Isis threat justifies greater surveillance powers in UK, says Liam Fox

Now I like to be selective about which conspiracy theories I support and which I ignore. The return of The Nephilim I am quite happy to pass on, likewise the indea that the world’s banking community is controlled by reptillians (politicians may display reptillian tendencies but bankers are only reptiles in a metaphorical sense.

and up to now I have found it easy to dismiss allegations that the ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and al Shem) was created by the west to further a globalist agenda.

After watching the Andrew Marr show yesterday I may have to rethink my position however:

Britain’s security services may need to be given greater powers of surveillance to monitor extremists from Isis when they return home to Britain from Iraq and Syria, the former defence secretary Liam Fox has said.

A majority of people will accept that an “ideological battle” means that the authorities will need greater powers to intercept the communications of extremists, Fox said.

The former defence secretary, who was speaking on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1, said Britain should offer to put its airbases at the disposal of the US to avoid a “horrendous” situation in Iraq as Isis forces pose a threat to Baghdad.

Even if the bastards have not organised it in collaboration with the USA and United Nations, they clearly see it as an opportunity to shaft us again.

What can you do? Use a proxy server online – anonymouse is a good one for beginners; set your browser’s privacy settings to the highest practical level; next time you buy a computer go linux – in the UK are shipping laptops with linux pre loaded now, the version of Ubuntu on the one I bought my daughter is nothing to be afraid of; buy over the counter for cash whenever possible – help reserve jobs in your community as well as frustrating the surveillance state fascists; do not publish personal information on social media – remember all Facebook’s profit las year came from what the US government pay them for spying on users.

Your personal revolution starts here.

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Virtual ID has arrived – why you should resist taking it up
We told you some years ago when our publication appeared under a different name that the then Labour Government’s plan for compulsory electronic ID cards was the step that would take us over the line from a seblance of liberal democracy into oligarchic fascism. Labour’s plan was derailed by public opposition but now it has been rehashed and is presented with fluffy window dressing. A vote for Labour, Conservative Or Liberal Democrat is a vote for fascism. You have been warned.

Two posts on The Conspiracy

Transatlantic trade deal is an assault on democracy says left wing libertarian

Sneaking a transatlantic trade deal through with Obama, by – passing the elected parliament and British law is just about David Cameron’s style. But this latest exercise in dismantling democracy could have far reaching consequences for all of us, for example it will give global corporations the power to change British law.

Transatlantic trade deal is an assault on democracy says left wing libertarian

The Big Conspiracy: Corporatism Is Fascism, Democracy Is Dead

The dividing line that marks where big business ends and big government starts has become so blurred it is hardly visible. Is that any wonder with politicians being handed sinecures on corporate boards and senior executives being employed as ‘Czars’, experts hired to head up government projects. What is clearly visible is the merging of business and government is not good for democracy or individual citizens.

The Big Conspiracy: Corporatism Is Fascism, Democracy Is Dead

Another goal to the Conspiracy Theorists

Libertarian and freethinking bloggers and new media writers are having a great time. For years our efforts to warn people about the push towards global fascism earned us hate attacks and accusations that we were conspiracy theorists. And now, almost daily, another of those conspiracy theories is being proved true The latest, this week, is the admission that online shills are being paid by government, supra national bureaucracies and corporate interests to patrol the web, using the tactics outlined by the Trotskyite demagogue Saul Alinsky to challenge, contradict, smear, discredit and undermine anybody who publicly challenges the official line. It is war on free speech and the bad guys are making up the rules as they go along.

You didn’t really think all those hundreds of people who joined the hate attacks on anyone who questioned the very dodgy science behind the climate change scam, questioned the wisdom of insisting only the mistrusted MMR vaccine could be used against measles when there had been 98% (official figure) take up of the single vaccine, who pointed out that GM seeds don’t produce bigger yields if the don’t have enough water, carbon dioxide and plant nutrients but do provide a handy mechanism to deliver the toxins present in Monsanto herbicide and pesticide into the human food chain …

and so on and so on.

Well now it is official.

Online shills paid to control your perception by spreading propaganda using up to 10 online personas

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Study Finds Evidence for CDC Cover-Up of Link Between Autism and Mercury In Vaccines

Measles Witch Hunt – Propaganda War Against Parents Who Refuse Vaccine
Bye Bye Blackbird
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Does Dr Kelly Deserve An Inquest

The attempt to deny the need for an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelley in 2003 dominate the news today. The pathologists who conducted the post mortem was yesterday standing by his coluclusion that death was cause by severed arteries in Dr. Kelly’s wrists exacerbated by advanced heart disease. You may remember Dr. Kelly was involved in leaking information about the Iraq Weapons Of Mass Destruction dossier after Tony Blair had allegedly mislead Parliament to justify going to war.

