The Damning (but secret) Report On Blair’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction

The reason why the UK went to war in Iraq was a trumped up, sexed up dossier prepated on the orders of former UK Prime minister, the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair, accusing Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussain of stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. The accusations in the dossier have since proven to be completely false. Blair’s determination to blindly followed the US President to war is responsible for Iraq becoming the failed state it is today, costing countless innocent civilians, not least the lives of our own troops and massive cost to the taxpayer in the process.

Were there any illegal weapons found in Iraq you might well ask. A New York Times investigation, published on Tuesday of this week reveals there were, but not such as would justify war. American and Iraqi troops found, and in multiple cases, were injured by aged and degraded stockpiles of chemical weapons in Iraq.

The report stated however that the US withheld information of these discoveries from the world as the weapons were manufactured in the 1980s when the US and its allies were actively supplying chemical agents to Saddam Hussein’s regime during the Iraq-Iran war. In other words – western foreign policy makers fucked up again.

Why Bush Censored News Of WMD Finds In Iraq

Public opposition to war doesn’t ‘invalidate’ invasion, says war criminal Tony ‘Bloodlust’ Blair

Blair selfie - I love the smell of Napalm anytimeTony Blair Selfie – I love the smell of napalm any time of day

The murderer and war criminal Tony Blair is busy running round the world claiming his complicity in the murder of 100,000 Iraqis, most of whom were innocent, was an act of great humanity for which he deserves to be granted high office and eventually proclaimed St. Anthony of The Cottage. Honestly there is no end to the arrogance and pomposity of these shits. One also has to wonder what Bliar is after, there must be a prestigious, high paying job going. Or maybe he is just acting as a shill to try and revive Obama’s failed attempt to start world War Three in Syria.

Tony Blair as he claims he saved Iraq from Syria-style civil war

Tony Blair yesterday said ministers must be prepared to go to war in the future regardless of the level of public opposition. The former Prime Minister suggested voters do not always understand where Britain’s real interests lie and should be ignored if politicians think there is a good case for military intervention.

He admitted that ministers should be ‘aware’ of the need to secure public support for a foreign conflict. ‘But in my view, it doesn’t invalidate the necessity to intervene because what you’ve got to compare is the fact and the consequences of intervention with the fact and the consequences of non-intervention,’ he said.

Tony Blair yesterday said ministers must be prepared to go to war in the future regardless of the level of public opposition. The former Prime Minister suggested voters do not always understand where Britain’s real interests lie and should be ignored if politicians think there is a good case for military intervention.

He admitted that ministers should be ‘aware’ of the need to secure public support for a foreign conflict. ‘But in my view, it doesn’t invalidate the necessity to intervene because what you’ve got to compare is the fact and the consequences of intervention with the fact and the consequences of non-intervention,’ he said.

And we should be aware of the real agenda on Syria.

Blair’s Revenge Splits Labour

Blair’s Revenge On Brown Splits Labour says The Daily Telegraph gleefully.

The Guardian meanwhile has a story on Blair The Zealot saying his book reveals a seriously dysfunctional mindset.

The sheer brutality of Tony Blair’s attacks on Gordon Brown, which amount to character assassdination threaten to split Labour so deeply the party will sing into another period of internicine conflicts thus consigning itself to the electoral wilderness for a generation.

Published on the day Labour members received their leadership ballot papers, the former prime minister’s detailed and sustained criticism of his successor in his memoir has prompted extreme reactions from former cabinet colleagues.

Some said it risked reopening the conflicts that marred the New Labour era and could be extremely damaging as the party tried to move on from its general election defeat. Figures close to Mr Brown retaliated by accusing Blair of being “delusional.”

read more on Blair – Brown split Labour at The Daily Telegraph

The Contraltos
Engaged With Blair
Blair’s Journey

Does Dr Kelly Deserve An Inquest

The attempt to deny the need for an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelley in 2003 dominate the news today. The pathologists who conducted the post mortem was yesterday standing by his coluclusion that death was cause by severed arteries in Dr. Kelly’s wrists exacerbated by advanced heart disease. You may remember Dr. Kelly was involved in leaking information about the Iraq Weapons Of Mass Destruction dossier after Tony Blair had allegedly mislead Parliament to justify going to war.

