Footballer and Teenage Prostitute

When I saw the News Of The World headline about the Premiership footballer and the teenage prostitute my first thought was:
“Why would a decent human being with so much going for them want to get involved with somebody lives a life full of sleaze, depravity and moral turpitude.

But as I read the story I realised the girl was not much better herself.

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She Had It All Except A Life

As the political editor of The Observer leaves her job with the quote, “I had it all but I didn’t have a life,” this article at Iain Dale’s Diary blog sums up very briefly how success can diminish our lives as the pressures of work, networking, keeping our skillset up with the bleeding edge and all the bullshit takes over.

Gaby Hinsliff has walked away from her career to get her life back. I almost doed and got mine back as an accidental but beneficial side effect of becoming disabled. I urge everybody however not to set out on tht road signposted “success” unless they are very sure they want to go where it leads.

Have We Forgotten How To Be?

How To Rid The Blogosphere Of Online Stalkers

From Malakeas’ idea.

Make this pledge to yourself

My name is XXXXX XXXXXXXXX and I will no longer
tolerate online stalkers.

I will not feed their fire by responding to their comments or posts except in three ways:

1. I will choose to delete their offending comment if I can
2. I will ignore their comments/posts on another blog
3. And then, I will move on.

I will not give them blogging space or another thought for there are many other people here that deserve my energy and attention.

May this blogging community regain its blogging spirit and take back this community from stalkers and claim it as their own.

If you believe this as well, then copy and post this on your blog with your user name.

That is all.

Kudos to RI Thompson for circulating this. Trolls need to be made to understand we have no duty or obligation to give a platform to their views. We are not denying their right of free speech, they can write what the hell they like on their own blogs – and not get read because they are not smart enough to learn how to generate traffic ūüôā

Fruitcakes, Financial Crisis and Guido Fawkes

Little Nicky Machiavelli has grown up and doesn’t play around much now. These days he is working for The Daily Stirrer where today you will find some vigourous stirring on these topics:

Who Are The Fruitcakes Now
UKIP leader Nigel Farage thinks now Ukip’s policy to reduce tax on low wages has been taken up by Oxfam ans other poverty relief agencies his party is well on the way to breaking into the mainstream. Who are the fruitcakes and loonies now? he asks. Well bearing in mind the Lib Dems had the same policy years ago and it did not do a lot for them…

Extreme Right Cherish the financial crisis
Financial turmoil helps populists such as Geert Wilders; to beat them we must come clean about how we got in this mess say the authors of this article. Well OK so long as we really come clean and don’t try to hide behind politically correct eyewash.

Guido cofesses
Blogger Guido Fawkes comes clean on how he slighly exaggerated a jounalists complain that Guido had slightly exaggerated the stupidity of questions asked by the journalist about the Damien McBride / Dolly Draper smear scandal.

Around the blogs – 9 Oct

We’re expecting big news from the American election trail overnight. As usual Little Nicky Machiavelli will be ready to point to the really interesting stuff we do not see in the British Press. Until that story break however here are a few more local issues:

We’re all socialists now Teleraph columnist Simon heffer thinks the bank bail out has truned us into a modern version of the Soviet Union.

All Hail The Bunha Bail Out The government’s plan to rescue the economy was hatched over a takeaway curry. I’ve made better plans over takeaway curries before now, but what was on Alistair Darling’s order

Time to grasp the fiscal nettle The only way to steer the world back to reality after this crisis is to accept that just because someone says an asset is with £Xmillion, that does not mean it is actually worth anything.

The Age Of irresponsibility – When did it start asks political commentator Michael White of the era that has just crashed and burned. When Thatcher abolished legal constraints on the rich or did the irresponsibility begin before that?

And finally… a welcome bit of humour from the American election, A comic book look at McCain and Obama

The Cases Against Obama

An ongoing story of the American election that has ben fascinating me is the lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania attorney Philip J Berg alleging Barak Obama is inelegible to run for President. BERG – OBAMA CASE: LATEST which has also been chronicled here ( BERG vs OBAMA )

Following this story on the blogs (somehow it has missed traditional media completely – funny when you think how in the past rumours with less substance have brought down candidates) has led me to another ongoing thread, that concerning the relationship of Obama with the convicted mobster Tony Rezko. Stories of Obama’s “business” association with Rezko surfaced when the gangster was arrested on corruption charges. Now convicted on numerous counts Rezko is reported to be looking for a deal, trading information on hia former associates in the Chicago political establishment for a reduced sentence. Again it is strange that the widely rumoured favours Obama received for helping people in “the olive oil business” (if you know what I mean) are ignored by mainstream media where in past campaigns and even in the present election less substantial stories have derailed well supported candidates.