Funny, I could have sworn earlier in the week he was talking about Dr. Kelley having swallowed 26 Co Proximol tablets, way over the maximum eight a day stipulated when I was prescribed the powerful pain killer.

And then there are the contradictory conclusions of the private autopsy carried out at the request of the family.

Curiouser and Curiouser. No wonder the conspiracy theories persist.

Read more on the pathologist and Dr. Kelly

The Great Conspiracy and The Parking Scam

One thing that exposes the hypocrisy and deceitfulness of all the weasel words spouted by politicians about “community” is the conspiracy between all levels of government, supermarkets, internet shopping ventures and property developers to squeeze out of existence the independent traders that used to fill our high streets.
The effect of this is to rip the living heart out of communities that have evolved over hundreds of years.
The most noticeable aspect of the conspiracy is the cost and difficulty of parking a car anywhere in town that is in safe walking distance of where you need to be.
On top of that, the draconian penalties imposed on people who stay on a meter two seconds over their paid for time and the practice if contracting out parking patrols to private firms whose untrained operatives are paid bonuses for exceeding revenue targets and we have a driver hostile town centre environment.
Many more people might be happy to leave their cars at home and use public transport had public transport not been all but abolished by Thatcher’s privastising pirates. But that is how the scam works, promise people freedom of choice them remove all choices except compliance with the interests of big money.
Free parking on municipal car parks is a thing of the past and had the property bubble not burst municipal car parks would have been a thing of the past very soon too as authorities raced to sell off all available land to property developers.
Challenge the Town Hall though and a bureaucrat will say that when car parks are sold for redevelopment, alternative spaces are provided elsewhere. This is a fine example of that age old political too the lie that is not untrue. While new parking spaces are indeed being provided these are usually close to a big shed development on the outskirts of town, well away from the traditional town centre. The units available are far too big and expensive for local independents and so are occupied by national and multi-national retail chains. This type of shopping facility had no character, we could be anywhere in our nation and not notice a difference. A Briton in America or an American in Britain would only notice that some of the names are different.
The needs of the shoppers are secondary to the needs of the money men.
Thus when redevelopment in a town is considered, the planning applications of big corporate chains are fast tracked while those of independent stores are bound up in red tape and steered into the labyrinth of local planning regulations.
Town councils have a duty to provide certain things, both as public services and business enterprises. For a town to function as a community, retail areas, public spaces, leisure facilities from sports centres to theatres and pubs are needed as well as those necessary services like waste disposal, street lighting, hospitals and schools.
Neither Town Hall or central government has a duty to pander to the interests of big business, especially when we consider the lengths to which big business will go to avoid national and local taxes.
Local and National administrations are immersed equally deeply in the brown smelly stuff that flows abundantly from all activities where big money is involved. Even the media are complicit. How often do we hear or read that the opening of a new outlet by Wal-Mart, Tesco or one of the other Big Unfriendly Giants of the retail world will create hundred of new jobs in a town. They never seem to mention how many jobs will be lost as small businesses are forced into liquidation or have to downsize.
There is no proof of any conspiracy between business and government as supporters of the rabid right will be keen to tell me. That is the whole point of a conspiracy of course, there is never any proof. The way these factions manage to act so unerringly in each others interests could be down to the most amazing chain of coincidences.
On the other hand people who are planning to help each other to gain dominance in a particular field are hardly likely to issue press releases.
So next time there is a rumpus about parking facilities in your town you must make a choice. Either collaborate with the conspiracy or fight. Refuse to pay your fine.
They can’t put us all in prison.

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Getting Too Silly

Oh dear, Machiavelli has just been on a short tour of the American blogosphere and I’m afraid I may have caused an international incident.
Fed up of seeing posts from religious right opinion makers alleging that 9/11 was an anti-bible, anti – American conspiracy hatched by pagans, abortionists and democrats (an isdea first proposed by nutter in chief Rev. Pat Robertson and enthusiastically taken up by many others I’m afraid I lost it a bit and blamed the hit on the Twin Towers on French Cheesemakers.
Oh well, its been that kind of week.