I Am Not A Number I Am A Human Being

The Guardian’s Jenni Russell, a Labour supporter in the past turns on the party and explains how their failure to win the popularity they expected after their claimed increases in public spending can be explained by the obsession with figures, targets, statistics and management babble. On top of that they made the great mistake of treating the public as stupid, thinking we would happily accept their statistics showing improvement in the NHS when people’s experience is of patients being neglected while clinical staff are prioritizing bureaucratic tasks, why so many children are emerging from the education illiterate and inummerate and even university graduates on entering employment need remedial training in basic literacy and numeracy while examination result statistics show year on year improvement..

Read Jenni Russell’s article New Labour’s Mistake Is In Thinking We Are All Automatoms

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Is ten too young to face criminal justice?

Is the age of criminal responsibility too low at 10 asks a typical bleeding heart? (Are chidren too young for justice at ten) We think it depends on your point of view. If you think children are old enough at ten to know it is very very naughty to torture toddlers and small furry animals then obviously you disagree with the writer. If on the other hand you think every male child has a right to try a bit of rape without having to face legal sanction then you will support the writer and would vote for the age of criminal responsibility to be raised to sixteen. Remember, already the authorities exclude crimes committed by the under sixteens from the “recorded” crime figures.

UPDATED 14:42 Feb12, 2009
Criminal Justice is not the awesome force it once was, far more fearsome are the disciplinary tribunrals convened and overseen by the Politically Correct Thought Police. In the same way as during the witch hunts of the seventeenth century the word of a gentleman was sufficient evidence on which to secure a conviction, now the word of a “right – on” person is sufficient to prove a case “beyond resonable doubt.” The case of a head teacher who referred to female staff as his harem is a good illustration of how mercilessly efficient the Politically Correct Thought Police can be.

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People Who have done nothing wrong have nothing to fear from CCTV, neither has anyone else.

Every few months since it came to power, The Government has released a new set of crime figures showing that “recorded” crime has fallen. The keyword here is “recorded.”
One of the reasons politicians like to cite for their alleged success in dealing with crime is the success of their policy of installing CCTV cameras everywhere but independent figures released today show that CCTV cameras do not cut crime at all.
There are several very logical reasons for believing the independent figures.

Many of the cameras are not working at any particular crime. This is because they are installed and operated by private contractors financed by Public / Private Finance agreements. This gives the operators an incentive to tick the boxes on the forms without carrying out the necessary maintenance work.

Criminals know where cameras are and commit their offences round the corner.

The fashion industry helps the criminal fraternity. Did you think hooded sweatshirts and Burberry caps were just a fashion statement?

Defenders of CCTV claim the technology is good for identifying wrongdoers by the logos on their clothes. Imagine some lawyer having to stand up in court and say, “In the photograph on the left the jury will see the accused walking in High Street wearing a blue sweatshirt on which a Nike logo is clearly visible. The photograph on the right from the same camera 30 minutes later shows a group of young men robbing an older man. Their faces obscured due to their hood being raised but one is wearing a blue sweatshirt bearing the Nike logo. This must prove beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of the accused.

Yeah right. Any jury would convict.

The cameras are most effective as a weapon against street crime but the images from them are too fuzzy and indistinct to be used as evidence in court. They are best used to monitor trouble spots and direct police patrols to where a presence is needed. Trouble is, so much money has been wasted on this technology, the police forces have had to reduce numbers of feet on the street.

Our Government of control freaks will defend their policy beyond reason of course, they can never admit to failure. To compound their folly, even now they are gearing up to introduce a new generation of surveillance cameras claimed by manufacturers to be capable of zooming in on a target to photograph the iris. The data will then be checked against the biometric information database compiled for the National ID card project.

Don’t know about you, but I am going to be investing my life savings in firms that make sunglasses.

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Guilty of doing nothing wrong

Law of The Boot

In the news today rail user Julie Pickford described what happened when she asked a group of teenagers travelling in the same carriage to stop throwing popcorn at her.

Instead of realising that what they were doing might not seem funny to the person on the receiving end, the young people crowded round her, dragged her to the floor and gave her a good kicking.

Coming only a few days after the killers of family man Gary Newlove and goth Sophie Lancaster were sentenced for murder this is another shocking reminder of the state of our society. Gary and Sophie were killed in completely separate incidents but in both cases had asked members of a gang to leave them alone.

