Emirates Airways CEO Thinks He Knows What Happened to Flight MH370

We can sometimes keep news stories running for several months by pointing out the sheer irrationality of those who scream ‘conspiracy theory’ and demand that we all believe the government / mainstream media version. One of the two biggest stories in 2014 was the complete disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Seven months later not a trace of the Boeing 777 aircraft or any of its passengers has been located. As the official explanations grow increasingly more ludicrous …

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MH17: More evidence points to Kiev / Washington False Flag

Last week Little Nicky relayed reports (yes, relayed; in spite of what some authoritarians would have you believe, I don’t make this stuff up, it’s all reported) accounts of two German aviation experts who testified that their examination of photographs showing wreckage from around the cockpit area of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 shot down over Ukraine were consistent with heavy calibre machine gun fire, which suggested the plane had been shot down by fighter jets or as one suggested by a type of air to air missile which would cause similar damage.

sukhoi su27 jet fighter
An SU27 Jet Fighter (wikimedia commons)

Nobody had complete information at the time but it had been reported (erroniously as it turns out) that the Ukrainian Air Force had two Russian built SU25 fighters shadowing flight MH17.

A a visitor signed in as “Jim” commented rather triumphantly (which made me suspect Jim could be a member of this community who has tried to challenge me on this issue before and been comprehensively twatted) that the SU25 fighter is a low altitude aircraft designed for ground support operations and was not capable of flying alongside the Boeing which was cruising at 33,000 feet.

Correct. But the triumphalism was misplaced. The reports of the German experts triggered a wave of investigation into the version of events published by the FUKUS axis sponsored government in Kiev. This quickly revealed that the Ukraine Military Air Force also has SU27 fighters (nicknamed by NATO air forces “the flanker” – hmmmm. The SU27 is built by the same maker and has a service ceiling of over 60,000 feet.

So far Kiev is denying that any of their warplanes were airborne at the time over east Ukraine, but eye witnesses and technological data testify that flight MH17 was being flanked by two smaller aircraft.

The problem people like Jim, who desperately want to believe the Americans are the good guys, have in dealing with this kind of incident it they find it all too easy to persuade themselves to believe the narrative constructed in the first propaganda releases. These accounts are the ones published by sensationalist tabloids and swallowed by many people. Which is fine unless those people then try to pass themselves off as authorities on the subject.

The more level headed will of course be aware that in a case like this it can be weeks, even months before we start to get anywhere near the truth. And so we wait to see what emerges, and consider every piece of evidence and every opinion from every angle.

There is still no evidence that points to who actually shot down Flight MH17 (the “compelling evidence” Barack Obama claimed to have turned out to be nothing more than social media chatter) but whereas the shills for war have as yet produced nothing of substance, those who suspect a false flag as justification for war are being well served with reports from various sources.

You can read a full and unbiased analysis (none of the “President Obama likes gays so that proves the Russians are responsible,” left wing bullshit) titled “Systematically Reconstructing the Shoot-Down of the Malaysian Airliner: The Guilt Is Clear and Damning” with plenty of links to authoritative sources, or alternatively take a look at this story from Malaysia newspaper and online news site New Straits Times: MH17: Pockmarks look like from very, very heavy machine gun fire, says first OSCE monitor on-scene

An interesting snippet from that story tells us:

In a damning report dated Aug 3, headlined “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts”, Associated Press reporter Robert Parry said “some US intelligence sources had concluded that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame”.

Remember, consider every piece of evidence and all opinions from every angle. And don’t be impressed just because somebody waves a PhD at you and says he’s a scientist. I’ve met many scientists in my career and outside their very narrow field of expertise (which is mostly confined to theory) most of them were CHIMPS (Completely Hopeless In Most Practical Situations)

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Covering Up 8000 Square miles Of Ocean

Here’s How They’ll Piece Together What Happened to Flight MH370

from wired.com/autopia

The southern Indian Ocean is a vast, desolate and hostile place churned by relentless currents and vicious storms. It is rarely traversed by air or sea, and anything lost there may never be found. That includes Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

But those scouring a remote swath of ocean west of Australia received tantalizing clues this week, including new radar data about the plane’s velocity. The data, gleaned from radar between the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca, suggests MH370 was traveling faster than previously believed, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said. That means it would have run out of fuel sooner. The agency called this new information “the most credible lead to where debris may be located.”

