Trade Is Not Meant to Boost Economies

In view of all the adverse publicity the corporate friendly, anti democracy, anti free speech trade partnerships deals that are being negotiated in secret at the moment we need to take a step back and see where we are being led.

The Trans Atlantic Free Trade Association (an extension of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Association a treaty which has existed about 20 years to allow free movement of goods between Mexico, the USA and Canada and which the Obama administration is trying to bully the other partners into extending into an EU federal superstate style treaty), the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the real nasty involving the US a nd EU and it’s Canadian equivalent CETA) which will give corporate business the power to overrule laws made by national governments, and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) a Pacific Rim equivalent of the TTIP are all being negotiated in utmost secrecy.

Why the secrecy you might well ask. Follow my links above to find out more about the nasties for us ordinary punters that are lurking in the small print of these treaties.

For the past few decades governments and mainstream media have been obsessed with ‘trade’, freeing trade, boosting trade, encouraging trade, creating new opportunities for trade, all that bollocks they spout about. But when you get down to it, free trade existed from the dawn of civilisation and only creased to exist when politicians and bankers decided to start telling us it is ‘a good thing.’

Here’s an article on that theme from another libertarian thinker.

Trade Is Not Meant to Boost Economies

By John Kozy – Global Research

“There was free trade in Africa . . . before the colonialists came.”—George Ayittey

Most everyone believes that trade is an unqualified good, but no one can identify any solid, concrete benefits it has produced in spite of the fact that it has been going on for at least five millennia. Throughout most of those years, it was all free trade, so trade agreements are not a necessary condition for trade. These agreements must have some other purpose.

When anyone asks, what’s wrong with expanding trade?, the answer is, the people doing the trading. In fact, trade has always been a nefarious activity that people are given a laundered version of, a version washed clean of its malevolent nature. But its evil nature is not difficult to identify..

The view of trade most people are familiar with is the Marco Polo version. Marco Polo loaded some European made goods on boats and then camels, I suppose, and trekked across Asia Minor to China where he swapped those goods for goods like fine silk and rare spices and hauled them back to Europe where they were sold for a huge profit. Other traders did similar things. But that is the sanitized tale. In truth, trading was dangerous and vicious. Traders often were subjected to extortion by the peoples whose lands had to be traversed. Other times these traders were merely robbed. And I suspect they did their share of cheating themselves whenever they had opportunities to. Honesty was not a word in a trader’s vocabulary! It still isn’t.

Continue reading at Global Research

Germany Is Building a European Army Before Your Eyes

The Global Economy Is so Healthy Its OK For Bankers To Steal Our Money

Posted a little item on Boggart Blog today about the German government preparing for the day when the EU aka Greater Germany imposes a tax or levy on saving and deposits held in European banks (the way they did with Cyprus in 2013) to prop up the failing banks and basket case economies of southern Europe.

Soon You Will Be Able To Give All Your Money To The EU … or face the consequences

While France’s Hollande and Spain’s Rajoy are making placatory noises about the unique nature of the Cyprus bank deposit snatch of 2013 was a ‘unique situation’ and that banks and not depositors should be responsive for insolvency, none other than Dutch Finance Minister Dijsselbloem has admitted what we all knew: DIJSSELBLOEM SAYS LEVY ON WEALTH IS DEFENDABLE IN PRINCIPLE.

So as we’ve always said, the Bureaucrats of Brussels are leading Europe back in time towards a neo-Feudal system of robber barons doing WTF they like and us poor punters powerless to do anything about it.

And it is not just Europe but the global elite that are at it. The man acknowledged by academics and politicians as the world’s leading economics expert, Paul Krugman, is so economically illiterate he does not recognise the validity of Mr. Micawbers advice to David Copperfield in Charles Dickens’ story: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and sixpence, result happiness; annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds and sixpence, result misery.

“But you can’t criticize Kurugman, he’ has a nobel prize for economics,” someone told me. Well yes he does, but all that proves is that education is overrated.

This partially explains why investors have not dumped the USD, when White House has pushed “TAX THE RICH” schtick for years, Knowing the major economic themes of the next couple decades. The obvious move would be to hold cash in BRICS currencies as these and other nations outside the Eurozone and Obama’s proposed North American superstate (NAFTA) are duimping the dollar in favour of the renminbi or bilateral agreements with major trading partners and to buy precious metals which are an inflation hedge.