Funny, I could have sworn earlier in the week he was talking about Dr. Kelley having swallowed 26 Co Proximol tablets, way over the maximum eight a day stipulated when I was prescribed the powerful pain killer.

And then there are the contradictory conclusions of the private autopsy carried out at the request of the family.

Curiouser and Curiouser. No wonder the conspiracy theories persist.

Read more on the pathologist and Dr. Kelly

Education in the House of Cards

One of the flagship catchphrases that took the Blair / Brown New Labour project to power was “education, education, education.”
What they delivered was not better nor even more education but a scam, a deception based on league tables which were presented as showing the best schools. Gullible lefties and ambition driven former Thatcherites are easily deceived of course and were ready to swallow the idea that coaching children to pass increased numbers of tests while reducing quality so average grades rose was actually improving education standards when in fact New Labour were busy abolishing real education and replacing it with training.
There was another aspect to the scam of course, a beneficial side effect of the League Tables. The fact that the best schools seemed to concentrate in prosperous middle class areas where most parents could afford books, computers and other learning aids upped property prices in those areas thus helping inflate the housing bubble that was to underwrite Brown’s debt driven economic miracle.
State schools that did well in the league tables appeared to offer as good an education as private schools. This gave middle class parents an incentive to move house rather than fork out thousands to get their kids a better start than the local chav academy could offer.
Thus property prices in the best suburbs were pushed up and they dragged up prices across the whole range of housing.
So the middle class parents who moved now had a decent education for their kids plus a nice property investment. And we all know property values always go up don’t we folks.
Now of course the school league tables stand discredited as employers complain of newly hired University media studies grads. who can barely write their own name while we have to import plumbers, brickies and electricians from Poland and The Czech republic. At the same time house prices are tumbling due to twin dearths: of cheap credit and of fools willing to sell themselves into slavery for the privilege of paying off a mortgage for the rest of their lives.
And the New Labour project is if not yet dead then certainly in extremis.
When a substantial edifice of brick or stone is abandoned it decays gradually, sometimes elegantly.
But when a House of Cards such as the House that Blair built collapses, it is gone without trace in an instant.

Eleven years after the new dawn, dusk has arrived
A bad day for Labour but how bad. Some think they will bounce back, others think the curtain is coming down on the New Labour project.

News From The Profit Centres
Is the internet killing journalism? Maybe so but not for the reasons this article suggests.

The voice of the people is develish odd
Aristotle may have appeared to argue in supports of “the wisdom of crowds” but the old bubble had never seen the internet.

Boris Town
There is nothing worse than a bunch of Tories with their tails in the air. Well Bojo may be the dog’s bollocks today but give him three months…

Market Forces So the stock markets enjoyed a boost? Already the finance indistry pundits are talking of a rally. How shallow can they get?

Secret Cult of Mormon Sci – fi Fans Amanda Marcotte at Pandangon dismisses fears that the sci fi series Battlestar Galactica is Mormon propaganda.
What next? Will some nut be trying to tell us Blake’s Seven is an attempt to convert us all to Seventh Day Adventism?

The World Catches Up At Last

For most of the first two years of Little Micky Machiavelli’s blog the staple diet was politics, specifically the dishonesty, duplicity and malfeasance of Blair’s New Labour Project as they heaped betrayal on deception, deceit on sleaze to abandon every principle the Labour movement had ever held, hoping to trade on the well respected name as they became the party of big business and big money.

sometimes the blog was ridiculed, sometimes I was insulted, threatened, and accused of being a closet Tory (only by people who had not read my views on Margaret Thatcher of course) And towards the end I was accused of being a one trick pony.

At last the world is catching up. John Pilger writes here of how Blair and Brown’s Labour Party finished the job Thatcher began, the destruction of everything good and decent the Labour movement and their Liberal fellow travellers, Gladstone and Lloyd-George, had ever built in this country.

Read here how liberal Britain was destroyed over the last ten years by New Labour

Like A Bambi To The Slaughter.