The new lead prompted a sudden change in focus to an area 685 miles northeast of where everyone had been searching. They’d spent much of the week scouring an area 1,600 miles west of Perth, Australia, after satellite images taken Sunday by Airbus Defence and Space and Monday by Thailand’s Geo-Informatics Space Technology Development Agency revealed what might be a debris field.

The shift to yet another area underscores just how perplexing the search has been, and how investigators have been frustrated in their quest for answers. None of the aircraft or ships in the region have found anything of note, and the photos may reveal nothing more than whitecaps or the flotsam so often found at sea.

With little else to go on, investigators have so far relied upon the scant satellite and radar communication the plane had after going dark 90 minutes into its March 8 flight to Beijing with 239 people aboard. Finding a debris field would be akin to a homicide detective locating a body, allowing investigators to begin piecing together, literally and figuratively, what happened.

“Until they find debris,” said Dr. Vernon Grose, a former investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, “they’re spending all that money on this, and it’s totally useless.”

Continue reading at wired.com

Meanwhile relatives of the missing passengers are protesting in China and Malaysia, accusing the relative government of withholding information.

Emirates Airways CEO Thinks He Knows What Happened to Flight MH370
Giant whitewash slick sighted in the Indian Ocean

More Evidence That Flight 370 Mystery Is A Hoax

There’s plenty of coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, Flight 370 at Boggart Blog and in The Daily Stirrer. In keeping with the way things are being done in my little alternative media empire now, what is being offered here in Little Nicky Machiavelli is mostly extracts of content from other sites with links to the original article.

Here’s an analysis from Truth Is Scary of the inconsistencies and downright untruths in mainstream media coverage of the mysterious disappearance without trace of a Boeing 777 (a very large aircraft) on a routine commercial flight.

More Evidence That Flight 370 Mystery Is A Wild Goose Chase Hoax


Last week I wrote an article suggesting that the story surrounding the allegedly missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 could be a hoax. The reason I suggested that this was possible is because there has been so much misinformation and conflicting details about what happened along with a rabid media obsession about it. Plus, losing a Boeing 777 airplane is nearly impossible considering all the tracking technology and safeguards that are in place. Even professional pilots have been at a loss to explain what happened. Now new information has been revealed raising even more questions and increasing the possibility that the Flight 370 mystery is nothing more than a media staged hoax.

Apparently CNN’s Richard Quest met the Flight 370 co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid a couple of weeks before the news broke. A picture of Quest with Hamid was actually posted on Instagram showing that the two had indeed met. Quest was asked about this supposedly bizarre coincidence by radio host Robin Young earlier this week. During the interview, Quest plays dumb acting like he didn’t even realize he met the Flight 370 co-pilot. Then he goes on to say that he was doing a story on Malaysian Airlines for a CNN Business Traveler taping. According to him, this is why he was in Malaysia and on a Malaysian Airlines flight a few weeks before.

If this happened to a reporter from another news network it might be explained away as coincidence but the fact that this was with a CNN reporter raises a ton of questions. CNN out of all the major media networks has provided non-stop coverage of this alleged event almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The odds of Quest meeting both the Flight 370 co-pilot and doing a story on Malaysian Airlines based on chance alone just weeks before this news broke is astronomical. Quest was most likely meeting with Malaysian Airlines in preparation for this media driven hoax that was about to be unveiled. Hell, even the photo of the co-pilot the media has featured appears to be nothing more than a cropped version of the photo Quest is in. There’s no way to believe that all of this is just some random coincidence.

Continue reading at Truth Is Scary

More floating debris, more lies, more smoke and mirrors
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 Cover Up Proceeds

Syrian Rebels Fire At Russian Passenger Plane

Syrian militants (funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and armed by the USA, Britain and France) have fired two missiles at a Russian plane with at least 159 passengers on board when it was flying over Syria. You will not read this in mainstream media.
Two missiles fired at Russian plane with 160 passengers on board in Syrian airspace.

The Airbus A320 plane, operated by Russia’s charter air carrier Nordwind Airlines, managed to avoid the two surface-to-air missiles, which subsequently exploded close to it. An unnamed Russian source in Moscow said, “Syrian (officials) informed us that on Monday morning, unidentified forces launched two ground-to-air missiles which exploded in the air very close to a civilian aircraft belonging to a Russian airline.”

The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the militants are foreign nationals.

Several international human rights organizations have accused foreign-sponsored militants of committing war crimes in Syria.

I told you the “Freedom Fighters were every bit as bad, if not worse than the tyrant Assad.

Blueprint for World War III (and with three billion people on the planet surplus to requirements, it could be a biggie)


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