy government – monster, and whose budget was last in balance in 1974, has just elected François Hollande who, on a platform of ‘growth, not austerity,’ (if only achieving it was as easy as saying it) will try to create illusory growth in the economy by borrowing more and more money at ever higher interest rates and giving it away to the lazy, the shiftless and the corporations whose business is built on mining taxpayer’s pockets.

Greece, which also voted when France did and now must vote again, is inclining toward a pack of communist parties; the politicians there who talk openly of the need for cuts currently command less than seven per cent in the polls.

Fortunately the parties of Greece’s fragmented left hate each other more than they hate the bankers who screwed their country Romania, too, is about to install a Leftist ministry, following the defeat of the last government’s austerity platform. As other elections follow around the poor nations of Europe, we can expect more of the same.

The invevitable result of this will be that Europe will return to and intensify all the policies that brought it to its present unhappy condition: loonytoons spending, unsustainable borrowing, obscene levels of taxation, deeper fiscal and political integration integration. Voters, protected from reality for too long by the EU’s overgenerous benefits system are in not willing to accept less generous benefits and pensions. They’d rather be told what they want to hear that the money can somehow be got out of the rich.

A politician who admits the truth that the rich, a tiny fraction of the total population, have nothing like enough to pay for all the things that modern governments want to do is liable to have rotten fruit, dead vermin and molotov cocktails thrown at him … by member of his own party.

Even in the north European countries that still recognise the virtue of financial discipline the Centre-Right parties in government have done little to bring spending under control. All are running deficits that would have been catastrophic a generation ago. But like the other Elepphant In The Room, immigration, nobody wants to talk about it.

For Britain, official Treasury figures show that, contrary to almost universal belief, total public s ending is higher today than it was under Gordon Brown. The left constantly scream abouut the unfairness of the Coatolitions cuts but the Coalition austerity measures have not reduced spending by one penny. All that has been achieved is a lowdown in the rate of acceleration at which we are amassing debt.

The EU is in a downward spiral. The worse things get, the more reluctant its governments are to tackle the underlying problem of excessive expenditure. Lacking any alternative narrative, voters blame the lack of growth on ‘cuts’, ‘bankers’ and ‘deregulation’. They then support parties committed to even higher spending – which, of course, exacerbates the problem. And, as if national governments were not burdensome enough, Europeans must also contend with more rules and more taxes and a headlomg dash towards fascism from Brussels.

The E U is insance and growing more psychotic by the minute. We must get out. Ignore those wimps who say it is impossible; unless you want to live under a system of oligarchic collectiveism (see George Orwell’s 1984) we simply cannot allow it to be impossible. FFS we stood up to Hitler’s Wehrmacht, have we become so weak we are prepared to let a bunch of penpushers in Brussels destroy our nation?

UK Government Report Confirms Huge Abuse of EU Free Movement Rules
Eurogeddon, the Euro zone debt crisis
Death of the Eurozone
Europe becoming a bureaucratic empire
Eurozone sovereignty
Sacrificing the future to save the Euro
Europe: Death of democracy
more on the Debt Crisis

Schumpeter’s Warning and the economic mess

Despite The Debt Crisis Euro Nazis War On Democracy Goes On

While we are on the subject of the EU’s creeping fascism, Bruno Waterfield has also posted an interesting comment on Sp!ked, where he argues that the EU is doing everything it can to ensure that Ireland’s referendum on the new “fiskalpact” is stitched up before a vote is cast:

It has been little noted, but the treaty text contains an innovation, described by European diplomats as ‘a very unusual step’. As opposed to all other EU treaties, the fiskalpakt will enter into force when only 12 out the 17 Eurozone member state signatories have ratified it.

[…]Once upon a time, the EU operated on the principle that its rules must be agreed by all its members, through democratic ratifications held according to national principles. Today, individual nations and popular votes cannot be allowed to stand in the way of the EU, which is emerging as the instrument by which elites pit their statecraft and institutions against changing European societies.

[…] Even the previously euro-friendly François Hollande, the grey French Socialist leader, has become too much for the EU establishment. There have been reports of murky (and completely backfiring) pacts to sabotage his bid to win the French presidency. His crime is that he wants to renegotiate the same treaty that Ireland is voting on. France, one of the most powerful EU countries, is creating more ‘nervousness’ than Ireland, senior EU officials have told me. ‘If he wants to significantly renegotiate the pact on debt brakes or sanctions then that will stop the process of ratification in a number of countries. The French elections are a big worry for Germany’, said the senior European source.

You may remember last time there was a vote on a change in EU rules that affected the sovereignty of member nations, Irish voters, the only elctorate to be allowed an opinion due to their contritution’s clauses on national sovereignty, voted the proposal, The Lisbon Treaty, they rejected it. The Treaty was a thinly disguised version of the European Constitution, a document which would have trodden the sovereignty and cultures of member states into the mud of the first world war battlefields where so many millions died. The European Consitution had previouusly been thrown out by big majorities in France and The Netherlands with referenda in the UK, Germany and Sweden set to follow suit.

