Renewal of the Cold War Is Just A Rumour : Bush

Reports that George Bush has reignited the Cold War (now there’s an oxymoron for you – not Bush, he’s just a moron; “reignited the Cold War”) by provoking Russian leaders to point their weapons at Europe’s back door have been denied by The White House.
“The Cold War is over…the missiles America plans to put in Poland and The Czech Republic are only intended to shoot down nuclear missiles fired at the East Coast from North Korea, Mr Bush claimed.
Now we know the average American cannot find Mexico or Canada on the world map (and I would not bet on them being able to find their homeland) but this story seems to confirm what Machiavelli and Boggart Blog have said many times. The President cannot find his own arse with both hands (fortunately he has Blair to wipe it for him).
If North Korea wanted to fire their one missile at a target in the USA why would they go three quarters of the way round the globe to New York or Washington when they are so close to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Bush Better War Leader Than Churchill?

At a recent meeting of the White House Book Club, a little PR exercise in which George W Bush gets to talk to staff about an inspiring book somebody has read for him, the President confided to his team that he is a better war leaders than Winston Churchill.

What could lead the Prez. to this view, Chuchill’s diastrous Gallipoli campaign in WW1, his mishandling of the Irish uprising, his decision to set the British Army on their countrymenin the industrial unrest of the 1920s?

Well none of the above. Chuchill, it appears, was a crappy leader because he was an agnostic, Bush is a great leader because of his one on one relationship with God.

So the Iraq catrastrophe does not matter at all if you are God’s best mate? Well that’s about right when we consider God’s track record on atroctities, genocide and inflicting misery on the poor and helpless.

In fact on considering the record of God and best buddy Bush any reasonable person would have to concur with Chuchill’s son Randolph who said “Whenever I read the Bible I can’t help thinking God! What a shit God is.”


Brace Yourselves For The Invasion of Iran.

Sometime early last year Little Nicky made one of Machiavelli blogs famous predictions. (Not all my predictions come true, I just don’t mention the ones that don’t.) In posting here and at, Guardian News Blog, and other venues I said that with public opinion in the U.S. turning against him, George Bush would delay the war with Iran until after the mid term elections which would go against the republicans. He would then start banging the wardrums and launch the attack in late 2007 or early 2008, providing an excuse to declare a national emergency and suspend the Presidential elections. Well I exaggerated about the last bit to boost readership, its more likely the attack on Iran will be a last desperate gamble to swing America behind the war and ensure a republican succession.
But most of it I stand by.
There follows the opening paragraph of an article written by Dan Plesch, an expert on Middle Eastern politics. It appeared in today’s newspaper.
“The evidence is building up that President Bush plans to add war in Iran to his triumphs in Iraq and Afghanistan – and there is every sign, to judge by his warmongering speech in Plymouth last Friday that Tony Blair would be keen to join in if he were still in a position to commit British forces to the field.”


And another point of view
Double brace yourselves folks because I now predict that Blair will now delay his resignation until after the invasion of Iran in order to gamble on being asked to stay on rather than “destabilise the government in a time of crisis.” After all a change of leadership in such circumstances would be bad for morale. Wouldn’t it?

Power is a very seductive mistress, especially to those with a messianic self image.

Its not the size of your majority, its the size of your weapon.

Over at Libertarian Musings they asked why on earth we need to replace Trident as the deterrent will never be used. The answer is simple.
Its basic anthropology, you see it is not about security, its about status. In the world of big time politics your status depends on the size of your weapon.
Now Bush has the biggest nuclear arsenal, check out that walk. Shoulders back, arms spread, hips thrust forward, he’s saying “oi, shut your mouth and look at the size of my weapon.”
Blair can’t match him of course but he still wants to walk wih a bit of a swagger so he needs a decent sized weapon to show off.
The leaders of nations like Luxembourg of couse just have to creep around with bowed heads and hunched shoulders hoping nobody notices them.
Its all very paleolithic in nature. Of course evolution and wearing trousers has deprived our leaders of the ability to grow big red arses so they have to do the next best thing

WMD in Mayfair

Recalling yesterday’s Machiavelli Blog which commented on events surrounding the unfortunate death of the alleged former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko, it seems the murder investigation has nor found evidence of many caches (well OK, traces) of radio active toxins in various fashionable establishments in London’s West End.
Far more evidence of weapons of mass destruction than was found in the whole of Iraq.
So when can we expect the Bush / Blair axis of stupidity to occupy the area of expensive shops and restaurants bounded by Oxford St. Regent St. Park Lane and Piccadilly with a view to imposing regime change?

When will Blair start acting like a man

Twice in two weeks the insignificant piece of shit (a fave phrase of bigtime “Christian” George W Bush accoring to my Texan friend)who calls himself our Prime Minister has caved in before American demands and committed great injustices against British citizens.
First the Natwest Three were extradited to the U.S.A. under a treaty that has not been and will never be ratified by the U.S. Government, to face trumped up charges that will serve the purpose of letting spin docors suggest the Enron collapse was engineered by perfidious Albion (the bankers will probably be brought to court made up to look like Alan Rickman or Donald Pleasance) and was not a totally domestic fraud carried out by crooked American businessmen with the collusion of a crooked American government. These three were sent to America for trial having broken no UK laws and having only broken American laws while in the UK where, to the best of my knowledge, American law has no jurisdiction.
Now an executive of the small online betting firm BetonSport has been handed over to face American justice because he took bets online from American thus involving himself in illegal gambling and racketeering. Now lets be clear about this. The Bets were taken in the UK from Americans who contacted BetonSport. Again no British laws were Broken and any transgressions against American law occurred outside the jurisdiction of American law.

So why is that lily livered wimp in Downing Street not standing up to these blustering bullies. Maybe he thinks if he kisses pal Georgie’s arse enough times then Georgie will help him get a job as General Secretary of the United Nations.

Blair lost touch with reality a long time ago so he will not have considered that the appointment of a traitor, war criminal and known neocon sychophant to such a position would be vetoed by Russia, China and France.

Tough shit Tony.