The regularity with which such incidents occur highlights once more the fundamental dishonesty of the government in publishing bogus statistics that purport to show crime rates falling once again.

Salon.com – Eating The Amazon

First Post: Sweet and Sour, The Miracle Berry

A Society in Decay

We have commented many times on the breakdown of society and the very visible symptoms in the streets of our towns and suburbs. The astounding revelations this week as the murderers of Gary Newlove were sentenced prove another example.

For all this the Government keeps trotting out its fraudulent statistics showing that crime is actually falling and certain bossy, meddlesome middle class harridans (yes I do mean you Polly Toynbee, get over your schoolgirl crush on Tony Blair and open your eyes to reality.)

The guilt tripping middle class socialists of Nu-Labour are quick to excuse the violent minority on our streets, to blame parents, political extremists, the consumer society etc. (and I have to say it is pretty rich to read comments written by a Chelsea Tractor driving media millionaire blaming consumerism for society’s ills as if the problem is nothing to do with them,) they will blame anybody but the thugs and scumbags who perpetrate such random acts of violence as we hear of every day.
The finger pointers of the right like to blame single parent families, the failure of the justice system, the nanny state, all the usual targets of the right.
Nobody ever thinks to blame the evil little shits who are responsible.

It is not the consumer society that causes these outrages, nor is it single parent families. Many single parents bring their children up well. It is not lack of male role models: it is lack of positive male role models and the failure of society to give out a clear message that everybody is free within the law, but step out of line and there will be consequences. For most people than message hardly needs to be given, the majority know instinctively where the lines are drawn. But a few, like the thugs who murdered Gary Newlove, are quick to exploit the stupidity of the guilt-tripping middle-class socialists in engineering laws that give more “rights” to the criminal than the victim. Ask them to stop trashing your car or vandalising your garden and the mantra is, “Why should we, what are you going to do about it? we know our rights.”

We need not feel guilty abot punishing these people, they do not come from poor homes, thus being victims of society, they come from uncaring homes and thus are victims of their parents. And if the thought in their heads when they murder, maim and destroy is not, “This is wrong,” but “there will be no consequences, I’ll only get an ASBO,” then they deserve to face the wrath of society.

The sooner the better.

Honour Killing? Honour My Arse.

The most shocking news story this week has been that of the honour killing inquest. Though it is clear a young British girl (let’s not forget this is a British schoolgirl we are talking about) was murdered either by or at the command of members of her own family, probably because of a friendship with a boy not approved of by her father and brothers.

What the hearing has uncovered is that there are several such killings each year, that are known of. This excludes the British girls of Asian families who refuse an arranged marriage and are shipped off to the ancestral homeland and simply never seen by their British friends again.

It is easy to point the finger at one religion here, but religions tend to be tribal in their nature and most ancient mythologies, including European paganism, include a story in which the primary God asks a leader to sacrifice their own child to save the tribe from destruction. Myths are not meant to be read literally however, and the symbolism is clear, that sometimes we are going to have to choose between self interest and the good of the community. Personal honour does not enter into it.

Unfortunately the three Abrahamic religions do have this foolish tendency to read their “holy scriptures,” in all cases a hotch potch of myths culled from other cultures and silly fairy stories invented to make the God of these religions look good. In the more extreme forms of these religions, great emphasis is put on the necessity of “putting god first,” in other words placing more importance on kissing god’s arse than on doing the decent and human thing.

Now if we all carried on by killing our daughters because they dishonoured us and our families by having flings with totally inappropriate boys, believe me there would be very few women over twenty five in the world (and most of them mingers.) But most of us, be we Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or Atheist do not carry on like that. We support our children, tolerate their follies and are always on hand with a big tube of Ego-stik to put them back together when they are in pieces. This is because most of us are not ruled by religion. As William Blake or someone of that era said, “Religion wages war on human nature.”

So if that young woman from Warrington is to be granted justice and we are to continue to call ourselves a civilised nation, we must now bring religions (including Scientology and other American crackpot cults) under the scrutiny of the law. Under British law nobody should be pressured to dress in a way they do not wish to, nobody should be pressured into marrying somebody they do not want to, nobody should be controlled or brainwashed by religious authority figures and we should never as a nation be willing to accept “you don’t understand our religion” as an excuse for lawbreaking.

