As Britain Goes Jubilee Mad It’s Business As Usual In The Eurozone

Little nicky’s friends at The Daily Stirrer has consistently reported the truth about the Euro crisis while mainsteam print and broadcast media have consistently tried to suggest there was nothing wrong that could nut be put right by simply mugging German taxpayers to bail out debt problems in basket case nations like Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Italy. Another basket case nation, one that compounded it’s economic folly by committing to expensive and almost totally inefficient “green” energy projects is Spain. Now as a Spanish economic collapse that will need another massive bail out from north Europeran taxpayers draws closer every day we hear that another small EU nation, Cyprus, has at last admitted it is bankrupt

Spain’s ruling party, only recently elected, has begun to crack under pressure, signalling for the first time that the country may need a European rescue to shore up its banking system.

Meanwhile even the mighty German economic behemoth is faltering as one of it’s main customers, China, feels the pich due to Economic contraction in the USA and Europe.

While British financial markets remained closed today for the Jubilee celebrations, the German stock market fell sharply on fears of US economic relapse after last Friday’s terrible employment figures and news of a sharp slowdown in China. Spanish, Italian and French shares rose slightly on hopes of new eurozone fiscal authority to control national budgets and manage debts As any such scheme depends on German financial stability a news pan European financial policy already looks a forlorn hope..

Food prices are inflating

While the warmists rant about carbon and the Church of Scienceology Cult rave about climate science. there are three real and immediate problems facing us that nobody is talking about. These are overpopulation, water shortage and food price inflation. This article deals with food prices, links at the bottom lead to our posts on population and water scarcity.
Soaring wheat and other commodity costs on world markets have pushed up UK wholesale food prices at the fastest rate in two years, official figures revealed today.

Prices for foods produced in the UK were 9.8% higher last month than a year ago. This is the biggest annual increase since October 2008 figures compiled by the Office for National Statistics reported. Imported food prices climbed 4.5% on the year, the fastest rate since

Again Little Nicky Maciavelli and The Daily Stirrer was first to warn you of this. Hope you stocked up with baked beans, tinned soup and SPAM.

While the warmists rant about carbon and the Church of Scienceology Cult rave about climate science. there are three real and immediate problems facing us that nobody is talking about. These are overpopulation, water shortage and food price inflation. The article linked below deals with food prices, furtherb links at the bottom lead to Daily Stirrer posts on population and water scarcity.
The Growing Problem Of Rising Food Prices (politics)


BHP Drops Bid For Potash of Canada

Mining giant BHP Billiton has abandoned its takeover bid for fertiliser group Potash Corporation after it was blocked by the Canadian government. We should start to appreciate Canadians more perhaps. A few months ago The Daily Stirrer was praising two Canadian sceptics for exposing …

The Perfect Storm

Before Ian abandoned this blog to set up The Daily Stirrer Little Nicky Machiavelli blogged many times on the instability of the British, European and Global economies. Well with his new friends at the Stirrer Little Nicky’s former alter ego has kept up that fine tradition of spelling out the unpleasant truths.

Read The Perfect Economic Storm which covers events of the past few days and provides an extensive roundup of posts from The Daily Stirrer and other new media warning of exactly what has happened over the course of the global financial crisis.

All the time the increaingly pathetic mainstream media were parroting the message of politicians and bureaucrats who were talking up the illusory economic recovery.

Fruitcakes, Financial Crisis and Guido Fawkes

Little Nicky Machiavelli has grown up and doesn’t play around much now. These days he is working for The Daily Stirrer where today you will find some vigourous stirring on these topics:

Who Are The Fruitcakes Now
UKIP leader Nigel Farage thinks now Ukip’s policy to reduce tax on low wages has been taken up by Oxfam ans other poverty relief agencies his party is well on the way to breaking into the mainstream. Who are the fruitcakes and loonies now? he asks. Well bearing in mind the Lib Dems had the same policy years ago and it did not do a lot for them…

Extreme Right Cherish the financial crisis
Financial turmoil helps populists such as Geert Wilders; to beat them we must come clean about how we got in this mess say the authors of this article. Well OK so long as we really come clean and don’t try to hide behind politically correct eyewash.

Guido cofesses
Blogger Guido Fawkes comes clean on how he slighly exaggerated a jounalists complain that Guido had slightly exaggerated the stupidity of questions asked by the journalist about the Damien McBride / Dolly Draper smear scandal.

Around the blogs – 9 Oct

We’re expecting big news from the American election trail overnight. As usual Little Nicky Machiavelli will be ready to point to the really interesting stuff we do not see in the British Press. Until that story break however here are a few more local issues:

We’re all socialists now Teleraph columnist Simon heffer thinks the bank bail out has truned us into a modern version of the Soviet Union.

All Hail The Bunha Bail Out The government’s plan to rescue the economy was hatched over a takeaway curry. I’ve made better plans over takeaway curries before now, but what was on Alistair Darling’s order

Time to grasp the fiscal nettle The only way to steer the world back to reality after this crisis is to accept that just because someone says an asset is with £Xmillion, that does not mean it is actually worth anything.

The Age Of irresponsibility – When did it start asks political commentator Michael White of the era that has just crashed and burned. When Thatcher abolished legal constraints on the rich or did the irresponsibility begin before that?

And finally… a welcome bit of humour from the American election, A comic book look at McCain and Obama

The One We’ve All Been Waiting For: The Credit Crunch..