The omnipotent Krugman says however that there is no inflation, never has been and never will be, so you’re wrong. He has a shiny nobel prize, so he knows, on the other hand it must be obvious to any mother bringing up a family that he does the shopping even less often than David Cameron and Ed Miliband. I have other shiny things, but I’m just a knuckle dragging moron who was never admitted to the higher echelons of the elite where my real world experience counts for nothing.

But the EU, UK and US governments have all talked about criminalising dissent and shutting down websites / publications that oppose the official government line on absolutely everything. So just as you should trust a slatesman that has cheated you or a tradesman that has stolen from you, you should always trust a banking system that has fucked you up the arse in every way imaginable and the rent boy politicians and academics (listening Mr. Krugman?) who sell their arses to that banking system and give out whatever idiotic advice they are told to.

To say otherwise makes you a swivel eyed loon, a security risk, a potential terrorist and certifiably insane.

Cashless Society: The Spy In Your Wallet

More government thieving:

Tax Authorities ‘Breaking Magna Carta’ Over Bank Account Raids

MPs on the UK’s Treasury Select Committee have accused tax authorities of riding roughshod over the Magna Carta, with their new powers to empty members of the public’s bank accounts with little scrutiny. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) say they need to recover tax debts from 17,000 people and claim the debtors can afford to pay.

According to the Daily Telegraph the politicians said they were “horrified” by the proposals at a session with the HMRC Chief Executive Lin Homer lasting more than three hours. Homer insisted that powers would only be used in extreme circumstances and that they would never leave anyone without “enough money to live.” However this would be at the discretion of HMRC, and therefore could be open to abuse.

Liberal Democrat MP, John Thurso said that HMRC were over-riding Magna Carta, the Great Charter that was signed by King John 800 years ago and enshrined the rights of the citizen into law.

Read full article at Beitbart London:

And more on that select committee hearing:

Inland Revenue a Dysfunctional department that ‘can’t be trusted’ with power to raid bank accounts

Plans to let the taxman take cash out of people’s bank accounts without their permission were condemned by MPs after Rebecca Benneyworth, of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, warned the department is ‘shooting itself in the foot.’ She told the ICAEW conference : ‘Public trust in HMRC would be eroded very quickly if cases come to light where funds have been incorrectly removed. ‘HMRC cannot afford to have public opinion turn against the tax system and those charged with administering it.’Accountants have warned HMRC cannot be trusted …
Read full article at The Daily Stirrer
Inland Revenue a Dysfunctional department that ‘can’t be trusted’ with power to raid bank accounts


World Government On The Way
Lucid and aware people observing world events unfold over the past decade or so – say, since September 11, 2001 – will have surely asked themselves what on Earth is going on here? We see ever-growing violence, war, outright lies, invasions, false flags, social upheavals, poverty, ruin and the death of millions… The world’s become a pretty dangerous and pitiful place to live in, and it only gets worse …

Cashless Society – The Resistance Begins Here

The EU has declared war on Britain, and we only have four months to prepare

Monsanto, The World’s Most Evil Corporation

the gm tomato of death
Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Tomato Of Death – Waking Times

Corporate power is out of control, corporate finance owns the political systems of the free politicised systems of healthcare, justice, education, employment and the media. It is futile to talk of accountability, there was a time when those who owned businesses, even the huge, global businesses, could be held responsible for what was done in their name. Henry Ford and his descendents owned a controlling interest Ford Motors, Samuel Courtald and his family owned Courtalds Textiles, the Rockefellers owned Standard Oil, the Agnelli’s owned Italy’s giant Fiat company and people named Krupp owned Krupps engineering in Germany. you get the picture?

When I was studying economics and commerce in the 1960s there was a book, a business directory, titled Who Owns Whom. It told those with an interest things like, Brooke Bond Leibig, owners of the Brooke Bond Tea brand also owned Fray Bentos corned beef or that the Lever family firm, Unilever’s interests included Soap Powder, Coffee, Personal Hygiene products, Margarine, Ice cream, sausages and lubricants. Such a volume would be useless now, it is impossible to tell who owns anything, in the corporate and banking environment every company owns every other company. So labyrinthine is the cross ownership that it is quite possible that Corporation A which owns a controlling interest in Corporation B is in fact owned by Corporation B through Corporation B’s holdings in Corporation X and Corporation Y.

In such an environment is it surprisingp the mega cororations are out of control. One Corporate entity above all others has, however, consistently outperformed its rivals in cynical disregard for the environment and the wellbeing of humanity. Monsanto shamelessly, proudly perhaps, wears the crown as “most evil corporation on Earth!”

