Brace Yourself For Solar Storms

About two years ago Little Nicky told you of a warning issued by the kind of people who occasionally raise their snouts from the trough of taxpayers’ money to look at the sun through radio telescopes.

They said we were entering a period of unusually high solar activity and ought to brace ourselves for trouble.

These people have also said solar activity was a far more likely cause of climate change that CO2 which only resulted in the CAGWARTs (Carbon, Anthropogenic Global Warming Alternative Reality Trolls turning up the volume on their whine machine to eleven.

So what kind of trouble might we be in for?

This kind of trouble.

Now it has to be said, this artice describes a worst case scenario, the events it warns of are possible but not probable.

But then, by the same criteria, all those doomsday predictions of CAGWART scientists (which very noticeably have not happened (Where did the UN’s 50 million global warming refugees go?)were always worst case scenario possibilities rather than certainties.

Still we did learn one valuable lesson from the Global Warming scare. Scientists cling just as tightly to the certainties offered by their religion as the believers in any traditional religion.

New Evidence Proving The Planet Is Not Warming Proves The Planet Is Warming Say Climate Scientists

Oh what fun we have with those whacky and zany climate scientists. A new report on climate change and CO2 emissions reveals there has been no significant warming since 1997. This proves anthropogenic gloval warming is a more urgent and more dangerous threat, the cliamte science crooks and liars say before blaming the chinese for global cooling.
New Evidence Proving The Planet Is Not Warming Proves The Planet Is Warming Say Climate Scientists

Climate Teeters On The Edge Of The Abyss

On the day that Germany announced the Politically Correct Thought Police (Green Squad) have succeeded in finding a way to wreck Europe’s powerhouse economy and reduce the only solvent large nation in the EU to the kind of penury being experienced by the economic basket case PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain we hear that despite all the efforts of the weirdie beardies to bully us into going green, emissions are increasing. Despite all the billions of dollars, euros and pounds invested in crackpot schemes to turn lead into gold carbon into fertitliser or spent on ,jollies to exclusive resorts urgent summit conferences for scientists and politicians to discuss climate change we hear that according to the crooks and liars who warned of the carbon apocalypse, things are getting worse.

In spite of efforts to reduce emission by outsourcing carbon intensive manufacturing processes to China and the developing world introducing carbon caps and emissions trading schemes, we are getting nowhere.

Even the worst economic slump since …


A comment thread that might save the planet

A few days ago I posted at with the title A Big New Idea That Will Not Save The Planet. Being short of creative energy I posted a short article with a tongue in cheek spin on a controversial subject.
An absolutely brilliant comment thread was kicked off by that throwaway article, something that often happens at gather.

Maybe I should try the same tactics here, comments on anything but social chit-chat are getting to be as rare as rocking horse shit on this blog host.

Tyranny shows its ugly face

While everybody is screaming about the Government’s plan to introduce travel taxes (pay per mile for each journey)behind the flimsy smokesceen of reducing carbon emission Little Nicky will just take a moment to remind everyone that the Machiavelli Blog predicted this move several months ago.
Superficially the plan is to fleece us of course, the government’s assertion that it will encourage us to use public transport looks a little thin when we realise that the same government has handed what was left of the public transport system after their predecessors had savaged it, to a bunch of bucaneers who have sold off everything that could be sold and are now jumping ship leaving their PFI companies to go bankrupt.
No; this plan is not about making us use public transport, this plan is about putting a GPS device in our cars just like the one they plan to put in our ID cards, so the bastards have a record of where we are 24/7.

Little Nicky’s new project, the passive resistance blog “They Can’t Put Us All In Prison” will be online soon and we will be telling you how to deal with such threats and shaft they system totally.