Well that embarrassing display of grovelling known as the Yo Blair! moment has paid off and St. Tony finaly gets to go to the middle east in an official capacity.
With Palestine sliding into civil war and tensions rising in Lebanon once more the Eastern Mediterranean has become a no go area for Americans and so the job of sorting out the mess has been handed to Tony(Wonder if Paddy Ashdown refused this one too?)
“Prime Minister Blair is highly respected among the Arab political elites,” a White House spokesperson said as President Bush stepped back to admire the target he had been painting on his ally’s back.
You would think even Blair ought to have the nous to know its not the Arab political elite who will be hiding in burned out buildings aiming AK47s.

Stop and Question

In his latest attempt to secure himself a legacy Blair, aided and abetted by Crusher Reid is proposing to revive disastrous and divisive “stop and search” policy thinly disguised as “stop and question. It seems the only legacy option still open is to turn Britain into a totalitarian and fascist society.

Under the proposals police will be able to stop and question anybody they think is breathing in a suspicious manner, looking a bit swathy or walking along with their hands in their pockets.
Refusal to answer questions will constitute a crime.

It reminds me of a story that circulated in the Thatcher era. A copper in Liverpool stopped a man who was carrying a parcel and say “hey you, what have you got under your arm.”
“Hairs,” said the scouser.

Credit Where Its Due, Blair Has Blair Has A Brass Neck

You have to hand it to Blair sometimes. The bastard’s got more bottle than Thresher’s. Channel hopping today I caught footage of a speech he gave in which he was saying how unfair we were in putting his foreign policy decisions (all those decisions to do exactly what Bush told him) into a religious context.
It was, was it not, Blair himself who candidly revealed that the decision to go to war was taken not on advice from senior diplomats or military chiefs, nor even after full and frank consultation with the elected members of Parliament (you may recall the true contents of the UN report was withheld during and after the debate) but on the basis of advice the Prime Minister received during a one on one conversation with God.
And he says it is his critics who brought religion into it.
Either he is the most hard faced liar ever, or he is developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Blair: Going DownIn A Blaze Of Lies

Today Tony Blair will defend his record on the NHS. The great improvements he uses to justify his record will actually be the usual farrago of lies and misrepresentations.
Consider for example the “thousands of new nurses” recruited.
I spoke to my friend who runs a key nursing department for a mid – sized NHS Trust. She told me “A few years ago we had to fight to get a new nursing position allocated. Now there are many positions allocated but the recruitment process is so long winded and bureaucratic most applicants have lost interest by the time we can make them an offer. When we get turned down we have to go through the whole loop again. I have just filled a position after two years trying to recruit.”
Blair will proclaim as another great advance the empowerment of patients through choice.
Patients are not empowered by choice of course because we are not equipped with the medical knowledge to make the choices. We rely on the advice of NHS professionals. Given a real choice I think most of us would prefer that advice to come from doctors and nurses rather than accounting professionals.
Improvements in efficiency wil be backed up with the usual barrage of statistics but has efficiency really improved or is it just more smoke and mirrors. Do you improve service provision by hamstringing the service providers? Check out this screwball accountancy.
An NHS unit that overspends its budget in a financial year will have its budget for the following year cut by the amount it has overspent. Nobody looks for causes of the overspend, a surge in demand maybe, or repairs to property and replacement of equipment. Only the bottom line is looked at.
The introduction of an internal market in the NHS by the Thatcher government was a disaster but that has been exacerbated by the introduction of privatisation by stealth and Labours ingrained control freakery.
When the lunatics were running the asylum things were bad but they are ten times worse now the bean counters are in charge.

Getting Blair Banged Up

A recent news report suggested that should Tony Blair visit any of a number of popular tourist destinations (including Spain) he may be arrested and charged with war crimes.
This reminded me of the chatter last summer about an attempt by British M.Ps. to impeach Blair.
Unfortunately this plan was scuppered by lily – livered Labour M.Ps. who, presented with irrefutable evidence that Blair lied in order to secure their support for his illegal and disastrous war, could not muster enough anger to demand that their duplicitous leader justify his actions before an independent enquiry.
Not only does this make a telliung comment on our parliamentary democracy, it also reminds anyone who had doubts that Labour are a party of liars, hypocrites and cowards.
But don’t forget, the Conservatives supported the war too.

Who is a Fit Candidate To Succeed Blair?

Who is a Fit Candidate To Succeed Blair?