Fair plsy to them, even now Monsanto is not content to simply rest upon its laurels, to sit atop a plinth inscried with the words “Look on my works, you mighty and despair,*” as it surveys a vast field of skulls and rotting corpses, the corporate are focused as keenly as ever on newer, more scientifically innovative ways to harm the planet and all its people in the pursuit of corporate power and profits.
As true champions of evil, they won’t stop until … they won’t stop, unless we stop them by boycotting their products, voting out of office the politicians why try to give them immunity from prosecution in connection with the harm their scientifically innovative (and often untested) products may cause, or help them bully peasant farmers into a kind of serfdom by passing laws decreeing that naturally produced seed may not be grown or upholding patent violation lawsuits brought when natural crops are accidentally pollinated by pollens from Monsanto’s genetically modified seed stock. Ye, all these things have happened.

But who are Monsanto and how did they learn to get away with being so obscenely evil in the first place? Here’s a history of the Monsanto Corporation – I warn you however, it is far more gruesome than a series of Game Of Thrones.

Monsanto: The Most Evil Corporation In The World

Corporatism: Government of The People By The Technocrats For The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite

Economics For Dummies (and Prizewinning economists)

As Labour leaders and finance ‘experts’ in the Obama administration call for more stimulus spending, more public spending in general and the expansion of the public sector (to create jobs and growth by employing tax eaters) led by Nobel Prizewinning lunactic Paul Krugman, blogger Adam Collyer hands the Nobel prize winning economist a lesson in economic history.
Paul Krugman’s Ignorance Of History

Paul Krugman reckons the UK government is wrong to cut spending. Mr Krugman is a leading American economist, and indeed a Nobel prize-winner. Here’s what he had to say:

Both the new British budget announced on Wednesday and the rhetoric that accompanied the announcement might have come straight from the desk of …

The Jobeless Economy

U.S. Stock Market Wobbles As Jobs Figure Rises
America’s unemployment rate unexpectedly rose last month, delivering a blow to recent optimism that a recovery in the world’s biggest economy was finding some momentum. John De Roe comments:America has the same systemic problems as Britain but on a larger scale. Successive political leaders have been secuced by the siren song of …

The arrogance of economists and the stupidity of politicians

Don’t you just love the arrogance of economists and their detatchment from anything remotely resembling reality. They’re all scum sucking crackfarts, they really are. Little Nicky Machiavelli has said this many times and today there’s a mainstream journalist taking up the theme in response to an economics academic who says that anyone who does not have a PhD in economics should not be allowed to express an opinion on the subject as only verrrrrrry highly qualified economists can understand economics. (Of course this could be a conspiracy of academics and The Thought Police to silence bloggers).

Very highly qualified economic professors, now let’s see, aren’t they the people whose crackpot theories dumped up in the shit mess we’re in? Well it’s no wonder, these people are really stark raving bonkers in the head. For a start there is nothing hard about economics. As the Dickens character Wilkins Micawber put it: Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds and 95p, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds and five p, result misery. That’s economics sorted.

Unfortunately politicians are stupid enough to listen to the self worshipping imbeciles who have spent their entire working lives cocooned in the unreality bubbles of University faculties. Nobody should ever listen to economists, particularly the ones who run the US Federal Reserve and who are now advising the Imbecile In Chief Obama to pawn America to loan sharks and raise money for “stimulus spending” (aka pork barrel politics and vanity projects).

Ambrose Evans Pritchard, economics writer for The Daily Telegraph says:
“Like a mad aunt, the Fed is slowly losing its marbles. Kartik Athreya, senior economist for the Richmond Fed, has written a paper condemning economic bloggers as chronically stupid and a threat to public order. Matters of economic policy should be reserved to a priesthood with the correct post-doctoral credentials, which would of course have excluded David Hume, Adam Smith, and arguably John Maynard Keynes (a mathematics graduate, with a tripos foray in moral sciences).”

Read full article
Time To Shut Down The US Federal Reserve? by Ambrose Evans Pritachard of the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Stirrer: More Stimulus

The Dollar Is Sinking – Man The Lifeboats

Quite recently, back in August I think, The Daily Stirrer, the publication that Little Nicky Machiavelli does most of his work for now, predicted the demise of the $US as China decided not to buy any more US Treasury bonds and to demand interest payments due on the $2trillion of US bonds they hold in gold bullion rather than cash.

Last week the United States suffered the indignity of having to stand by, powerless as small South East Asian nations including Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong (not acutally a nation but an autonomous province of China) had to step in and buy up billions of dollars that were flooding the world markets in order to protect the value of their own holdings.