Some of my friends have argued the case for religious freedom in the past. It’s a fine principle but the problem is once religionists are granted freedom, they immediately use it to restrict the freedom of their followers. In our zeal to protect the rights and freedoms of monority groups, it seems we often allow ourselves to be suckered into protecting the righs and freedoms of those who think they have a right to abuse others. Where is the honour in that?

Atheist Civilization Condemned

Who Do We Trust To Run The DNA Database?

The Government’s latest big idea to put its abysmal record on crime and the causes of crime looks no less likely to fail abysmally than all their other initiatives, crackdowns and reorganisations.

The new wheeze is to create a DNA database with a record of everybody in the country’s DNA stored in it. Leaving out the track record of Government I.T. projects (because we will doubtless be returning to that in the future) The question is in view of the fact they have lost control of the streets can we trust the Police to manage something as complex as a DNA Database?

In the past all the government’s efforts to convince us their “war on crime” was succeeding were based on telling blatant lies and backing them up with fraudulent statistics. This has fooled nobody except silly Polly Toynbee, a journalist who is still so gusset-creamingly in love with Tony Blair she insists we have all been taken in by the hysterical reporting of crime favoured by The Daily Mail and other tabloids.

It seems the demands of highbrow socialist journos for “justice for all” define “all” as non white, non British, non straight, non males or asylum seeking, thieving, cheating, human trafficking pikey scum from Eastern Europe (my mate Adil’s description of the latest arrivals in town, not mine.) As for the rest of us, who cares that our gardens have been vandalised, our cars keyed and our sheds torched?
The reality, according to dear Pol is that crime, having fallen at an accelerating rate for a decade is now so low that people are breaking into your house to leave TVs, Video Recorders, jewellery and cash. Crime figures are now negative for all crimes except being nasty to blacks and Asians, women, gays, immigrants (especially asylum seekers) and psychopathic axe murderers.
Its the kind of thing that gets liberalism a bad name, and from such an unlikely source. Polly is a smart, elegant woman, not the type to go around in a dress made from Jilly Cooper’s old curtains and a pair of rope sandals.
Everybody knows there is such a dearth of good new novels these days because all the best fiction writers are employed making up government statistics.

I have written to Polly many times to explain the reason why crime figures fall year on year is because the statistics used are based on crimes reported to the police rather than crimes committed. I don’t know what happens where you live but round here the last thing crime victims want to do is get the police involved. It’s a waste of time and can put people at risk.
Let’s follow what happens. Two or three days after you are mugged, burgled, vandalised etc. the police turn up and while WPC Sillytits explains empathetically that there is little they can do unless they catch the culprit red handed, her colleague PC Dimmock knocks on the door of Mr. Ruthless Bastard, the local fence and drug dealer who has more convictions for ABH and GBH than a beach has grains of sand. P.C. Dimmock says, “ ‘ello ‘ello ello Ruthless Bastard, we’ve got you band to rights this time. Mr. Decent at Number 14 tells us you tried to sell him the stuff what was nicked from his house.
A few days later, following your release from hospital, a victim support officer calls at your house and tries to recruit you for a scheme that involves spying on neighbours and reporting anything suspicious to police so that PC Dimmock can go straight round to Ruthless Bastards house and tell him Mr. Decent saw him handing small bags of white powder to people wearing hoodies in exchange for £20 notes. PC Dimmock’s warning that “we’ll be keeping an eye on you” leaves Ruthless Bastard quaking in his shoes.
Does anybody think this is at all far fetched?
Not so long ago in Burnley there was a case of somebody giving information on a suspect who was arrested but “walked” due to procedural error. The informant later had his home vandalised and his car torched while members of his family were attacked.
So now you know why crime figures look so good, would you trust the Police to manage a DNA Database?

Stop and Question

In his latest attempt to secure himself a legacy Blair, aided and abetted by Crusher Reid is proposing to revive disastrous and divisive “stop and search” policy thinly disguised as “stop and question. It seems the only legacy option still open is to turn Britain into a totalitarian and fascist society.

Under the proposals police will be able to stop and question anybody they think is breathing in a suspicious manner, looking a bit swathy or walking along with their hands in their pockets.
Refusal to answer questions will constitute a crime.