The smooth faced bureaucrats are not really in denial about the fact that further integration of nations is deeply unpopular with ordinary people eerywhere, they are now confident enough to openly display the contempt for democracy they have previousluy kept hidden.

Broken Societies
Cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy or Naziism. EU and Crimea

You didn’t really think it would stop at Greece did you – Spain’s debt causes worry

World on the Greece – y slope to financial ruin.

According to news reports, finance ministers from the world’s leading economies worked on through last weekend to line up a deal that will see the world embark on a second global rescue package worth nearly $2 trillion in April this year.

They claim this is needed to stop the euro-zone sovereign debt crisis from spreading and putting at risk the tentative recovery.

Germany said it would make a decision some time in March on strengthening Europe’s bailout fund, a move other Group of 20 countries say is essential to clear the way for throwing extra funds into the International Monetary Fund.

I have been doing a little research and found that the nations coping best with the economic slump are those that did not join in the first money priniting exercise stimulus. The point about such a project is it contains the seeds of it’s own destruction. Printing money is not a question of revving up the printing presses. Money these days exists computer databases and only shows up in spreadsheeds.

There is very litle real money around.

So when we say ‘printing money’ it means governments borrowing money on which they must pay interest. And the more money governments borrow to finance their profligate spending, the more interest they must pay.

This is how Greece got into it’s current state. The interest that nation must pay on its €1,7 trillion debt at current interest rates of around 7% is €120 billion. With a GDP of about €220 billion and falling the nation is in a spiral of debt. It must take on more debt by borrowing to pay the interest on existing debt. Simples.

So long as economists and politicians choose to ignore this we are all on the Greece – y slope to the same fate.

What makes matters worse is nobody in their right mind would lend to governments these days so governments are buying in their own bonds, i.e. borrowing from us poor punters. And they are not giving any guarantees when or even if they intend to pay us back.

Greek debt deal, Greek taxpayers must stump up for Euro folly

It seems the Euro has been saved at the expense of democracy and inndividual freedom again.

from The Daily Beast:
Greek leaders on Thursday reached a deal for deep austerity cuts, a government official has confirmed. By enacting austerity cuts, Greece is now eligible to receive bailout funds from the European Union—and thus will avoid defaulting on its debt. The deal came just hours before Greece’s financial backers were set to meet in Brussels to discuss the debt crisis. The euro and Greek stocks rose Thursday after the news of a deal broke Greece’s two major labor unions called for a 48-hour strike on Friday and Saturday against the cuts. Meanwhile, Greek unemployment rose to another new record, of 20.9 percent, in November, up from 18.2 percent in October. The average jobless rate for 17 eurozone countries edged up to 10.4 percent in November from October’s 10.3 percent.

read full story

We predicted at The Daily Stirrer some time ago the (B)euro(c)rats of Brussels, the unelected elitists who run our lives would sacrifice the future to save theie precious single nation bureaucratic dictatorship project.

The Greek population are angry and have taken to the streets to protest against being sold into slavery by their leaders. It seems we may soon be hearing little Sir Echo Cameron mimicking Obama’s calls for military intervention in Greece.

Dave Didn’t Jump To Veto, He Was Pushed

We have heard a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Eurolefties over the weekend about how David Cameron had betrayed us to suck up to the Eurosceptics in his own party.


Well rather the British Rabid Right than the New World Order.

Dave didn’t jump, he was pushed out of the EU inner party that is planning a EuroBig Brother regime.

It was the intransigence of Germany and France on the financial transactions tax wot done it. I have explained before this tax is not a levy on bank profits, not even on the profit they make on each transaction but a half per cent levy on the value of the transaction. And international banking deals often have a margin of half a per cent or less (half a percent of a billion punds is a nice day’s wages – do the maths).

Clearly Merkozy were trying to trash The City which our economy is far too reliant on for us not to defend it. I am no fan of bankers but let’s be realistic, this was not an attack on banking in general but an attack on Britain, a clear sign that Merkozy want to raid the London banks to offset the financial burden of propping up the basket case economies.

Or maybe the Gallic shortarse and the “unfuckable lardarse” are labouring under the misapprehension that if they shut down London with their Brithate tax the world’s financial centre will move to the overtaxed, over regulated regimes of Paris or Franfurt rather than Wall Street or Zurich.

Proof yet again that politicians do not live on planet reality.

Can The Euro Be Saved

The only thing I wish had been different is that instead of saying a new treaty and common fiscal overshight was not in Britain’s interests, Dave (6′ 2″) had said to the gnome Sarko (4′ 2″) Oi, shortarse, let’s get this sorted. Me and you outside, NOW!”