Is this another example of the “change” Barack Obama promised?

The old Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times.”

We do, we surely do.

The Dollar Is Sinkng, Man The Lifeboats.

Wasting Our Talent

Every now and again I see an aricle written by someone who thinks they are a real smartarse that displays such a total lack of awareness of the realities of life I just find myself thinking “is the purpose of higher eduation to take bright people and turn them into fuckwits?”

Such and article was Talent Going To Waste an irrational whine from a writer on the hand wringing, wailing and gnashing of teeth extreme of the woolly brained left.

This article bemoaned the fact that immigrants with good degrees from Universities in their homeland are unable to find employment related to their degree subject in this country and are having to work as shelf stackers, burger – flippers and office cleaners.

The writer berated British society for this terrible waste of talent and for treating these people so disrespectully.


There are plenty of English people, including my daughter and a couple of her friends, who have excellent degrees from good Universities and yet cannot get employment related to their specialist subject. This is not because of institutionalised racism or any other kind of bollocks the Political Correctness Police like to bang on about. It is because of the failure of the lunacies of free market economics.

Three Bees Sting The Old.

It had to happen. In spite of our generosity we punters could not keep underwriting the follies of capitalism and free market economics for ever simply by infinitely increasing our personal debts. Everything is finite, except perhaps the Universe, the mendacity of politicians and the greed of free market capitalists.

Over the past six months everybody has become painfully aware that the good times are gone. The three Bees, Blatcherism, Bureaucracy and Bean – counting have been stirred up and are stinging with a vengeance.

First to be hit were the poor, but now the old are starting to suffer. A social care crisis has been brewing for as long as the climate change crisis and has been as assiduously swept under the carpet. Politicians could not see many votes to be had from the old and capitalists could see easier ways of making money from old age than by providing high – cost, low return care homes (simpler by far to create fraudulent investment vehicles and steal people’s life savings)

Solutions to the growing problem of old age all seem to involve raising taxes or the abandonment of balls out foreign policy initiatives like The War or expensive vanity projects the The Games.

Making up a threesome along with the failure of capitalism and neo-con politics is the failure of modern medicine. While advances in drugs, surgery and other therapies have succeeded in prolonging life by finding ways to downgrade killer diseases to merely nasty, debilitating diseases we do not hear much about successes in prolonging the healthy, active portion of life. The medics have extended our lifespan but failed to combat the infirmities of age.

Another factor is the way successive governments of the Tory right and the Labour right have pandered to the demands of the business community, allowing them the freedom to export proper jobs to low labour cost economies. This has resulted in a disproportionate number of our workers being employed in candy-floss industries or in public administration. While the work of those who actually deliver a service in health and social care, transport, education, environmental services and public order is always costed to the penny and very tight budget restrictions imposed, the budgets for administering these services seems to be open ended.

We would expect nothing else as the administration of public services is now outsourced to the private sector and the only growth industry is in the creation of middle men, all wanting a piece of the action without actually doing anything practical to earn it.

This is why in a Blatcherite world there is never enough money to hire more doctors, nurses and teachers, but funds are always available for more bureaucrats and bean counters. It puts all that guff about enterprise in perspective.

I hate to say it but…..


Ever since I started Little Nicky Machiavelli in 2005 I have been telling you regularly there is only one end to a bubble.

And now, somewhat later than I predicted the third bubble of the Blatcherite era has burst.

So now will all those people who were keen to tell me that unbridled capitalism is the only way to organise society and to parrot the mantra “Mrs Thatcher did a lot of good for this country,” like to eat their words? With a big slice of humble pie to follow.

Market economics is just another way of saying ” selfish, blinkered short-termism. Just remember where yoiu read that as your investments evaporate, the value of your house plummets, your job goes east and inflation eats your savings.

And next time you vote VOTE GREEN. Then I will not have to say “I told you so again”.

Big Idea for the New Year – Let’s Dump London.