The excitement is mounting over the Labour leadership contest (yawn!) Will Brown ascend to the Imperial Throne on a surge of popular acclaim or will the “Stop Brown” movement gain momentum and thwart him at the last minute. And who cares?
Unless a complete outsider emerges from the pack to snatch victory on an Old Labour ticket all of the possible contenders are tainted. by having been part of Blair’s corrupt and undemocratic government. Who among them has spoken out against the illegal war, who has resisted the obscene rush to privatisation, who has steadfastly stood his ground against the rush to the right?
Whatever result the arcane electoral process throws up we can be sure that in the years between now and the next General Election the Labour Party will polarise in a more self destructive way than the Tories did after their defeat.
The mechanism that will make this inevitable is being cranked up even now as Blair, realising his party has done with him because he is no longer a winner, tries desperately to ensure his politics live on. Thus he has hamstrung his successor with a series of measures that have put the Government in thrall to America in the field of defence and foreign policy and to big business and big finance in all areas of domestic policy.
And that is one hell of a legacy to hand anybody. Only an idiot would want to take on the job of sorting the mess out.
Can we afford to have yet another idiot as Prime Minister?

No Future For You

Politics is a muddy pool at the best of times and it seems to be getting muddier.
Speaking as if he sees his future as being at the helm of policy making rather than in the backwaters of the lecture circuit last week, the Traitor and War Criminal Tony Blair chose a visit to a school to blether about empowerment and choice. It seems his great plan is to create a system in which we can all demand public services that are tailored to our needs. Yeah right. If one – size – fits – all education is busting the budget there is hardly going to be enough cash to provide customised services for all the little individuals that pass through the school system. I wonder does the Prime Minister ever think before he starts flapping his jaw?
In Education Blair’s vision is that a system based on test, statistics, league tables and Private Finance will be able to provide an education tweaked for the individual child. Perhaps he means a return to the days of The Governess, a kind of home schooling that exposed the children of middle class families to the tender mercies of sadistic women often played by Bette Davis but at least would save them from exposure to dangerous lefties who have leather patches on the elbows of their jackets.
Same old story you may think, pawning the family silver to pay private contractors.
Education is not about parents and their prejudices, it is about the future. If a nation is so obsessed with feeding personal greed it is not prepared to invest in its future then it has no future. Nooooooo fu-cha, noooooo fu-cha.
Will Blair’s legacy be to make the words of the prophet Johnny Rotten come true?

Who Informs The Informers

During a press briefing yesterday a Downing Street spokesperson was asked had the Prime Minister congratulated Helen Mirren on her winning an Oscar.
The spokesperson replied that the Prime Minister had commented “it takes a very special actress to take on a role of this kind and Helen Mirren is a very special actress.”
As this bore all the hallmarks of Blair having said to his press secretary “if they ask about the Oscars, make something up for me. I can’t be arsed.” Consequently the press pack took up the chase like the pack of bloodthirsty hounds they are.
“And has the Prime Minister actually seen the film and this qualified himself to comment?” a reporter demanded.
Downing Street spokespersons are imperturbable of course.
“No, the Prime Minister had a very full diary and had not yet seen the film, but he had been informed about it and believed everything he was told by the people who had seen it…”

And would these be the same people who informed him that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