It’s here at last folks, the show you have all been waiting for, The Conservative Party Credit Crunch Conference. How interesting it will be as Lord Snooty Cameron and his Pals take centre stage to hear what they have to say about the meltdown of the global economy and the irresponsibility of the Merchant Bankers who caused it. Especially when you remember Lord Snooty and his Pals were at school with that very same bunch of Merchant Bankers. In fact some of Lord Snooty’s chums used to be Merchant bankers when they were younger but, we hear, now they are serious politicians their tastes have matured and they can only be satisfied by a couple of visits a week to Nanny Whiplash.

No doubt as the chums take the podium they will unite behind Lord Snooty Cameron in blaming the hapless Gordon Brown for the crisis. Fair play, he was in charge of the tuck money for eleven years but we must not forget it was Lord Snooty’s Party, The Conservatives, led by Margaret Thatcher who kicked off the economic madness that led to the bubble and squeak economics of the past quarter century by a hasty and ill though out package of deregulatory measures.

Before Thatcher’s disastrous meddling on behalf of her hubby’s cronies, short selling, known by the much more sinister sounding name of arbitrage, the process of selling something one does not own in the expectation of buying back the asset more cheaply before returning it to the owner at a profit was illegal. People could go to prison for it. So was arbitrage a restrictive practice holding back markets or just good sense.

Whatever we think, short selling, in effect betting on stock market movements, was so lucrative that trade in “derivatives,” administrative vehicles facilitating such trades, became more profitable than trading in boring old stocks, commodities and bonds. The risks became greater too but nobody mentioned that.

As time passed the Merchant Bankers became more greedy and took bigger risks. They were not risking their own moolah of course, oh no, they were betting with your pension funds and personal savings.
There have already been two financial disasters, in the early 1990s and the dotcom + 9/11 bust of 2000 and 2001. if once is unfortunate and twice looks like carelessness to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, then three times is downright stupidity.

So it will be a tad hypocritical for Lard Snooty and his pals to stand up and condemn the Labour Party for mismanaging the economy. They were simply playing the game invented by the Conservative economists with more flair and panache than the Conservatives have shown.

So it will be like blaming Brazil for England’s decline as the foremost footballing nation.

As The Housing Crisis Deepens Is This An Answer?

In this article
A home run for housing
Liberal Democrats finance spokesman Vince Cable suggests a policy aimed at reminding people houses are homes to live in not investments to be bought and sold for profit would be a positive move. The idea is that as repossessions increase in number, funds that have been locked for years are released to enable Housing Associations and other social housing organisations to buy the properties from mortgage providers, enabling people who were mis-sold mortgages they could not afford to remain in their homes as tenants.

Cable is, as far as I am aware, the first promient politician to say we must rid our society ofd this obsession with the fallacy that owning property makes us rich or “middle class,” and talk for reminding people that houses are not investments to be traded and there is no real stigma in renting one’s home.

Could this be the first positive step towards repairing the society Thatcher trashed so deliberately and disastrously and Blair pulverised.

Who Profits From The Food Shortage

One of the objectives of Little Nicky Machiavelli has always been to undermine the spurious arguments of those snake tongued swindlers who proclaim the virtues of free market economics.

This excellent article that raises the question of who is actually benefitting from the global food crisis, which is causing minor hardships to the poor of the industrialised world.

feasting on famine

It explains how as houlsehold budgets in the west are squeezed we should not be fooled by the lies of free marketeers into thinking the hard pressed farmers of Eastern Europe and Asia or even the fairly prosperous farmers of the USA, Canada and Australia are benefitting. The people who are reporting increased profits are the food producers, the commodity brokers and the bankers who finance them. These bankers are the same people who are bleating about needing handouts from our tax money to cover the losses they have made on fraudulently mis-selling mortgages and “secured” investments.

Is anyone stll naive enough to believe all that Thatcherite bullshit about the trickle down effect. The only thing that trickles down is misery.

Today Little Nicky Machiavelli has…

A new chapter in Little Nicky’s blog as across the pond commitments continue to take up much time.

Today Little Nicky has commented on…

Gordon Brown, a man of hidden shallows
The Prime Minister keeps telling us he will deal with the stampede of problems “after the May elections. But will he have other things on his mind by then?

Smell the coffee
Chummy breakfasts with CEOs of leading banks is hardly likely to solve the crisis, after all it was the banks and their CEOs who caused it and now they are looking for Government money to bail them out.

Biofuels Madness
How can we hope to save the planet when the alternative to fossil fuels are even more damaging to the climate?

Recently Little Nicky’s alter ego has been hosting a discussion on what happened before Big Bang. Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 at

Talk to Tom Paine about the Army Mutiny.

It seems in his decrepitude the great libertarian agitator and free thinker Tom Paine has become a TORY.

Yes, over on his blog The Last Ditch which is billed as being about the death of liberty in Britain, Tom is slagging off the honourable and decent Army officer who has spoken out on behalf of his men against the idiotic and self serving policies of the TRAITOR Tony Blair.
The imposter Paine who writes the blog seems to think the nation will be plunged into a constitutional crisis if the WAR CRIMINAL AND MASS MURDERER BLAIR does not sack the General.

LITTLE NICK MACHIAVELLI say the General is right, the principle duty of an army officer abroad is to the safety and wellbeing of his men. Constitutional crisis my arse, if Blair does try to sack Sir Richard he could well have a military mutiny on his hands.

You can join the debate with Little Nicky at The Last Ditch

Machiavelli on tour

After severe network problems for almost a month Little Nicky has been able to resume his world tour.

Yesterday brought me to a great article about how the western obession with free market economics has led to situations in which humanitarian disaters have been turned into business opportunities by corporate interests with the collusion of governments. Its a subject the Machiavelli blog will be picking up on but meanwhile check out the original story