It reminds me of a story that circulated in the Thatcher era. A copper in Liverpool stopped a man who was carrying a parcel and say “hey you, what have you got under your arm.”
“Hairs,” said the scouser.

Scrutinising Christian values (again)

An Alabama woman convicted of shop lifting from a Wal Mart store was ordered to parade outside the store on two consecutive Saturday’s wearing a sandwich board which proclaimed “I am a thief, I stole from Wal – Mart.
Such retribution through humiliation is becoming quite fashionable in American Bible Belt states and unsurprisingly a few minutes research revealed that the Judges keen to hand out such punishments are the ones who make a big deal out of the fundamentalist Christian faith.
Such Christians are so far up their own fundaments of course they see no contradiction in inflicting total humiliation on a poor person whose small crime is born out of poverty and need while at the same time praising a giant corporation like Wal Mart for its “Christian Values” and good business practice when it steals from its customers, suppliers and staff.

Cannabis and Common Sense

Following on from yesterday’s post about the apparent absence of common sense in the legal system, today we bring you news of another example of the inability of judges and lawyers to grasp reality.
Sixty – Eight year old Patricia Tabram of Hemshaugh, Northumbria was convicted at Carlisle Crown Court yesterday of possessing cannabis. She had admitted growing three plants in her wardrobe for self medication purposes. Mrs Tabram, who suffers from depression and arthritis mixes the dried, ground laves with various foods to lift her depression and give her respite from the chronic pain in her joints. She claims cannabis it the only therapy which works on her symptoms without causing debilitating side effects. A cup of hot chocolate containing a little cannabis gave her five hours relief from pain, the court was told.
Now this person who does not have much quality of life left nor much to look forward to in her remaining years is faced with the prospect of having to do 250 hours community service (with crippling arthritis, yeah right!) and pay £1000 legal costs. Because of the conviction her home in a sheltered unit provided by a Housing Association is also at risk.
In passing sentence Judge Barbara Forrester said she understood Mrs. Tabram only used the drug for self medication and had no intent to supply but the law limited the scope for leniency.
It has always been a principle of British justice (though too rarely observed in recent centuries when vengeance and retribution seem to be the only principles that matter) that justice should be tempered with compassion. If ever there was a case for a judge set a precedent in the interests of justice this was it.
Sadly, under the bureaucratic dictatorship set up by the bully Thatcher and expanded by the traitor and war criminal Blair, common sense is always overridden by rules and regulations. Judges seem ever more reluctant to give verdicts that challenge a bad law which does not distinguish between a crime and a misdemeanour because the government, which is jealous of the power of an independent judiciary, may use it as an excuse to further undermine that independence. This has led to many deplorable decisions by the dispensers of justice.
Another social commentator at an American website wrote last week of a “social recession” in the free world. It is hardly surprising. When those with the authority to do so are afraid to challenge bad laws, respect for the law breaks down. And when respect for the law breaks down we cease to be a society and become a rat pack.

Summary Justice on the Streets

In the week when the Prison Service was finally forced to ask the courts not to send any more prisoners a news story from The Accrington Observer deserves national attention because it reveals the true nature of the government’s witch hunt justice. You may be aware that in the eighteenth century women were accused of being guilty and found guilty of being accused.
A young man in Accrington will fight an on the spot fine for littering and is prepared to go to prison before he pays up.
The “on-the-spot fine” was handed out by one of the town’s community wardens. Under the summary justice system these clipboard wielding bureaucrats who are not police officers and have no powers of arrest, can hand out fines and demand immediate payment, backing up the demand with warnings that “if you choose to go to court the fine could be a lot bigger.”
Well I had no idea that the Sheriff of effing Nottingham was running the justice system but when I reveal the circumstances surrounding the case it is even more appalling.
The lad had been walking along the main shopping street drinking fruit juice from a carton when his mobile phone rang. Stepping towards the buildings so as not to obstruct people he put his drink down on the pavement while he fiddled with the phone. As he was answering the call, the warden stepped up and handed him the ticket. There was no request to pick up the carton and no warning that he might be about to commit an offence. He was still standing next to the carton so he had not actually committed an offence, it is not illegal (yet) to put one’s property down on the pavement and he had not moved away from his drink. The young man said he had no intention of leaving the carton, in fact after the incident he picked up the drink and finished it.
So where is the offence except in the eyes of a single minded bureaucrat whose only though is to hit a government imposed target for funds raised through arbitrary fines.
Yet the bureaucracy is so implacable that nobody has had the common sense to say “let’s quietly drop this one.”