Dark Forces Are At Work In Downing Street…

Boggart Blog may joke about the dark side of The Force, creatures of the night and all that stuff but we more serious minded folk at Machiavelli know it is dangerous to mock such things. For example, yesterday our colleagues joked about an e-petition on the Downing Street website concerning Jedi Knights and The Force.
Immediately after reading that Little Nicky Machiavelli was gobsmacked to read a serious story revealing that The Traitor Tony Blair has abandoned pretence and gone over to the dark side.
Without informing any of his democratically elected colleagues in the democratically elected government, the Arse Kisser in Chief has been carrying on secret negotiations with the Bush Administration aimed at getting us embroiled in their greatest (and most expensive) lunacy, the Missile Defence Shield (or Son of Star Wars to you and me.)
It may just be coincidence that the Boggart was joking about Star Wars on the day this story broke but we think its a little bit spooky.
That Blair would want to be involved in bestest buddy Georgie’s space game is hardly news, surely there can now be nobody who believes Blair to be “a pretty straight sort of guy” when the accumulated evidence screams he is as bent as a boxing day turd. What we should all be up in arms (forgive the pun) about is that nobody else in the government, not even Prime Minister in Waiting Gordon Brown knew anything about it.
Fortunately, but embarrassingly, it turns out to have been a repetition of “Yo! Blair.” Little Tony begged to be allowed to play with the big boys but was again rebuffed. As a U.S. Embassy spokesman put it, “Right now we are concentrating on The Czech Republic and Poland as the primary sites but there may be opportunities to talk to other nations in the future.”
Although the stated aim of Son Of Star Wars is to negate the threat of a nuclear attack on America from Iran’s missiles (? wot missiles ?) the choice of Poland and the Czech Republic is a bit of a giveaway about the true intent. America’s political right, both the religious and rabid factions, are intent on provoking Russia and re-establishing the cold war, sparking off a new arms race in the process.
What possible reason could there be for this? Well it just so happens that many leaders of the American right have massive business interests in the armaments industry. So where is Blair’s motivation for volunteering Britain as a target for Iran’s non – existent missiles, after all the Americans do not buy military equipment from us? The Russians are our friends and even if Iran was to develop missiles capable of striking Britain or the east coast of America, interceptors launched from here would bring down the nuclear warheads from incoming strikes on friendly nations.
An honest assessment is that neither Britain nor our European partners have anything to gain from this White House madness. So it looks as if the pathetic, shallow, self serving excuse for a human being we call Prime Minister is just so addicted to kissing Bush’s arse he can’t help himself.

Blair Only Wants To Do His Job

After a week of rumours, allegations and embarrassing headlines all of which have undermined what was left of his credibility, Tony Blair has said he wishes the whole cash for honours / perverting the course of justice scandal would blow away so that he could get on with his real job.
Which as everybody knows, is soliciting bungs for his retirement fund.

Handy For The Office

Investigative journalists and Blair watchers have reported that Tony and Cherie have just bought their fifth property.
The reason given for this latest purchase is that they wanted somewhere close to where Tony will be based after he leaves office.
So we guess the house is handy for Wormwood Scrubs then.

Brace Yourselves For The Invasion of Iran.

Sometime early last year Little Nicky made one of Machiavelli blogs famous predictions. (Not all my predictions come true, I just don’t mention the ones that don’t.) In posting here and at, Guardian News Blog, and other venues I said that with public opinion in the U.S. turning against him, George Bush would delay the war with Iran until after the mid term elections which would go against the republicans. He would then start banging the wardrums and launch the attack in late 2007 or early 2008, providing an excuse to declare a national emergency and suspend the Presidential elections. Well I exaggerated about the last bit to boost readership, its more likely the attack on Iran will be a last desperate gamble to swing America behind the war and ensure a republican succession.
But most of it I stand by.
There follows the opening paragraph of an article written by Dan Plesch, an expert on Middle Eastern politics. It appeared in today’s newspaper.
“The evidence is building up that President Bush plans to add war in Iran to his triumphs in Iraq and Afghanistan – and there is every sign, to judge by his warmongering speech in Plymouth last Friday that Tony Blair would be keen to join in if he were still in a position to commit British forces to the field.”


And another point of view
Double brace yourselves folks because I now predict that Blair will now delay his resignation until after the invasion of Iran in order to gamble on being asked to stay on rather than “destabilise the government in a time of crisis.” After all a change of leadership in such circumstances would be bad for morale. Wouldn’t it?

Power is a very seductive mistress, especially to those with a messianic self image.

Its not the size of your majority, its the size of your weapon.

Over at Libertarian Musings they asked why on earth we need to replace Trident as the deterrent will never be used. The answer is simple.
Its basic anthropology, you see it is not about security, its about status. In the world of big time politics your status depends on the size of your weapon.
Now Bush has the biggest nuclear arsenal, check out that walk. Shoulders back, arms spread, hips thrust forward, he’s saying “oi, shut your mouth and look at the size of my weapon.”
Blair can’t match him of course but he still wants to walk wih a bit of a swagger so he needs a decent sized weapon to show off.
The leaders of nations like Luxembourg of couse just have to creep around with bowed heads and hunched shoulders hoping nobody notices them.
Its all very paleolithic in nature. Of course evolution and wearing trousers has deprived our leaders of the ability to grow big red arses so they have to do the next best thing