The Mainstream Left Are Turning Against SJWs

Leftist Identity politics operate on the idea that everyone belongs to an identity group, and all of those groups are brutally oppressed by “The White Patriarchy.”

The idea is that since they are oppressed, they deserve extra rights and privileges in order to “defend themselves.”

The problem is that they ran out of things to be oppressed by, so they had to invent “micro-aggressions.”

Micro-aggression are tiny little insults that are CRUSHING the “marginalized people” like a Nazi steamroller (!!!)


10 Most Absurd Things Banned On Politically Correct College Campuses

I saw an article by an SJW in the Harvard newspaper where the writer complains bitterly that he is oppressed by the mere presence of white people.

(You’d think that getting a $350,000 college degree would take the sting out having to be around white people, but nope.)

I just got done listening to a debate where two college professors said that they should have the right to censor free speech, because free speech is largely a tool of white men and that they literally are fighting for their very lives (!!!) each day at their incredibly liberal colleges.

It all amounts to a cynical power grab by poisonously hateful, tribal people.

The other problem that SJW face is that they love PURITY TESTING.

No matter how liberal you are, you’ll never be pure enough for them.

There was a lefty-ish college professor at Evergreen College who taught evolutionary biology.

Evergreen is an off-the-charts progressive Taliban zoo of a college and the college president is like a self-parody of a self-loathing white leftist.

Evergreen decided that all white people should be disinvited to campus for a day, so the minorities could enjoy a day of not being oppressed by their toxic, oppressive presence.

The biology teacher, Brett Weinstein, wrote an email saying that he thought it was a bad idea and that he was uncomfortable with the concept.

The SJW Army went completely berzerk and tore the campus apart, the guy and his wife had to flee the campus for their physical safety.

The chief of campus police resigned because the Marxist college president would not allow the police on campus to protect the safety of the faculty and students from the mob of SJWs.

The college president allowed himself to be held captive by the mob and meekly asked them if he could use the bathroom.


Unfortunately for the SJW thugs, the professor turned out to be a courageous and extremely well-spoken guy and he made their thuggery famous.

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You’ll never be pure enough for the SJWs until you have green hair and 14 cats and you parrot their new-speak down to the very last syllable.

Are you a white left-leaning feminist who voted for Hillary? Not good enough. Sooner or later you’ll be fed into the Purity Wood Chipper.

When Feminism Is White Supremacy in Heels

War On Free Speech Reaches Denmark


The BigMacization of Education.

What is going on in our world, what kind of madmen are running things and how stupid do they think we are? In house training courses run by MacDonalds and other global corporations being recognised as official qualifications? Its bollocks. I can only suggest the thinking behind it is leading to the taxpayer being asked to pick up the tab for funding MacDonald College of Burgerology.
This latest idiocy is another effect of the failure of progressive education policies. There is nothing wrong with “vocational qualifications” as we must now call them, in fact until Margaret Thatcher, The Gorgon of Grantham set about destroying everything good in society and turning the nation into a vast pawnshop, vocational qualifications, education related to the chosen job, were the mainstay of further education. Not everyone flourishes in an academic environment and as Aristotle put it, “what we have to do we learn by doing.”
Thus catering trainees, engineering workers, plumbers, electricians, construction trades, office staff, hairdressers and people learning every other trade and skill could take advantage of day release courses to further their formal education while learning “on the job” simultaneously. What they got from their courses, apart from a good skive one day a week, was a formal qualification that opened up career opportunities within their industry and showed a level of achievement should they wish to change course later. I knew many people who, having served an apprenticeship and obtained a Higher National Diploma, went on to University education and benefited from having acquired practical skills that enabled them to distinguish between useful information and bullshit when considering theory. Others simply made use of their Diploma, a worthwhile qualification in itself.

But an A level in Burger flipping? It’s hard to see that leading anywhere.