Obama must have a fairy godmother I guess.

Finally there is the Larry Sinclair affair. Former rent-boy Sinclair alleges a sex and drugs encounter with Obama in 1999.

No wonder the Democrats are getting so desperate in their efforts to focus attention on Sarah Palin’s bra size.

What I want to know is why can’t our elections be this interesting?

LINK: Clinton suddenly keen on Obama. What’s going on?

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Labour¬ís Great Triumph Over Child Poverty

On the first day of the Labour Party conference the boy politician Davo Milliband said the party must be more positive in talking about its successes.

One of those successes, a resounding triumph according to Labour leaders has been in reducing child poverty. Labour politicians are always banging on about it.

How ironic then that young Davo should bring up the topic of Labour’s successes in words addressed to delegates to the Labour conference in Manchester on the same day that a new report revealed 1 in 4 among children in the North West is living below the official poverty level.

Wonder if Davo has any thoughts on how to be positive about that.

While we are on the topic of poverty it is perhaps worth remembering that one of Labour¬ís most iconic figures from the past, Aneurin Bevan, said ¬ďpoverty of aspiration leads to poverty of spirit.¬Ē
So there you have it. Poverty is not just about money.

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Religion vs Science (the new religion)

The launch of The Large Hadron Collider at CERN has really wound things up in blogs, science versus religion (chapter MMMCMMDLXXXVIII) with the usual boy scientists claiming that science is the one true religion (they don’t actually realise they are doing that because their education is too narrow) and asking anybody who challenges their view if they have submitted their ideas in an article to scientific journals for peer review. If not, apparently you are not allowed to have an opinion.

Most recently they have turned their righteous fury on Robert Winston, populariser of science and all round nice bloke because he has correctly pointed out that religious faith and commitment to science are not mutually exclusive.

Follow this link to read the article and comments. Robert Winston challenges “science delusion.”

Or read Little Nicky Machiavelli’s response here.

And finally a message for any young people passing. If you read the thread of the linked article just see how stupid the scientists are and take heed, choosing a career in science can turn you into an ignorant, narrow-minded billy-no-mates nerd with bad ance and personal odour issues.

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Science: Who Do You Believe?
The Higgs Boson Explained for people with a short attention span

Is The Internet Making Us All Stupid

A few days ago Nanny Ogg asked why everybody on her friends list is turning to private posts.

There are many possible reasons, this host is attracting more social networkers than wannabee writers, the general badtemperedness and ill manners encountered in the blogosphere, the fact that to be visible we have to post about twenty times a day?

All in all blogging is not fun anymore for the fun blogger. The internet is close to becoming a failed technology.

The problem is Web2, this undefined entity that allows the emotionally needy to “share” the minutae of their lives with the world. If only the world would stop by and look.

Another blogger who shares my scepticism about the way the world of internet technologies is heading is Andrew Keen.

Check out some of his very honest and perceptive views at andrewkeenblog

How Do Civil Servants Earn Their Salary?

Iain Dale yesterday brought us this intriguing item, a Parliamentary Question from David Ruffley.

David Ruffley: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how much the Minister for Employment and Welfare Reform’s blog has cost to administer in each month since its inception; what the budget for the blog is for 2007-08; and how many unique visitors to the blog there have been since May.

Jim Murphy: The Welfare Reform and Child Poverty blog was launched on the DWP internet site on 16 October 2006. Costs to develop and administer the blog were met from existing resources, and current staffing levels. Ongoing maintenance equates to half the time of one member of staff. From October to date this has cost £1,487 per month.At present no funding decisions have been made about the financial year 2007-08.Since it was launched it has attracted 1,987 unique visitors resulting in 4,731 hits

Iain commented:

Now, if this blog has been up for three months, and is costing ¬£1,487 per month, this means that the blog is costing over ¬£2 per visitor. And the subject of the blog¬Ö Child Poverty! As Mr Littlejohn would say, ‘you couldn’t make it up’. If you look at the blog, in the last months, there have been just 4 posts (which read like press releases…). And they are paying half a member of staff to maintain it ?

I cannot add anything to Iain Dale’s comment except to say its nice from an ego polishing pov to know that a government funded and maintained website dealing with a very important topic gets as many hits in three months as Boggart Blog gets in a week but as a taxpayer it makes me puke.