Just before Christmas I was pontificating on what step we must take in order to set this great country of ours on the right track and seized the opportunity to remind everybody of the harm that was done to our national community by the crackpot economics and hate-based social policies of Margaret Thatcher. One comment that came in from somebody on my friends list suggested the country was a mess because Good Saint Margaret had not gone far enough and that the answer to our failing public services, culture of greed and selfishness and looming crises in the financial sector, health, education, transport and everything is to cut income tax to 16%.
A-ha I though, enjoying an Alan Partridge moment, a-ha, another whinging Londoner who can’t afford his mortgage and is looking for a thinly disguised handout from us sensible, pragmatic, stoical, hard working Northerners, Mildlanders and West Country folk.
Well up to now of course, we have never objected to subsidising the capital. Nineteenth century social commentator William Cobbett dubbed it The Great Wen (wen: a wart or benign tumour) and described the city as “the home of stock jobbers and tax eaters” or to put it another way people who grow rich without actually contributing anything to the society from which they enrich themselves. It may seem a bit unkind of him to lump all Londoners into this category but sometimes generalisation helps to make a point. And Cobbett did point out that there was plenty of room outside London to accommodate all those Londoners willing to get proper jobs and work for a living.
Cobbett’s hatred of London was extreme. Most of us have been happy to abide by the understanding that we subsidise London so long as few Londoners ever venture north of Watford or west of Reading.

About fifteen years ago I had the misfortune to work with the kind of Londoner who makes people hate Londoners. An East End boy who had moved up to a Bovis home in the suburban sprawl north of the North Circular Road, he thought his three bed dormer and his Renault Five meant he had joined the nouveau riche. Every day I endured his witless remarks about the north being like Coronation Street, about keeping coal in the bath, his repeating “Ee bah gum” as if it were something real people ever actually said and his general delusions of superiority. And of course his prattling about how marvellous Margaret Thatcher had been for the country.

One day I happened to mention I was extending my weekend in order to put some wall lights in the dining room and doing a few other domestic jobs. Being a long term house addict he jumped in;
“Oh yeah, I put wall lights in our lounge, maybe I can help. What’s your room like?”

I drew a quick sketch and said the lights were going on the chimney breast to cast a soft light over the table.

“Yeah, but its not that simple,” he said, “where’s your television?”

I told him that was irrelevant.

“Nah, nah, it’s very important. If you’re not careful you will just see your lights reflected in the television screen.”

I asked, “But how can that happen when the television is not even in that room?”

“Oh, its a dining kitchen.”

“No, its a dining room, the kitchen is a separate room. And the tele isn’t in the dining room.”

Where is it?”

“In the lounge?”

The cockiness faded a little, “Jesus, they must be small rooms.” he said hopefully.

“Well the lounge is fourteen feet by twelve, the dining room seventeen by fifteen and the kitchen about fifteen by nine. So how is the position of the tele relevant to my wall lights?”

By now he was totally gobsmacked – and I had not told him about the cellar, the attic and what used to be the scullery cum wash-house.

After the weekend I took to work a photograph of the view acrosse the valley of the Lancashire Calder to Pendle Hill, taken from my front door.

“Where’s that,” my aspirational colleague asked, “Scotland.”
“No, my front garden,” I told him. Well it was not a total lie, the first twenty-five feet was.

“You got a view like that in Lancashire.”

“Lancashire is beautiful and Coronation Street is a fairy story.

“How much is your mortgage for that place?” he asked.

“About a hundred a month.” I thought he was going to be sick. Londoners just don’t get the North.

That assumption of superiority is something I have often encountered in London, usually from people who have taken on a mortgage they cannot afford and delude themselves they have moved up in the world. They are invariably fans of Margaret Thatcher.

Unfortunately Thatcherite politics depends on engineering artificial economic booms by lowering interest rates to a level at which it becomes viable to borrow to invest. And Thatcherite philosophy tells is followers (quite wrongly) that the best investment is property because property values always increase. What goes up must come down of course and every housing boom bursts just as soon as reality rears its ugly head. Unfortunately the breed of Londoners who are responsible for that city’s ills are immune to reality. Thus as well as convincing themselves the only reason for the collapse of the property market is that people outside London are not prepared to take on mortgages of twenty five times their annual salary, they are prepared to believe the Olympic White Elephant is a wonderful money making opportunity, that tax cuts for the rich can result in more money flooding into the economy so everyone gets richer (in reality more money flows out of the economy through offshore investment vehicles and everyone, excepting the very very rich, gets poorer.
So while contemplating the meaning of life on New Year’s Day I was suddenly overwhelmed by the an idea that will save us hard-working, level headed etc. non-Londoners from having to subsidise the great Wen with our taxes while our sensitive ears are constantly assailed with their whining about needing more favours, more subsidies and more everything.
Let’s dump London out of the UK. Its an idea that should make everybody happy, Londoners for as long as it takes to learn they need us more than we need them, the rest of us forever. I would not exclude all Londoners from the UK, like Cobbett I would be willing to accommodate those willing to work at proper jobs that do not involve property developing, trading financial derivatives or flogging dodgy T-shirts to tourists.

