US-EU Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) Will Have Devastating Social and Environmental Consequences

Can a free trade treaty really be called that when the ‘free’ is refers to is freeing nasty corporations like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, BP, Exxon, the Drugs and medicine cartel or the big bankers from having to comply with laws enacted by elected governments that the corporate interests don’t like. Of course not.

We have already seen similar terms and conditions included in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) a so called free trade treaty among the pacific rim nations (in these treaties, free trade means anything but free, you understand, TPP and it’s trans atlantic counterpart the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (ttip) and now the new kid on the block, the US-EU Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) will have devastating consequences for we the punters and for the economies of the sovereign nations we live in

But for the banks, big corporations and the bureaucracies who work hand in glove with them, it’s all gravy.

We have warned you before about negotiations currently going on (mainly in secret, us ordinary punters are not allowed to know how the Banking Cartel led by the Rothschild dynasty plan to take control of our lives) to bring the free world closer to rule by a totalitarian global government led by unelected bureucrats and technocrats. We have reported on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) wihch US Emperor Barack Hussein Obama is trying to bulldoze into law without it’s ever being voted on by the US Congress and on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment which would create a similar apparent free trade area spanning europe and Noth America.

What you have read in mainstream print media or heard in boroadcast news is unfortunately a complete load of bollocks. Anybody who has taken the trouble to read the parts of these agreements that are so far publicly available has been shocked to see that far from free trade, trade between nations party to the agreements would be controlled by global banks and corporations. Corporate and business interests would also gain the power to override or veto the laws made by elected assemblies of sovereign nations.

Follow the link to learn how globalisation became a polite word for fascism.
US-EU Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) Will Have Devastating Social and Environmental Consequences


Globalization and the Return To Serfdom
When the power elites promise something that will benefit people everywhere it can be taken what the world will get is the opposite. Thus when we were told globalization would make everybody more prosperous, abolish poverty and narrow the gap between rich and poor, only a fool would have failed to recognize what was on offer comprised a return to medieval poverty and servitude for the masses while the rich became richer.

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Children Are Being Given Chemical Cosh For Shyness

Children are being prescribed mind-altering “chemical cosh” drugs for conditions such as shyness and mild social anxiety, behaviour experts have warned. Young people are routinely being given medication to treat normal childhood conditions, it was claimed, despite fears over their long-term health.

The disclosure came as it emerged that the number of eight- to 13-year-olds on drugs such as Ritalin has soared seven-fold since 1997. In many cases, pupils are being put on medication amid fears from parents, teachers and doctors over a serious deterioration in their behaviour. But Dave Traxson, a senior educational psychologist who works in schools in the West Midlands, warned that normal childhood conditions like shyness…

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Authoritarian Box Ticking
Binge Drinking Crackdown
Bleep Test Pupils
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NHS Nurses Bogged Down With Bureaucracy – Official

The labour government made a huge error in placing targets and statistics ahead of patient care in the NHS. Nurses complained they were spending more time bean counting than they were on patient care. Now Labour are screaming about the coalition’s proposed cuts in NHS budgets. But if the coalition get their plans right (big IF) the cuts will reduce numbers of managers and administrators, not nurses and front line staff.
Nurses Bogged Down By Bureaucracy

Every Day In Every Way Tyranny Creeps A Little Closer

Some stories this week ought to remind us that freedom and democracy (or freeman moxy if you are American) is being eroded by creeping fascism.
First story concerns the fatigued firefighters of Bury. They were in trouble over sleeping while on shift. Now everyone knows fire brigade staff are allowed a kip on the watch so that they will be fresh and alert when called to action. It was not the actual sleeping that caused the problem but the blatant breaches of regulations involved. Special regulation chairs had been provided, tired firefighters for the use of. Bury’s finest however were using their own sleeping bags and kipping on the floor because having tried the special rexclining chairs the crews decided they were not fit for purpose. “You can’t bloody sleep in those,” one officer said.
It turned out the crews could not sleep properly in the chairs because they had not been trained in the proper use of the special sleeping furniture. The chairs should not even have been sat on by untrained personnel.
So now you know that if you are troubled with insomnia its probably because you have not been trained properly in sleeping.
Next is the woman whose hip replacement operation was cancelled because she was six pounds overweight. This is part of the NHS initiative to encourage anorexia by witholding treatments from those who are obese. Only a bureaucrat working for a fascist regime could possible make a thick line on a spreadshhet and say “OK, above the line they don’t get treatment because they are anorexic and their problems are sdelf inflicted, below the line they don’t get treatment because they are fat bastards and their problems are self inflicted. And if they are exactly on the line they are so tratment will be witheld until they tell us what we want to hear..
The person whose op was cancelled did get some help and support from her sympathetic GP who gave her laxatives hoping the resultant diarreah would get the numbers right for the spreadsheet.
Next we go to our old favourite the education system. There is an idea being pushed in the Education Department that asking children to put up their hands in class to answer questions should be banned as “it causes the quieter, less demanding children to be overlooked and fall behind.” Well the two Primary teachers I know both tell me that the noisier, more demanding children don’t answer questions to get praise, they are more interested in being disruptive to make their mates laugh. Then there are the noisy little victims of pushy parenting who wave their hands frantically and yell, “me sir, me sir, me me me,” hoping to earn a housepoint to report to the pushy parents because they have been told “if you don’t get straight As Mummy and Daddy will not love you anymore because you have not lived up to our expectations. Can the “educationalists” not see that the quiet, thoughful kids who don’t answer questions are actually taking stuff in and thinking about it?
And then there are the clever little shits who sit picking their fingernails as the teacher seeks a correct answer. They are thinking, ” I know this but I can’t be arsed answering. I’m nobody’s poodle. One who fitted this description is sitting not a million miles from the keyboard this artyicle is being typed on.
Do you see the thrust of all this?
So many of the little things that happen almost unnoticed are driving us towards becoming a society of obedient conformists conditioned to blindly follow rules and procedures and to never, never ever question authority.

A cycle of dictatorship

Those pokenoses at the town hall are up to something big. The Accrington Observer (OK, I know its hardly the world’s most widely read newspaper) revealed this week that the buggers are bugging our bins.
The aim of this is to check that everybody is recycling properly and fine those who are not.

Recycling is a commendable notion and would be more commendable but for the fact that we are so short of the kit needed to make useful stuff out of our household rubbish that most of what’s collected for recycling goes straight in a landfill anyway, but using the environmental crisis as an excuse to spy on us is well out of order.

Little Nicky will keep you posted on developments.