American Economy Stgnates As Congress Hirs Deadlock
Government Cost Saving Centres – Another Effing Fiasco

David Cameron Isolated As EuroNazis Try To Save The Single Nation Project

Senior analysts and traders in the financial markets have warned that bank failures are likely as the summit convened to work out a way to save the Euro and solve the European debt crisis failed to deliver a solution. The only positive outcome of the meeting was that David Cameron vetoed a deal which would have given a huge chunk of Britain’s national sovereignty away by handing over control of Britain’#s finances including taxation policy to a bunch of unelected bean counters in Brussels.

I’d rather trust our incompetent, spineless politicians.

READ full version of this article:

David Cameron Isolated As EuroNazis Try To Save The Single Nation Project

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Germany Tells America What It Needed To Be Told

Two of our recent posts from The Daily Stirrer:

Germany and America were squaring up for a head banging contest like two rutting stags on Tuesday night after Berlin savaged plans put forward tby Timoth Geithner, arcitecht of the Obama admisitrations loonytoons spend, borow and spend economic policy, which demanded the EU boost the rescue fund set up to bail out failing Euro zone nations as a “stupid idea” and told the White House to sort out its own mess before offering unrequested advice to others.

Germany Slams American Plans For Euro Rescue

Europe, the G20, and the global authorities are drinking in the last chance saloon to deploy a cliche, as they try to come up with a plan to contain the EMU debt crisis. The must come up with a workable solution or abdicate responsibility and watch as the world slides into depression, endangering the benign but fragile order that has taken shape over the last three decades. Failure to do so will result in collapse of the system as a Greek default on it’s debt.

Obama’s Sidekick Makes Europe Responsible For Saving The Global Economy.

It’s The Sovereignty, Stupid

Frau Merkel has been punished by German voters for saddling them with huge tax bills to bail out the eurozone basket cases and keep the single European superstate dream alive.

President Bill Clinton swung the 1992 presidential election campaign in his favour when his chief political strategist, James Carville, hung a sign in the Clinton campaign HQ that read, “ It’s The Economy Stupid”. The phrase focused the minds of voters on George Bush senior’s economic record.

The state of the economy is the main factor in most elections, but not always. John Major famously won the UK general election of the same year into the face of an even more worse recession than the one out in the US by putting reminders of Labou’s previos economic disasters to the fromt of people’s minds.

We live in an era when every established turth seems to get turned upside down. The latest example of this is Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat Union suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of the Greens in one her most solidly Christian Democrat regional strongholds, Baden-Wuerttemberg. The electoral setback, latest in a run of defeats in regional and local elections, had virtually nothing to do with the German economy, which for the time being is about the only one inEurope that is solvent. Unemployment is below pre creit crunch levels and output surging. The German economy is the economic powerhouse of the west.

Frau Merkel’s fortunes have instead been determined by mainly by events in the Eurozone basket case economies of the Club Med nations. always fringe economies in the eurozone. The German government’s decision to bail out debtor nations such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal has aroused eurosceptic emotions among German taxpayers who will have to foot the bill for their government’s commitment to the federalisation project.

Whether the German chancellor likes it not, in the wake of this result she will become more reliant on support from some failrly flaky opposition parties, which in turn will feed uncertainty about German support for further eurozone bailouts. European solidarity has always been more of a political than a popular movement with voters in most nations mistrustful of the ‘one-global-nation’ New World Order tendencies of their leaders, none more so than the Germans, which at grass roots level is probably even more eurospectic than Britain.

Germans were not given the chance to vote in a referendum on the euro, and with good reason; they would have rejected it out of hand if allowed one. Understandably, they now balk at the idea of having to bailout the profligate governments of what they see as tepramenally lazy nations. Frau Merkel is being kicked for her “I’ll do whatever it takes” stance on saving the euro. Her political room for manoeuvre in future is being eroded with every electoral setback. With Greek and Irish voters resentful of the austerity measures imposed by the bail out agreements (Portugals is not yet finalised) and likely to bring down the fragile coalitions that run their nations the future of the Eurozone looks bleak.

Eurozone Sovereignty Issue For Voters
Death Of The Eurozone
Gambing At EuroVegas

Euro Uber Alles

Last week The Daily Stirrer reported:

European leaders managed to reach an agreement on how to tackle the debt crisis afflicting the nations using the single currency, in the early hours of this morning. The deal was only concluded after significant concessions from Germany. “The fundamental path was …

European Leaders Agree Deal On Eurozone Bail Out Fund

Not everything was sweetness and light however.

European leaders in the smaller states felt the Germans had held a gun to their heads and squeezed concession on sovereignty out of them in the name of saving the Euro.

Euro Uber Alles

The new bigger bailout fund will not solve the sovereign debt crisis so we must wonder what the real agenda was. From outside the Eurozone but in the EU it looks like a giant leap towards the creation of the Brussels Bureau Rat’s wet dream, a single European Superstate.