But allowing some people* to stay, country lovers like Mike St. Mark, sweeties like eggbod and entertaining folk such as Jack Frost out would make room for us to exile to independent London all the people outside London who work in financial services, anybody who thinks Thatcher was a good leader, anyone who has owned more than two houses in the last five years or anyone who drives a black can and can tell you where St. Mary at Hill is.

I would even let a top quality Londoner like Ros Thompson bring Arsenal along with her, after all there are a few big cities in dire need of a decent football team. Among those that spring to mind are Bristol, Sheffield and … dare I say it?….yes I dare – NEWCASTLE.

*If your name is not among those of Londoners to be saved, don’t worry, the full list is too long to reproduce here.

More on the impending failure of the housing market

The problem weith vastly expanding a blog’s readership as we have done recently, is that once the blog starts to register on the radar it attracts comments that are really nothing to do with anything the bloggers have written.

Take the recent post The Receding Prospect of Happiness which ended on a tongue in cheek comment about a family friend who has just set up as a manufacturer of bespoke Yurts.

Sure enough, along came one of the “I-take-myself-very-seriously-and-so-will-everyone-else” brigade, ranting on about how far we have come since the medieval era when people faced a daily struggle to survive and how people with a utopian view of medieval life are living in cloud cuckoo land. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but readers of this blog know Little Nicky Machiavelli is a proponent of technical progress tied to social need rather than the unbridled market forces that are truly driving us back towards the medieval sewer.
Two years ago this blog was predicting the cynically enginerered housing boom would all end in tears as people found themselves in near – slavery to their mortgage providers (how medieval is that?)
Well the rest of the world is just catching up. Read this view from and economist: Mortgaging Our Future – Neal Lawson

I tend to agree with uberblogger Andrew Keen who often complains that one of the great nonsenses of the web is that people do not read before commenting.

Birth – Giving Machines

After two weeks in which racism has dominated the national debate comes a story of sexism that must make us wonder why out leaders are so outraged at the rantings of “fick,” porcine – featured chavs and yet are always so keen to suck up to culturally unsound western powers such as Japan. For almost thirty years, successive Prime Ministers have been telling us we should be “more like the Japanese.” Do they mean we should turn into a nation of woman haters?
It is a few years since a Japanese Prime Minister was forced to resign after adverse reaction in the west to his publicly stated belief that “a man is not really a man until he has raped a woman.”
Disrespect to women is still a rather disturbing cultural reality in the Land of The Rising Sun though. Last weekend Japan’s current health minister, in an attempt to shore up the declining birth rate, called upon the nation’s “baby making machines” to up their productivity rate.
Japan of course does have a big problem with its declining birth-rate but instead of demeaning Japanese women Yanagisawa – san should look for the root of the problem, which like so many other problems that beset the world, lies in the obsession with globalisation of economics.
Like all other trading nations Japan’s economy relies on constantly accelerating economic growth. The expansion of trade that fuels this growth is underwritten by ever increasing property prices. This in turn means the cost of housing imposes an unsustainable burden on the joint income of couples. There is no way a single income can support two people let alone allow them to take on the added expenses of bringing up children. This is where Japan’s problem lies.
If a newly united couple plan to raise a family, adequate living space is a necessity. If you though the price of a decent sized house or flat in London was obscene just look at similar properties in Tokyo.
But as usual the politicians and businessmen cannot possibly be at fault so blame must fall on the ordinary punters, and in Japan’s sexist culture who better to blame than women.

Mozart Myth Exposed – classical music does not make brighter babies

Slaves to Bricks and Mortar

A couple of weeks ago Little Nicky wrote with some concern of the constantly rising price of homes and said that the plan is to make us all slaves to our motgages.
Today a finance house in south-east England announced the launch of an ongoing, interest only mortgage. The idea is the fanancier buys your house and you pay interest on it for ever. Not just til you die, right, but for EVER!
There is a getout of course. You will be able to bequeathe your debt to your heirs. Alternatively the financier will simply grab your home and sell it again to some other mug.
After “renters” being stigmatised for the past few decades until they are second class citizens, this sounds an awful lot like renting but without any of the privileges.

If you want to know what happened lat week read a magazine,
if you want to know what happened yesterday read a newspaper, but if you want to know what will happen tomorrow read LITTLE NICKY MACHIAVELLI.