If that is justice in Blair’s Britain, no wonder there is no respect for the law.

Tory Toynbee

The Boy David thinks that his party should be stealing its social agenda from Guardian columnist and dangerous leftie Polly Toynbee rather than from the political philosophies of world’s greatest pissed politician Winston Churchill.
And why not? After all Toynbee is the writer who has consistently praised Fuhrer Blair’s great successes in reforming the NHS and Social Security and trumpeted the triumphs of New Labour’s education reforms which have statistics showing pupils getting a million A level passes each while at the sharp end of reality employers complain that school leavers are illiterate. Favourite Toynbee territory for eulogising Blair is crime. Crime figures are falling she proclaims even as Little Nicky is reporting that there is no point phoning the police when your neighbour is having the shit kicked out of him as they can’t be arsed turning up.
Earlier this week Polly wrote a column panning the curmudgeonly attitude of doctors and nurses in not getting behind the Governments wonderful reforms.
On the day after DC appointed Pol the head of the Tory think – tank The Guardian’s letters page this morning featured a complaint from a working nurse (well she was still working when the paper was put together last night – today, who knows?) that the government’s success in reducing waiting lists has been achieved by the simple expedient of arranging “interim appointments” for patients waiting for treatment. Which means the patients are waiting longer to actually get the treatment they need but they are getting their blood pressure taken more often while they are waiting. and of course nobody can complain that they have been waiting 12 months to see a doctor.
If this is Cameron’s version of caring conservatism I wonder what odds Ladbrokes are offering on UKIP being the second biggest party (behind the Monster Raving Loonies) after the next election.

The Steal – Your – ID Card

Not so long ago Little Nicky was at The Guardian Comment Is Free blog banging the drum about the Government’s (President Blair’s) pet scheme to make us all buy ID cards and particularly about the insecurity built into I.D. Card technology. These cards will make it easier to steal our identity, get loans in our name, claim job – seekers allowance on our NHI numbers while we slave (well OK, while you slave) to make ends meet.
You know I.D. Cards, the things that are supposed to prevent us being victims if Identity theft, credit card fraud, wrongful arrest and being harassed by bogus asylum seekers? I.D. Cards that will put an end to the benefits fraud that is threatening to impoverish Daily Mail readers as they have to pay more and more tax to fund the expensive habits of black-Irish-dwarf-lesbian-one-legged-single mothers? Yes, those I.D. Cards, the real purpose of which is to allow control freak governments obsessed with surveillance and social control to track our movements twenty four hours a day.
Well it seems the bright libertarians at The Guardian took on board Nicky’s warnings about the security problems. The got hold of a couple of the new hi – tech passports (which use the same technology as the proposed I.D. Cards.) and within 24 hours had cracked the security on the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip that contains all the personal data and extracted the information needed to perpetrate an identity fraud, forge a passport or make a false benefits claim.
Read the full story here:
Unfortunately the story does not appear on a page where you may leave your comments. But I’m sure it will.

The Home Office are blustering about biometric data being uncloneable. Well maybe, although that is irrelevant as there are known ways of forging fingerprints and facial biometric identifiers, not yet operational in airports, are known to have a 20 – 25% failure rate. That means as many as one in four psychos could get through border control.

The Home Office argument falls apart however when we realise that the man cracking the passports did so in twenty four hours, having spent less than £200. How many man hours and £millions have the government invested in developing this useless system?

This kind of thing happens so often because most of us have been brainwashed into jumping up and down, waving our arms in the air and shouting hooray (or hurrah if you’re a New Labour ex – public schoolboy) whenever new technology is mentioned.
But earlier in the week Nicky was exposing the hopelessness of Digital Television (and dared not even mention Digital Radio lest the servers be swamped by a torrent of comments expressing resentment and dissatisfaction. And only yesterday I was exchanging messages with someone about Internet Telephony in general (a total non – starter, the internet and telephony are incompatible) and Skype in particular. Skype fans remember, before hitting the keyboard to express your indignation, Skype is almost a homonym of hype and once they have signed up a big enough customer base the hype will end. BTW you don’t get free calls at all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Login next week and Little Nicky will reveal all.
Always be sceptical of new technology, said he who made a lucrative career and saved taxpayers and companies £millions out of doing just that.

NHS Accountans must be called to account.

An ex nurse, Pat Robinson has won a high court judgement against The National Health Service Trafford Primary Care Trust which had acted illegally in closing hospital wards in Altrincham General Hospital. Ms. Robinson acted independently and risked bankruptcy to fight this crime which was inspired solely by the Government target driven culture.
On the same day it was announced that the Accident and Emergency unit at Burnley General Hospital will close and all emergencies in the area will be dealt with by the new superhospital at Blackburn. Well its only a few miles from Burnley to Blackburn, another fifteen minutes maybe. But wait.
The catchment area for Burnley General stretches north to Slaidburn and other villages in the Ribble Valley and East to Barnoldswick, Trawden and Thornton in Craven (look em up in your Atlas if you are interested.) By the time an ambulance gets out to these places and back to Blackburn it will be getting on for an hour if the response is very quick.
Now I used to live on the east (Burnley) side of Accrington and when I was haemorrhaging into my brain the time differential between getting to Burnley or Backburn was crucial. I survived literally by a few minutes.
The same kind of thing is going on all over the country and yet this week the Lib Dems have been mealy mouthed on the subject of the Blair/Brown philosophy of Government by financial targets.

Next time you have the opportunity to vote ask youself are you really prepared to lose a loved one prematurely because of the crimes of a corrupt government and their crooked lackeys?

And let’s get out on the streets, backing people like the former Trafford nurse. Let’s chain ourselves to railings, blockade the car parks (the management car parks) support the strikers, refuse to respond to bureaucratic requests for information, do not pay fines, ignore parking restrictions (get yourself an angle grinder and a battery booster with AC inverter and you need never worry about clamps again) be obstructive in any way you can.

They Can’t Put Us All In Prison.

Another unenforcable law?

Did you notice the new law on child seats for cars slipped into force this week? According to this, anybody under four feet five has to have a booster seat. This will inconvenience a lot of circus performers and a few little old ladies of course, but I can see it changing the life of a stroppy eight year old.
“You don’t want your life to be made a misery every time we go out in the car? Dump the booster then, I’m not a baby.”
The law is totally impractical of course, but its the kind of law the police like. Nobody is going to report you for not having the kids on booster so the only time an offence will be recorded is when somebody is caught in the act. A crime with a 100% clear up rate.

Hoodies are people too.

So the somersault is turned and with an allez and an oop – la to the smell of the greaspaint and the roar of the crowd, The Flying Parliamentarian Bothers have passed each other in mid air and exchanged positions totally. And while Blair talks tough on crime and the causes of crime Cameron advocates care and compassion towards those who might be planning to kick an old lady to death for her pension. Well we should not be hard on the little cherubs, after all they might come from poor backgrounds or dysfunctional families. Hoodies are human and will respond to love and compassion goes the Cameron line.

Now on most issues Little Nicky M. is well to the left of Lenin and Marx but he knows that if we are to have a just, egalitarian and inclusive society we must ensure that everybody who wants to live in that society must respect the person and social privileges of others. Privileges like being able to walk down the street without being intimidated by gangs of youths who hide their identities under floppy hoods.

Respect first, then compassion will follow says Nicky.

But we must not forget that it is a Conservative leader who is pleading for understanding and tolerance of the disillusioned young. And so is this political manoeuvre not a little hypocritical when we remember that the creator of a society in which parents were encouraged to abandon their kids to the tender mercies of the street culture while those parents worked 25/8 to pay off unfeasibly large mortgages on rather shoddy and inadequate little homes was the leading light of modern conservatism?

Twenty years ago, in a previous incarnation as Armytage Shanks, the man who puts the BIZ in ShowBiz, Nicky was arguing that the fostering of an obsession for owning property was a kind of quasi – religious scam. Just as the people who suffered poverty and deprivation in the Industrial Revolution were encouraged to believe in God so they would be happy when they were dead so the modern corporate class are encouraged to believe in the housing market and the promise they will be rich when they are dead.

Fighting Crime

Your are probably wondering where Little Nicky has been hiding.

Well ever eager to champion the cause of common sense he is daily taking the fight to the mass media.

Today’s target is a typical pice og hypocritical cant in the Guardian Blog. Read the full item and Nicky’s response by clicking here